Adrienne Ross: ‘Understanding Governor Palin’s Enemies’

When Governor Palin originally left FOX News earlier this year, many narratives (by suspicious haters) began forming.  Mostly, they celebrated the idea that Governor Palin’s star had faded.  Haters finally exulted in glee — right from their parents’ computers.









Then, in the passing months since, Governor Palin gave the highest-viewed speech before a fired-up crowd at CPAC-2013.  Afterwards, she headlined the NRA convention.  As if these high-profile events wouldn’t have been enough to disprove their theories, further news reports surfaced of Governor Palin reportedly turning down an opportunity for her very own major nationally-syndicated talk show.  Though the haters remained unrelenting with their narratives, clearly the aforementioned facts confirming that she wasn’t going away continued to annoy the establishment.

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Nevertheless, they held on tight to their manufactured conclusions — on the grounds of one big meme: ‘she was fired by FOX!’  Though it was never true, Roger Ailes completely butchered their big lie by announcing how pleased he was that Governor Palin was returning to FOX after the news of it broke yesterday.  Their annoyance quickly graduated to rage.  Tantrums like this one are already surfacing.


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Their own pathetic behavior contradicts their fantasies.  But why do they do it?  Adrienne Ross explained it beautifully back when Governor Palin chose to take a break from FOX.  Notice the prescience in Adrienne’s words as she spelled it all out: (emphasis added with permission)

I totally understand Governor Palin’s enemies, those infected with Palin Derangement Syndrome. Believe me, I get it. If I subscribed to their worldview and political philosophy, I might behave the same way they do. So who can blame them, these souls who have made it their life’s purpose to denigrate, devalue, and demonize Governor Palin and anyone associated with her? What else are they to do?

Often, I look to sports to teach life-lessons. Politics and sports have much in common. In fact, politics is often referred to as a sport of sorts–a blood sport, that is–and it gets bloodier and bloodier with each passing day. No one understands this better than Governor Palin, who has, metaphorically speaking, been mauled and manhandled since stepping onto the national court in 2008–and continues to emerge victorious.

Having been both a basketball player and coach, I know what it is to prepare to face a team that has a player whose skills run too deep to stop. Under these circumstances, the best one can hope for is to contain or limit this person. I know the relief that comes when this player goes to the bench for a breather. We, the opposing team, also breathe a little easier during that time, but we’re always mindful that this reprieve is but temporary. Players who demand such attention create desperation in the opposition. Even professional coaches have faced consequences and repercussions for ordering players to “take out” a star player, “hurt her,” “make him pay,” “leave a mark.” Such “do whatever it takes” tactics are deplorable, but desperate people do desperate things. So it is with politics, and it is especially so with Governor Palin.

When she is quiet, they exult. Their delusion tells them she is done, gone for good, no longer a threat capable of dictating tempo. But like all players who recognize their role on the team, she always checks back in. And when she does, the haters are beside themselves and find the need to tell themselves–and everyone else–just how “irrelevant” she is. Mind you, they say so while tracking her every move, noting her every word, and studying her every pattern. While they repeatedly chirp that she’s irrelevant, their actions betray those words, like playing a box and one defense against a team that has no predominant offensive threat, or double-teaming an average player, in an effort to stop her. It just doesn’t make sense. Furthermore, Governor Palin, unlike anyone we have ever seen, cannot be stopped. She cannot even be contained. She operates on her own terms, and nothing gets to her.

Their most recent attempt came upon the revelation that she was not renewing her contract with FOX News. The problem with those who want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the Governor was dumped by the network, is they are in denial of a basic truth: FOX or no FOX, the Governor has a voice. When she uses that voice, everyone listens and then talks about what they heard. If she chooses to take a breather and speak very little, or not at all, for a time, she can do that. When she checks back in, they’re there. In fact, they’ve been looking over their shoulders all along, afraid she’ll reemerge at any time. You see, she remains on their minds even when not in their sight. When she does reemerge, they raise their level of attack. Their accusations become more acrimonious, their insults are more insidious, and their deeds even dirtier.

Nonetheless, she does not budge. Instead, she reminds us that she hasn’t even begun to fight. It is in this that she reveals herself to be head and shoulders above all others. She simply cannot be defeated.

And this is why they hate her so much more today than they did yesterday, more yesterday than the day before. They simply don’t understand how no matter the defense or offense they employ, no matter the tactics they attempt, she will not go away. She perseveres–and she does it her way. I understand that for the self-appointed Palin enemy, that has got to be maddening! Just look at their plight. Their entire game plan doesn’t work. Their lies don’t work. Their “IRRELEVANT” cries don’t work. Nothing they do works. Hatred is their only comfort object, and it’s not enough to pacify them–because she doesn’t care! Unfortunately for them, they are not smart enough to embrace the only thing that might help soothe their pain, the old adage, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Instead, they continue to try to beat her, and in so doing they continue to beat their own heads against the wall in this blood sport called politics.

Governor Palin loves this country and is not afraid to fight for it. She may not have every aspect planned out yet or know all that she’ll have to face in the battle, but I have no doubt she’ll outlast the opposition. To those who are inclined not to believe in the certainty of that triumphant endurance, I’ll let the Governor do the talking: “We delight in those who underestimate us.”

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Isn’t it amazing how Adrienne’s words rang so true in the case of Governor Palin taking a break from FOX just as much as they do in the case of her returning to it?

We can always expect Governor Palin’s critics to defy logic and truth.  But remember one thing: while the haters may never change, the truth won’t either.

Thanks to Adrienne for a great piece and for allowing me to re-print it.


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