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Rick Moran: Palin Shows She Can Still Capture ‘The Moment’

Rick Moran is no supporter of Governor Palin’s. He even includes that fact in this article where he states that he "isn’t a fan of her politics." He either doesn’t like know her politics, or he likes importing foreign energy with big corrupt government at the helm, but I digress.

He does have the maturity however, to disagree with her while still respecting her. Over at the PJ Tatler today, he wrote:

Political oratory is a dying art form that few are good at and even fewer master. But since her arrival on the national stage in 2008, Sarah Palin has proven to be a practitioner of a very special brand of oratory that has its roots in the plain speaking prairie populists of the late 19th and early 20th century. Fighting established interests, damning the elites who they felt were responsible for the terrible rural poverty of the time, prairie populism swept through the heartland, roiling politics and giving a sense of empowerment to people as they battled the east coast bankers and monopolies.

Palin, who gave a rousing, enthusiastically received speech at the NRA convention in Houston yesterday, has what all good orators have; the ability to capture the moment. There are several elements that make a good orator but one of them is being blessed with the gift of being able to connect in a visceral way with their audience. Palin captures the moment by capturing her audience, speaking to them on a plane that other politicians can’t reach. She holds them in the palm of her hand so that they feel one with her — a bond she obviously shares.

Liberals complain she feeds the resentments and petty biases of her audience. But they miss the point. Palin articulates what ails America largely because all other politicians tip-toe around what the American people are truly concerned about. And she does it in a way that everyone can understand and feel at a gut level.

Republicans have been complaining about President Obama and the Democrats using the Newtown tragedy in a shameless, exploitative way to serve their gun control agenda. But Palin took a different tack:

Sarah Palin said Friday that the elite media would never let a Republican president get away with what Barack Obama has done in his push for new gun laws.

The former Alaska governor recalled that the national press “tore apart” George W. Bush for using “fleeting images” from Sept. 11, 2001, during his 2004 reelection campaign.

At the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, Palin slammed Obama for flying the grieving parents of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Air Force One and then “making them backdrops” at rallies.

“That same media is now the reliable poodle-skirted cheerleader for the president that writes the book on exploiting tragedy,” she said, wearing a T-shirt that said “women hunt.”

Palin insisted that all Americans felt “despair, sadness and absolute anger” when they saw what happened in Connecticut. She said everyone should care more about those getting gunned down every single day on the streets of places like Chicago and New York City, but that shouldn’t guide public policy.

“Now, emotion is a good and a necessary thing. But we have politicians exploiting emotion for their own agenda,” she said. “We have well-meaning Americans who are desperate to respond.

Note that she clearly separates the shameless politicians who exploit the victims from “well meaning Americans” who respond emotionally. Rather than complaining about “low information voters,” she invites those Americans to share her contempt for Obama and the Democrats.

I encourage you to read the entire piece here.


(H/T: Mary Beth)




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  • JLAdevelop

    Thanks for the post. I thought this article is the best I have read in analyzing how her speeches so effectively communicate and touch her audiences. Politically the author describes himself as a RINO and typically attacks conservatives and libs.

  • DocBarry1

    Exceptional article by Moran. If anyone has the time should forward Gov Palin’s record and policy positions- I can’t believe he would not support most if not a majority of her actions.

    • excopconservative

      it may be that the politics he doesn’t support is her support of conservative candidates over RINOs and her success at getting them elected.

  • RedDaveR

    I’d like to see Moran get specific as to why he doesn’t like her politics. Maybe, like other RINO’s, he doesn’t like her calling out crony capitalism , or that she means it when she talks about smaller government and following the Constitution, or perhaps her pro-life stance. What’s his problem?

    • StacyDrake

      Who knows, but at least he doesn’t suffer from full-blown PDS. He’s a bigger person than 99.99% of her detractors who can’t see past their own animosity.

    • PhilipJames

      It is the same as all the other dolts who criticize Sarah Palin just to earn points with the liberal idiots… remember Adele, who got her shot at fame when she appeared on Saturday Night Live same night as Sarah and show broke viewer numbers? she said she did not agree with anything Sarah stood for… bet she had no idea what Sarah stood for… just said it to remain on the "liberal side" …the idiot default position.

    • dave7777

      Simple….their knowledge is superficial and second hand. They have done no research to support their criticism.

    • lyndaaquarius

      yes,yes ,yes what doesn’t he like about her politics?????

  • CliffNZ

    Rick Moran has written a thoughtful article. It is refreshing to read something from a non supporter that actually captures Sarah Palin’s essence while avoiding any snark at all. He should be congratulated.

  • Jimmi Hayden

    …The best political move John ‘Rino’ McCann ever did, unwittingly, was bring Sara before a conservative ‘Focused’ electorate. Her focus remains, after all the liberal battering, frustrating the Media and their cohorts,..Gotta love some Sara Palin…

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Moran underestimates the guv’s oratorical skills. She doesn’t just capture moments, she encapsulates them in a succinct, funny way that defines them, and endures. How many years has it been since we first heard some of these, but recognize, immediately, where and who they came from, and what they mean?

    How’s that Hopey-Changey thing workin’ out for ya?
    Fight like a girl
    Death panels
    Polls are for strippers and cross country skiers
    Obama’s "WTF" 2012 campaign
    Don’t mess with the mama grizzlies
    If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes
    Crony capitalism
    Buck up or stay in the truck
    Only dead fish go with the flow
    A ship is safe in its harbor, but that’s not why it was built

    You or I could go on and on and on. She connects with her audience in part by frankly and cleverly expressing the plain, unvarnished truth in a way that everyone implicitly understands, and immediately recognizes. Her audiences invariably laugh and cheer themselves hoarse because they see that she gets it in ways that seem so obvious once she articulates an issue in her unique way.

    Sometimes she doesn’t have to say a word. The big gulp she casually took from behind the lectern at the CPAC convention is classic Palin. All of the insufferable, presumptuous pomposity of the nanny state Left was defined, encapsulated, mocked, defied, and ridiculed with that simple gesture. It brought down the house.

    The lady is an oratorical genius, in my book.

    Try making a similar list of anything memorable that Big Bro Barry has ever uttered. His most memorable pronouncements are notable mainly because they have been so dishonest. That will be his oratorical legacy. No one thinks any of it is clever, or insightful, or pithy, let alone honest, and no one is laughing.

    • hope4palins

      "The lady is an historical genius". Although I wish I could have thought of that beautifully succint description on my own, I’m much more glad to see that descriptive gem in print. It’s absolutely perfect Thank you for brightening my day

    • dave7777

      I loved the fact that she compared her inspirational talk to that of King Henry V. His was a high-faluting rousing call to arms…she just says
      "buck up or stay in the truck". Sheer genius. Most of the PDS crowd missed that.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        I’ll edit my comment and add that to the list, DZ.

  • hope4palins

    Wow. A liberal who actually "gets" her oratorical prowess. In her own unique way she is in the very rareified oratorical class of Reagan, JFK and FDR. There is literally no one alive who is as good as she is. Because her style is different than the "polished" styles of the great American orators of the 20th Century she is dimissed as some kind of lightweight hick, a very very foolish conclusion on the part of her enemies. Kudos to Mr. Moran for rising above his political beliefs to acknowledge talent. I’m not sure I could have done the same, but then in this day and age I don’t have to, bwah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah. Sorry Mr. Moran, I just couldn’t help myself, at least for today you’re a bigger man than I am sir..

    Laddie_Blah_Blah used the perfect short description of her talent: "The lady is an oratorical genius". Yes.

    • dave7777

      I know I’m redundant, but she reaches the people like Ronald Reagan did. I retain my belief that she will prevail because they tried the same derangement tactics with Reagan. It didn’t bother him and it didn’t stick! It won’t with her.

      Palin 2016

  • FaithColeridge33

    Ummm you mean she looks us in the eye and tells us the truth? She’s like the friend that can tell you your butt looks big in those jeans without getting you mad. It is a rare and true gift.

  • Whitney Pitcher

    About three years ago, I took my mom to one of Gov. Palin’s speeches. My mom is a conservative who likes Gov. Palin, but she hadn’t heard many of her speeches. I still remember two comments my mom made after hearing Gov. Palin: 1) Listening to her speak is like having a conversation with one of your best friends 2) She’s the nicest mean person I’ve heard speak. My mom meant that second comment as a compliment of how the Gov. gets digs in at political opponents with humor.

    • Banda31

      What your mother said is so true. I noticed that when she gave her VP speech. She cut Obama and Biden down to size with a smile. She made them a "laughing stock" with a few well placed words. That takes real skill. She’s a master at that.

  • hope4palins

    One small thing that worries me from the article: The leader of the populist movement in the late 19th century was the premier orator of his time (probably the best between the time of Lincoln and FDR), Mr. William Jennings Bryan. Although he was the Democratic nominee for President three times (1896, 1900, and 1908) he never won. I’m not sure if anyone else ever won the Presidential nomination of their party that many times. He later served as Secretary of State in Wilson’s cabinet; finally in 1925 he was mocked and ripped to pieces on the stand in the infamous Scopes trial about his religous beliefs. He died in his sleep five days later. Please God don’t let that bit of history repeat itself with Gov. Palin. I don’t think it will because I think she is much more talented, more practical, and imho she is not a populist per se: Rather she is in the mold of Jefferson about the Constitutionally limited size and scope of Government and the gift of American Exceptionalism that he helped bring forth with the Immortal Declaration of Independence; the mold of Lincoln about the relationship beween the Declaration and the Constitution; finally in the mold of Washington in her heartfelt belief in public service and specifically how all of those things combine in one’s execution of what she rightly feels is the sacred trust of elected office. She has within her the potential to be one of the most iconic figures in our history, but the if, when, and how are between her and God. I’m just going to enjoy the ride as much as I can, and I’m cautiously optimistic that I will live to see her seen in the true light of her talents and abilities, that somehow someway the American public will see her for the National Treasure that she truly is.

    • blackbird

      I just want to say I thoroughly enjoy reading your every word, if I had to guess I would say you are a teacher?

      Thanks for your comments, enlightening.

      • hope4palins

        Thank you for your kind compliment. No, not a teacher, not even close. I was married to an excellent teacher, one of my kids is almost a teacher, and there were teachers scattered throughout my family, but that wasn’t my wheelhouse. I’ve just always been fascinated by Presidential politics and history. Your compliment really means a lot to me because I have the utmost respect for that profession. I love this site because people write things that spark something inside of me and I feel compelled to try to communicate it as best as I can. I have zero debating skills so I don’t do that but because I’m pretty much alone in my family in my political beliefs it is a joy to come here and not feel like I’m the only one who sees Gov. Palin like we all do. I have a terrible record of political predictions (thinking Romney would win being the latest in a long line of wrong ones) but I’m pretty good at "hitching my star" to up and coming political giants in terms of who kept me awake nights wanting them to succeed. For me Gov. Palin is the best I’ve seen in my lifetime, and I suspect that in terms of raw talent she may be one of those who has the potential to completely redefine American politics the way that Washington and Lincoln did. I know that sounds completely over the top, but I can’t remember reading about anyone in our history who had so much political talent coupled with so much integrity and a visceral feel and reverence for how our country, our society is supposed to work and a genuine love of service in its best most noble meaning. She is a human being, fallible like we all are, but I believe with all my heart that she is a young giant in the making. It will be a joy to watch God unfold whatever plan he has for her future. Thank you so much for your kind words.

        • blackbird

          I have only started following American politics since the Governor gave that tremendous speech in 2008. I found C4P and the folks here taught me a-lot on the virtues of smaller Government and conservatism, I am quite liberal except for the abortion issue, that is the most evil thing on our planet and universe.

          Sarah Palin is one of the smartest people I know and her instincts are very sharp, anyone looking at her record, what she did in Alaska would come to the same conclusion. Do a search for "Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac" and the author Elaine Lafferty (a democrat) writes:

          "Palin asks questions, and probes linkages and logic that bring to mind a quirky law professor I once had… I’d heard rumors around the campaign of her photographic memory and, frankly, I watched it in action."

          Sarah Palin is good people, one day she will be President, a true champion of and for the people. That will be a great day.

          Sometimes I wonder how is it that I am following an American political figure this close for so long, someone that I have come to Love.

          Thanks for your comments Hope, you have a gift for writing and by the way I am Barbadian, a little history you might know:

          "The young George Washington and his ailing brother Lawrence resided in this historic plantation house, also known as Bush Hill House, for two months in 1751. Barbados was the only country ever visited by the future “First Father” of his country and Bush Hill House the only house he ever lived in outside of the continental United States."

          Edit: I thought Romney would have won also.

  • Reynolds88

    The bottom line for me is having the courage of her convictions. Sarah Palin backed Kelly Ayotte who is a self-made woman with strong credentials and who is thoughtful and will be a leader in the senate as she is already (as a freshman) willing to speak out in an articulate manner. Several other conservatives (as Cruz mentioned) were beneficiaries of Sarah Palin’s nudge and encouragement. Each and every one of the PDS’rs need to stop and consider who was there with money and spirit backing the current crop of principled conservative congress people? This topic has been posted nicely already by some of the C4P editors.

    While I could care less about Rick Moran (he is a self-absorbed pundit) he is at least willing to be honest about what he (and we) can see and know. When a leader steps up to the plate, the team congeals. And people everywhere love having a strong leader who is not condescending but connecting to people. It’s not a trick; it happens when a leader is emerging who has a gift and is willing to share that without inhibitions.

    So we have a gemstone who is also a touchstone for truth and is a fabulous speaker and politician. What’s next? I am so glad to be part of the C4P support movement.

    • dave7777

      I keep thinking Ronald Reagan, all over again.

    • hope4palins

      Very well said, thank you for your post.

  • AJ40

    I agree,it was a great article, but there’s a contradiction here. If Moran thinks Sarah really hits home touching the concerns of "real" Americans what’s wrong with her politics that he wouldn’t agree with her. I know what’s going on here. She’s a beautiful woman with ground-level ethics, morality and intelligence. That’s bad for RINOS.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    She is one of us.

  • blackbird

    I would like to re post PhilipJames comment from the article:

    First of all, how can you say you don’t like her politics? They were good enough in Alaska that she had a 80% approval rating after two years in office… Democrats were in agreement with her on many things. She was a great Governor. Do you not like Conservative, libertarian leaning ideas? A politician who governs for the people rather than for a political career?

    I guess if some people get their intelligence from Jon Stewart and Colbert, Letterman, Maher, Whoopi, etc…. then I guess the people who think that way about Sarah Palin are afraid of pulling their head out of their butts because it would bring a burst of oxygen which would destroy the few remaining brain cells.

    • blueniner

      Excellent post from Phillip James, that Rick Moran and PJ Tattler probably got more hits today than all year!…..Sarah Palin=commerce………

  • Bogdan Jodkowski

    Rick Moran and Myra Adams were the most rabid anti-Palin ranters on Pajamas Media before Romney’s misadventurous dash towards the US Presidency.
    It was crystal clear that they both supported the Phoney.
    It was Adams in particular that I loved to tear appart and drive her crazy when she dared to attack Sarah and it was Adams that was the reason that I began loosing my respect for this otherwise magnificent conservative blog.
    Moran used to be called Rick Moron by Sarah’s outraged supporters after his every consecutive Sarah depreciating diatribe.
    He must have drunk himself nearly to death in order to scribble anything so positive about her.
    Greetings from Aussie.

  • section9

    The two posters below, hope4palins and Freempg have noticed the two figures from history that Palin resembles that frighten both thinking liberals and the Republican Establishment.

    William Jennings Bryan and Richard Nixon.

    Bryan, an unsung and extremely important figure in our history that few people remember now but who set the course for modern progressives. Without him, we wouldn’t have had Wilson, FDR, or even Bill Clinton. Bryan was an economic illiterate but an orator of the first order, like Cato. Bryan identified with the notion of devaluing the currency ("free silver") and identifying with the small farmers and working people who were in debt to the banksters. McKinley was able to trump him by running on a platform of economic growth, which ends up beating redistributionist populism in the long run.

    Once McKinley was assassinated, he was succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt, who for all his progressivism, wisely went after the Banks and the Standard Oil Trust and broke them up by means of the Sherman Act.

    It’s the combination of conservative pro-growth policies and Jacksonian anti-banksterism that the Left fears from Palin. This is why the recollection of Bryan is important. Palin has shown she can learn from Bryan’s mistakes and lack of moderation.

    Nixon’s sense of timing and his unwillingness to give in to his enemies was matched by his unerring understanding of the Middle Class. Liberals resent him for it to this day. They never forgave him for Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, they never forgave him for challenging John Kennedy, nor did they forgive him for challenging the Academic elite from the Ivy League. Where Palin differs from Nixon is that she feels no need to be part of that world, and doesn’t suffer Nixon’s failures of personality that led to Watergate.

    Yet I think she has Nixon’s cunning and willingness to hold her cards close to her vest, as Nixon did.

    The people Rick Moran supports don’t have this. The Republican Establishment simply wants its turn at the swag table and doesn’t want Democrats to say mean things to them. They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, which is why they lose.
    Sarah Palin has no time for losers, or those who tolerate losing. Rick Moran and his ilk are willing to tolerate losing. It’s time to change the Republican Party away from that kind of party into one that is willing to fight to win, and to win for the right reasons.

  • Jthom26837

    Sarah Palin is simply the best, the one and only. Enough said!

  • 1776er

    As time goes by the Left and the RINO elite seem increasingly mystified at the staying power of Sarah Palin. They have done all in their power to destroy her. Yet she keeps coming back to skewer them in confounding ways.

    They don’t get it. They don’t get the reason for Sarah’s not just continuing but growing following among average Americans all across the country.

    They simply will not recognize or concede that Sarah Palin is of the People, by the People and above all FOR the People.

    She is steadfast. She is Undefeated. She is not for sale.

    She speaks FOR us and not TO us. She is one of us. We are Sarah Palin.

    There are two wonderful paintings that might help the wonderers to figure out the appeal of Sarah Palin.

    The first and foremost is the Emmanuel Leutze iconic painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware.

    This is a very symbolic representation of all of America working toward freedom, sacrificing together, and risking all under the leadership of Washington.

    You can click on the picture and zoom in to see the representational American figures from all walks of life in the same risky boat together all pulling an oar and sharing the danger and sacrifice. If you look closely in the picture you will see a woman pulling the oar closest to the stern. Click on her. Study that woman closely.

    That woman is Sarah Palin. Palin has all the qualities embodied in that symbolic figure working with Washington sharing the same mission and the same danger with the same dedication.

    There are 13 figures in that boat. One of them is the hidden unsung unknown patriot hero. All you see of him or her is the tip of his or her bayonet. You can see it just behind the man holding his hat. That’s us. That’s all of us in the same boat with Washington and Sarah Palin. Sitting on the same bench in fact.

    The LSM cheerleaders, the ideologues of the Left and the RINO elites don’t get it. I don’t think they ever will.

    Shared values. Shared sacrifice. Shared danger. Shared hopes and aspirations. Shared vision of the future for our children and future generations.

    Sarah gets it. We get it.

    It is doubtful whether the LSM poodle skirted cheerleaders or the Left or the RINO fellow travelers will ever get it or acknowledge that solidarity we feel with Sarah Palin sitting on the same bench in the same boat.

    The second painting is the Rossiter painting of the visit of Lafayette to Mt Vernon in 1784 three years after the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

    This painting, too, is symbolic. The new day is dawning in the East down the Potomac. Mt Vernon is already busy. Lafayette and Washington are discussing some matter of State that has captured Washington’s attention. You can see the look on Lafayette’s face as he has laid the problem on the leader and awaits his reaction. Click on Washington’s face until you see it clearly. Washington is focused far away. Thinking of the future. Thinking of the proper response to Lafayette’s problem.

    Do you see the look on Washington’s face? That is the look of a concerned Patriot sorting through the way forward to the future of the country. It is a concerned look. It is a determined look. It is the look of unflinching courage in the face of the unknowable future. That is the look of the guy in the boat crossing the Delaware.

    That is the look of Sarah Palin today. Same concern. Same determination. Same courage in the face of the unknowable future.

    I saw that painting during a visit to Mt Vernon just days before Sarah Palin took the bus with Greta out to the living museum on the Potomac. It may have been a copy on loan. But it just grabbed my attention and remains with me to this day.

    I have always felt that Sarah Palin would be one of the few living Americans who would be welcome to participate in that conversation with Lafayette and Washington on the porch at Mt Vernon. Birds of a feather. Fellow Patriots. Shared sacrifice. A place at the table. Opinion sought, respected and valued.

    If you squint real hard you might just be able to see Sarah dressed in Colonial regalia standing next to Lafayette and Washington on that porch discussing the issue of that day. Perhaps the issue might have been the situation the nation would find itself in at the outset of the 21st century.

    No, I doubt the Poodle skirted ones will ever get it. They will never get the connection between Sarah Palin and ordinary average patriotic Americans pulling the oars.

    They can’t see it. No imagination. Worse, no feel for the heart of the American public. They can’t see it not just because they don’t get Sarah Palin. They can’t see it because they don’t get America.

  • AJ40

    I didn’t realize Sarah had coined all thos one-liners. I know she used the dead fish one liner when making an announcement about her announced resignation speach. I wonder if that one liner wasn’t a slap at Rham Emmanuel called ‘dead fish" by the guppy himself Sean Hannity.

  • FaithColeridge33

    I can tell you’ve had a frying pan upside your head…LOL

  • hope4palins

    Yep, my editing was remiss and I should have caught that. You’re right, what I meant to say was nominated three times and each time losing the general election. If memory serves, I think that Nixon is the last major political figure to have won the nomination after losing a general election (lost in ’60 and then won everything in ’68). Am I right about that?

    Thanks for pointing that out though, I should have been much clearer in what I was trying to say.

  • hope4palins

    You’re right about him. He was my boyhood political hero and I was crushed to find out how internally self destructive he was. Although I haven’t read any of his own writings I have over the decades tried to read every relatively unbiased thing I could find about him because he is unlike almost anyone else in our history that I’m aware of. I’ve read that he was one of if not the most complex political figures in our history. Hugh Hewitt worked for Nixon in his retirement and got to know him relatively well, had a good relationship with him. He said that the actor Frank Langella nailed all of Nixon’s contradictory complexities, good and bad, in his role in the movie "Nixon Frost". For example, he had a very high IQ, was a very knowledgeable lover of classical music, yet his primary political appeal was to the middle class and he would rant in Cabinet meetings about his disdain for "Ivy Leaguers" even though some of them were trusted members of his Cabinet (GHW Bush was the head of the CIA and later chosen by him as his diplomatic liason to China); for a man with zero charisma he attracted some of the best minds around to work for him (Kissinger, Moynihan) and just by walking into a room with rare exception could command complete attention to himself; a man with almost no sense of humor, extremely introverted, almost painfully shy, physically awkward and who hated small talk of any kind, he nevertheless could be extraordinarily charming when he felt it was necessary and his family adored him, particularly his grandchildren. He was known to edit out any rhetorical flourishes from his speeches for some unknown reason, so although he was certainly intellectually capable, wrote several books on politics and foreign policy, there are no eloquent quotes attributable to him that I’m aware of. That’s just a small sampling of the many many contradictions in his personality and character. Go figure.
    Thanks for your compliment, it really means a lot.

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