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Tony Lee: Mike Lupica NY Daily News Column ‘Dripping with Vitriol’

Anyone who read Mike Lupica’s rant at the New York Daily News this morning knows that is was indeed, "dripping with vitriol." Lupica didn’t make any argument defending his anti-Second Amendment stance. He didn’t use facts or debate the laws. His entire article was nothing but a long series of childish name-calling. The people at the NY Daily News should be ashamed of themselves for paying this guy to produce such garbage.

Via Breitbart:

Mike Lupica, the ESPN host and regular panelist on the network’s Sunday "The Sports Reporters" program, wrote in a column that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addressed "mean," "dumb," "angry," and phony patriots at the NRA convention last Friday in Houston, Texas.

In a New York Daily News column published late Sunday evening, Lupica also called NRA attendees the "craziest and creepiest gun lovers on the planet" who are also "phonies" who think "they’re patriots and brave defenders of the Second Amendment."

Outraged that Palin rightfully called out those like Lupica who have shamelessly tried to exploit senseless tragedies like Sandy Hook for more gun control, Lupica wrote NRA convention attendees were "contemptible people."

In a column dripping with vitriol, the liberal columnist who has used his platform on ESPN to himself exploit gun-related tragedies to his political agenda wrote that the "leaders of the NRA don’t speak for responsible gun owners in America, and never have."

"They don’t even speak to the spirit of the Second Amendment, written about a thousand years ago for single-shot muskets," he wrote. "They just continue to pound away at the same insane theme: Gun control is the beginning of the government coming to take their guns."


This is the the type of elitist derision that Palin spoke of on Friday. She said she was inspired that freedom-loving Second Amendment defenders never give up even in the face of such scorn.

Palin said this spirit and resolve is what ultimately "keeps us optimistic," "what keeps us reloading," and what "keeps us going."

You can read Tony’s entire piece here.

Dan Riehl also posted on this earlier today, writing:

I confess I’ve never paid much attention to Mike Lupica – for no particular reason, really. Now I see I’ve always had a reason had I needed, or wanted one. He repeats the words “mean angry, dumb” and “mouth-breathing” so often in this relatively short column, it leaves you wondering how he doesn’t realize it actually describes him – and rather perfectly, at that.



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  • John B. Hefmier

    Three words: Keith Olberman redux.

    • socon

      The Keefster–that’s one nasty looking man right there!

  • section9

    Well, his reputation as a Daily News sports maven gave him the standing to spout off on the issues of the day.

    • MaMcGriz

      Alas, it’s true.

      Now we just have to be patient as we watch for this guy’s career to hit the sh*t storm that descends on people who try to do to Sarah (and us) what he just did.

      Sports mavens can get plucked just like any other yard bird.

  • friskyness

    He is crazy! Why talk about politics, when he is suppose to talk about Sports?

  • blueniner

    To Lupric#a shutup and sing, you make wrong predictions in Sports and now you want to morph into the Politcal World. You look like even a bigger fool…You lose…Scoreboard…..

  • indemind

    cross post …. A True Story

    Is little Mike Lupica running his mouth off again…. the little TWIT!…. 30 years ago I had the opportunity to punch his lights out, at the Golding Gloves boxing, But I let my homicide partner talk me out of it…. Now I’m sorry I didn’t Beat the $hit out him ……

    Look up the word @sshole and you get a picture of little Mikey…. What a Twit Shmuck….

    P.S….. Sportswriters are the Biggest libs….

    • socon

      Most sports writers are suffused with envy and rage for others because they were the high school losers who sat on the bench and got picked last!

      P.S. I’m sorry you didn’t beat the cr@p out of him, too! lol

      • indemind


  • Quiet_Righty

    It’s an honor to be hated by the likes of Lupica.

    • socon

      You’re ten of that little creep on your worst day.

  • kennjac


  • palin45potus

    This is a guy who’s biggest book was about that great summer of 1998, when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa saved baseball because of the purity of their exploits.

    What a maroon!

  • conservativemama

    Palin’s brilliance is in staying in the fight and always being the happy warrior. The Lupicas of the world grow more insane every time she emerges because her survival, and her message, is in such direct opposition to the Lupicas. She’s basically telling them you are of no consequence and you will never stop me.

    Her continued presence, her unyielding message is an affront to them, and it confirms their irrelevance. She will not change, she will not go away, and she grows stronger. And they matter not. They wail and flail and do their Tasmanian Devil routine, and she keeps smiling and pushing her freedom message.

    If this keeps up we’ll see some PDSers in straitjackets.

    • MaMcGriz

      Wonderful post, mama. You’ve nailed it.

      And she does it all while looking so much cuter, hotter, classy and cool than anybody on the scene today.

      Sometimes it looks like THAT’s what sticks on their craw the worst, I think.

      • conservativemama

        Oh, I so agree with you.

  • MaMcGriz

    Excellent punch back, Stacey.

    Mike Lupica writes like a man who has a few screws loose and doesn’t know what a screwdriver looks like.

    I don’t know the cat, but I’m left with the impression he’s one of those kind who’d be up a creek without a paddle if he had a flat tire and didn’t have someone capable like Sarah there to change it for his ignorant a$$.

    Guys like this make me grateful I live in the woods. He’d never make it this far, thus I’ll be spared the need to turn him away if the civil war he and his ilk are trying so hard to incite actually comes to pass.

  • dmac8889

    Is this man serious!!! I live in NY and very few read this man’s columns. Sarah Palin if she wanted it could have his job tomorrow. He has hated Palin from day one. He is a puny little Liberal who likes to pass himself off as the ‘Intellectual’ sportswriter. Please, he’d be lost without his cab ride to work, and his cab ride home again. This guy would never be caught on a subway train, and he doesn’t get paid high enough to have a private car service.

    His claim to fame is to be on the radio show (every two months) of the loser arrogant Imus in the morning. This is the typical Liberal who pretends to be one of the people, but in fact hasn’t got a clue, outside of the NYC streets he has never left. He is an Obaminite who wants everyone to be miserable together, hating those that get rich beyond to what he believes they are entitled to. He has never met a redneck he’s liked.

  • dmac8889

    Stacy, I have to add that your first paragraph spelled out who this guy is. He is still in high school meeting the popular people at their lockers, or before class to spread a rumor so he would appear to be in the popular group. They hated him, but he hasn’t changed. He is still a gossip queen, pretending what he says has any significance. It doesn’t. If Sarah were working at ESPN today, he would be trying to flirt with her to try to appear like a man. Sarah wouldn’t know his name.

  • Ashley D. Callahan

    To Lupric#a shutup and sing, you make wrong predictions in Sports and now you want to morph into the Politcal World.

  • Vicki

    I read that article. It’s amazing to me that people can’t see how truly redneck they are in their own mean little narrow world views. I don’t mind that people have other political viewpoints than I do, but it is so repulsive that they cannot see their political opponents through any other lens than that of disgust.

  • dmac8889

    What is fascinating is, if you listen to Sarah’s NRA Speech, she states that these media elites don’t just attack her (because it falls on deaf ears), but they now attack those that support Sarah as though they are illegitimate people, that his audience should avoid. There is no pretense that he wishes to be a tolerant human being, and revel in the differences between his urban lifestyle and one that is different from his.

    He is a snob, trying to get his readers to believe anyone who relates to Sarah Palin is a very stupid person. Nice try you useless little man, but your President, who you so admire, is incompetent and lazy, and that is a very bad combination for someone to be the leader of the Free World.

  • indemind

    The Twit (Mikey) was sitting 2 seats over from me….

  • socon

    How do you know that? I never even told you I pumped iron for 10 years. lol

  • socon

    10 years ago–maybe. :)

    But I wouldn’t because you make me laugh.

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