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Governor Palin Weighs In on Obama’s Upcoming Georgetown Speech

Governor Palin posted the following on Twitter this evening:

This was in response to the president’s upcoming speech at Georgetown University tomorrow, where he will announce more ways to destroy our economy. From the Associated Press:

President Barack Obama’s national plan to combat climate change will include the first-ever regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, as well as increased production of renewable energy on public lands and federally assisted housing, environmental groups briefed on the plan said Monday.

In a major speech Tuesday at Georgetown University, Obama will announce that he’s directing his administration to allow enough renewables on public lands to power 6 million homes by 2020, effectively doubling the capacity from solar, wind and geothermal projects on federal property. He’ll also say the U.S. will significantly expand production of renewable energy on low-income housing sites, according to five individuals briefed on the plan, who were not authorized to discuss it publicly ahead of Obama’s announcement and spoke on condition of anonymity…

In taking action on his own — none of the steps Obama will announce Tuesday require congressional approval — Obama is also signaling he will no longer wait for lawmakers to act on climate change, and instead will seek ways to work around them.

Of course he is… You can read the whole article here.

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  • blueniner

    Obama ready to check another box in his destroy America First agenda!

  • john norton

    Gov.Palin is in full Joan of Arc mode now Go Sarah… ~ !
    Sharred all over the planet…LOL

  • angeleno

    Although he’s also a dedicated communist and Islamofascist, Obama is totally insane and should be removed from office and placed in a mental institution in order to protect the American people from him.


    • section9

      Yes, but she must make that decision, mustn’t she. I wish she would, but see no signs that she will.
      Comments from the sidelines are not the same as organizing a campaign to unseat a sitting Party, but they are perhaps a start.

    • friskyness

      you are right, he is insane…..he reminds me of Hiltler, when he speaks..

      • angeleno

        Thanks. glad you see the connection; everyone should. He has the insane Hitler complex….to make himself the BIG Man, he’s convinced himself he knows best and his completely lunatic biasses and ideas are normal.

  • Lennart Bilén

    Obama is bent on duplicating the success of Spain that went from 9% unemployment to 22% unemployment in one year when they went all out green.
    Sarah Palin understands energy. She wants us to no longer be dependent on the powder keg of the middle east and their oil "let Allah sort it out"
    We have the resources.
    CO2 is what makes life possible and is NOT a pollutant.
    Thanks to the 14% increase in CO2 since 1970 we can now feed another billion people on the earth. The planet is getting greener.
    Thunderstorms regulates the temperature in the tropics so it always has the same average temperature, ice age or Roman warming period. All climate change is located around the poles and in areas of land use change.
    Warmer poles is good "Minnesotans for global warming". The polar bears love it. They are now five times as many polar bers as 70 years ago.
    Sarah Palin knows all this.
    Run Sarah, Run!
    2016 is not soon enough!!

  • misterlogic0013

    Sad truth is he and his band of thieves, killers, are the Beatles of the today, show of sorts, reality is many children of loving parents believe him, and want to save the world. "Imagine" America without Sarah Palin ?? Tea Party ?? Patriots who have had enough, time to face reality locally, personally, with everyone and anyone possible. Talk it up sing it up Sarah now, living life in Peace .. love ya ..

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    barack hussein obama cares nothing for America or for ordinary Americans. He is all about pleasing his Leftist comrades, including the crazy "green" freaks, who "worship" the Earth; who rank animals and even plants over human beings; who are for the slaughter of unborn human babies … who are, frankly, insane.

    This individual is a domestic enemy of the United States of America.

    His plans must be crushed, obliterated.

    His "legacy" must be crushed, obliterated.

    He must be crushed, obliterated (politically).

    SARAH PALIN 2016 … so that we can again have an AMERICAN PRESIDENT!!

    • friskyness

      see, Obama is trying to please his base, The GOPe ignores it’s base……why do you think liberals always win…..the GOPe can learn this about their own party…………..

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Yes indeed!

  • friskyness

    dictator Obama

  • John W.

    Thank heavens a President’s executive order can be rescinded by an executive order from a succeeding President. Imagine how much can be accomplished toward getting the economy turned around on President Palin’s first day in office!

  • nkthgreek

    Nothing new here, this President has been working around Congress since day one.

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