She Warned Us, Didn’t She?

I’ll never forget how Governor Palin fired up the crowd last July at an AFP Tea Party event.  I was there and it was blistering hot in Michigan.

During that speech, she warned about Obamacare:

“You’re going to see the rationed health care by a government board of faceless bureaucrats who will make the life and death decisions regarding what health care services will be provided to you and your loved ones, and I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like a death panel.”

C4P’s exclusive video of the speech is here.  She gets into this about 9:30 of the video.

Governor Palin’s warnings continue to materialize. If we’re rationing already, can you imagine what awaits?  A report from CNS, tweeted by GayPatriot, Bruce Carroll:


The CNS report can be found here an it says the following:

A pre-existing condition health insurance program  established by Obamacare is already straining its own budget and, to  control costs, the administration’s Health and Human Services Department  (HHS) has stopped enrolling any new people in the program, according to  an audit by the General Accountability Office (GAO).

In addition, to further control spending, HHS has directed the program  to shift more of the costs onto the current enrollees, thus raising the  out-of-pocket health care expenses for the people with pre-existing  conditions.


The rationing or denial of health care coverage in the marketplace  for people with pre-existing conditions, or insurers charging higher  premiums to people with pre-existing conditions were among the reasons  cited by President Barack Obama and most congressional Democrats for  implementing Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


Under Obamacare, enrollment in the PCIP started in July 2010.   However, given that the program had a fixed $5 billion to operate, the  costs of enrollment and how long funding would last were ongoing  concerns, said the GAO.


By the end of January 2013, the GAO found that PCIP spending had reached $2.6 billion, more than half of its $5 billion budget.

To control those costs, the HHS, through its Center for Consumer  Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO), implemented changes. For  example, in August 2012, reimbursement rates to the health care provider  were lowered in some areas. In addition, some of the federally run PCIP  hospital facility fees were renegotiated to match the same fee-rate as  Medicare. About 25 percent of the hospitals approached agreed to this  renegotiation, said the GAO.

The report concluded, “Finally, due to growing concerns about the  rate of PCIP spending, in February 2013, CCIIO suspended PCIP enrollment  to ensure the appropriated funding would be sufficient to cover claims  for current enrollees through the end of the program.”

They call it a suspension, but we recognize it for what it is: rationing.  I encourage you to read the entire article here.

This is only the beginning of the trainwreck coming our way.

Americans surely cannot say they weren’t warned.  This isn’t the first time Governor Palin has nailed it on ObamaCare.  Yet, the mainstream media remains determined to portray valid warnings to the people as divisive hate meant to score political points.

But as the smoke continues to clear and the more Democrats come out to admit what a failure it’s going to wind up being, perhaps American can finally see a new day.



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