Matt Towery: Governor Palin is right about Syria

Of course she’s right, but it’s good to see more people coming to that conclusion. This really should be a no brainer. On one side you have the Putin and Iran backed Assad regime; on the other approximately nine rebel groups, seven of which are Islamist who have pledged loyalty to al Qaeda. What possible reason is there for us to get involved on either side? To quote the Governor: “Let Allah sort it out”. And yet we have neocons like Peter Wehner and Max Boot (can Jennifer Rubin be far behind?) attacking Governor Palin for coming to the entirely reasonable conclusion that it’s not a good idea to waste more American blood and treasure in an unwinnable Middle East quagmire in which we have little or no compelling interest when, by the way, our war-weary nation is already $17 trillion in debt. But we’re supposed to treat Boot, Wehner and others of their ilk as the deep thinkers in this conversation. I think not. 

Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Matt Towery’s piece at Townhall:

Sarah Palin is often criticized for misstatements or controversial comments. Of course, were she a female Democrat with a flamboyant style, she would be labeled “brave” and “courageous” by the press.

And Palin has once again made a bold statement, one I am sure will enrage those who love to stay upset with her. Speaking on the topic of whether the United States should arm Syrian rebels, Palin suggests that we “let Allah sort it out.” And if recent history is any indication, Palin is absolutely right.

Our track record of losing American lives in combat or to acts of terrorism by taking sides in nations where religious factions are battling has, on the whole, been less than fruitful. Just consider one of the many headlines this week. A once inconceivable effort by the U.S. government to hold “peace talks” with the Taliban appeared to be on the edge of collapse as the leader of Afghanistan, whose freedom we fought for, complained about the U.S. giving the Taliban legitimacy in meeting with its leaders. Once again, blood and battles leave the U.S. in a no-win situation, trying to play the “father figure” to the world.

But more importantly, our nation is in no position to continue removing one enemy simply to replace that leadership with slightly less hostile yet still anti-American leaders.

The al Qaeda-aligned Syrian rebels are not fighting to establish a Jeffersonian democracy in Damascus. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, and what we have in Syria are two brutal enemies of our American way of life trying to kill each other. Why stop them? Let Allah sort it out. Slowly. Read Towery’s entire article here.

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