Yet Another Gratuitous Swipe At Governor Palin From An MSM Elite

It seems as if members of the MSM and PPC just can’t help themselves.  Even when Governor Palin is just kind of laying low and taking a bit of a break from speaking out on the issues, someone has to get a dig in at her, anyways.  The latest  to do this was Ron Fournier, in a piece carried in the National Journal, where he warns conservatives the next President could be worse than Obama, and warns liberals the next President could be worse than Bush.

Now, he tries to appear all moderate and No Labels-y in his piece, but he really is not.  The first clue should have been this:

Think about it, liberals. What if there is a president in your lifetime who is more conservative than Bush?

I know as conservatives, we are all saying “please let that be so!!”

Then, after trying to get across to conservatives that “hey, Obama really isn’t that bad,” he says:

Before your eyes roll out of your heads, it is not unthinkable that a future president could make Bush and Obama look downright libertarian. We live in an age of rapid connectivity and hyper-celebrity, forces that create, destroy, and often resurrect public figures within the lifespan of a cicada.  Does the name Justin Bieber ring a bell?

How about Sarah Palin? Our culture of celebrity coupled with the public’s disaffection with Washington, could lead to the election of a true demagogue or reactionary. Put it this way: What if Huey Long had had access to the Internet? Or even Pat Buchanan? Don’t be blinded by partisanship.

By getting in this dig at Governor Palin, he is doing a couple of things.  First, notice how he is mentioning her name so close to Justin Bieber’s.  In his eyes, she is just a substance free, wannabe celebrity who is simply famous for being famous.  But, then he also asserts she is a demagogue and a dangerous extremist.  Pick a lane, Ron.

Now, does Fournier give any evidence to back up his claims?  Of course he doesn’t.  I’m sure his defense of this baseless claim would be something like “I don’t need to provide any examples.  Everyone knows she is a demagogue who lacks substance.”  If someone asked him to give a specific example of how she has been a demagogue, he would probably bring up her death panels post from 2009.  Never mind the fact that she has been vindicated on that countless times.  And, on the substance front, he would completely ignore her two decades of public service, her numerous speeches, TV interviews, and op-eds on every single issue one can think of, as well as her getting conservatives elected in the 2010 and 2012 elections.  Not to mention how she plans on being very active in 2014.   When is comes to Governor Palin, the facts mean absolutely nothing to Ron Fournier.

It should be said that Fournier’s dig is not nearly as egregious as others have recently done, as he only dedicated about a paragraph to her, instead of writing a lengthy hit piece.   But it is yet another glaring example as to what these people think of her.  To him and others like him, it is just assumed that Governor Palin is an extremist and someone who lacks substance.  Anyone in the MSM who even suggested otherwise would be mocked endlessly.  And, there is something else at play here.  We and so many others support Governor Palin because we feel she speaks for us.  She is simply saying what we have always believed, and she has been given a very loud microphone to articulate those principles on our behalf.  The Fourniers of the world will never understand that.  They think it’s all a cult of personality.  Clueless.

So, while this seems small, Fournier’s dig really got to me today.  Because, he didn’t just reveal his opinion of Governor Palin, which any of us could have guessed, but he also showed what he thinks of all of us.  Congrats, Ron.  You fulfilled your MSM elitist snob duties today.  Your invitation to Graydon Carter’s next dinner party is in the mail.  Enjoy it.

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