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Suspected Pedophile Ambassador Attacked Gov. Palin’s ‘Parenting Skills’ in ’08

Just yesterday, Doug posted a story titled "Another day, another Obama Administration scandal."  Today is no different.

Via Guy Benson at Townhall:

Did the State Department keep a known (or at least heavily suspected) pedophile on the job, try to block the investigation, then "water down" the final report?  State denies any undue influence on internal probes, and the ambassador is decrying the allegations "smears."  Who is he? The New York Post unearths a name with deep financial ties to President Obama and Democrats:

A DS agent was called off a case against US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman over claims that he solicited prostitutes, including minors. “The ambassador’s protective detail and the embassy’s surveillance detection team . . . were well aware of the behavior.” Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy ordered the investigation ceased, and the ambassador remains in place, according to the memo. Gutman was a big Democratic donor before taking the post, having raised $500,000 for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and helping finance his inaugural.

Why did Kennedy "order the investigation ceased"?  The Post story also notes that Clinton’s Secretary of State Cheryl Mills — you remember her, too, right? — personally involved herself in a separate investigation, effectively shutting it down.

Charming behavior from Hillary’s State Department, no? They kept a man "in place," representing our country while knowing, or at the least, "heavily" suspecting that he was a child predator. It’s disgusting.

It’s also highly ironic (and a bit disturbing) considering Ambassador Gutman’s comments about Governor Palin, back in 2008:

On the Laura Ingraham Radio show, Friday, attorney Howard Gutman — an original member of the national finance committee for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. — very directly criticized the parenting of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin…

Gutman said the issue wasn’t one of gender, but one of parenting -– regardless of the gender of the parent.

"This has nothing to do with gender, whether Todd Palin was the nominee or Sarah Palin was the nominee," Gutman said. "If my daughter had just come home at 17 years old and said, ‘Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant, we have a family problem,’ I wouldn’t say, ‘You know what we’re going to do? We’re going to take this private family problem…and you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to go on the international stage and broadcast this to the world.’"

Gutman continued, "this wasn’t a working mother issue, this was a parent issue…The proper attack is not that a woman shouldn’t run for vice president with five kids, it’s that a parent, when they have a family in need, a Down’s baby who needs them — mother or father."

"So you are judging her parenting skills," Ingraham said. "You’re saying you don’t think she’s a good parent for doing this job."

"I’m saying the proper criticism is not that it’s a woman or man – it doesn’t matter whether it’s Todd or Sarah," Gutman said. "Think of how many politicians have said it’s not the right time in my family’s life for me to run."

Fast-forward to 2013 and this arbiter of "good parenting" is most likely a pervert and a pedophile. Gutman’s suspected behavior and the State Department shutting down the investigation into it, is really just par for the course with the Obama administration. In 2008, Team Hope and Change sold itself to the American people as defenders of the Constitution and the champions of civil liberties, who possessed the moral core to "to build new bridges across the globe."

During a piece of Obama theater during the ’08 campaign, he told Europe:

"Now is the time to build new bridges across the globe as strong as the one that bound us across the Atlantic. Now is the time to join together, through constant cooperation, strong institutions, shared sacrifice, and a global commitment to progress, to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It was this spirit that led airlift planes to appear in the sky above our heads, and people to assemble where we stand today. And this is the moment when our nations – and all nations – must summon that spirit anew."

What a a bunch of bull. He was lying to them the same way he lied to Americans. It was all for show. If he cared at all about "building bridges" around the world, he wouldn’t have allowed a suspected deviant like Gutman to remain stationed at one of those "strong institutions," and there would have been a real investigation into this man’s activities.

This is your representation in Belgium, America.


(H/T: Michelle)


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  • qtdb7

    Shouldn’t this CRIMINAL Howard Gutman be sent to Benghazi?

  • Lennart Bilén

    Why shouldn’t he attack Gov. Palins parenting skill? After all, she was the biggest threat to the culture of corruption and lawlessness displayed by the Obama campaign. They were scared stiff by her handling of the Alaska corruption, putting Democrats and Republicans alike in jail for much less than what was going on. They grasped at anything they could, and when that was not enough they lied and invented stories about her.

  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    The Obama administration and the media kept all these scandals under wraps till after the elections. They are airing them all at the same time according to their plan to overload and dull our sense of outrage, figuring that the electorate will have forgotten or become weary of all these scandals by the time the midterm elections arrive next year. How else to explain the sudden and convenient exposure of all these scandals now when the actual offences occurred much earlier? Surely this cannot be sheer coincidence.

    There are so many scandals that they dilute the appetite for Congress to pursue any of them as thoroughly as each deserves. It is up to conservative patriots and activists to keep the pressure on Congress and the spotlight on the malfeasance of this nefarious administration now, and to ensure that all is not forgotten by election time next year.

    • Betsey_Ross

      All I can say is that what you say could be true, but in our area we just had a primary election for our House of Delegates in VA. Two 20 year incumbents were unseated on the Republican ticket. Both were either Tea Party or came to our Tea Party for support(not financial). They gathered help and volunteers along with e-mail addresses and they found many willing people to help. These volunteers knocked on doors and passed out literature. In short it was a grassroots endeavor.

      It doesn’t sound like much to the outside observer, but this was a huge win for our little corner of the world. The two incumbents that were unseated voted for the hated Transportation Bill that our supposed conservative governor was pushing. One of them was the head of the Transportation Committee in the VA House of Delegates. That challenger won big. Our challenger in our district didn’t win as big, but the theme was that "I will not vote to raise your taxes". Our former delegate had posed as a conservative for over 20 years. We found out that she voted with the Dem. delegates to raise our taxes every single time that the issue came up. Our tax raises have come with Dem governors except this time when McDonnell broke rank and signed this bill. It was the biggest tax increase in VA history. The point of this race in our district was that no one bothered to check the incumbent’s voting record on taxes. She had a great smoke screen of voting conservative on everything except that. It was exposed and she lost. Our guy was outspent 10-1. The key was knocking on doors and explaining his case.

      One more point. In getting out and talking to people our guy found many many people who are so disgusted with the scandals, the taxes, the loss of freedom that they broke down in tears. I know I have days like that, too. But can you imagine having a guy come to your door and give you his talking points and they are the ones that you are most concerned about. Tears of frustration, tears of relief. Normal good people who don’t know what to do about this overwhelming evil. The more the RINOs don’t address this stuff the better and better the chances of conservatives to get out there with their message. It doesn’t have to be the media to do it.

      I know the Republican Party in our county is totally PO’d that our guy won even though he is a working member with them. His wife is very invested in the party, too. The party hates the Tea Party and come to our meetings off and on to spy. No problem. Our County Council is all Republican, but act as if they don’t have a Republican cell in their bodies. They are arrogant and possibly corrupt. Not one of them came to the Republican Convention in Richmond where we picked our slate of candidates for Gov., Lt. Gov., and AG. It is basically a Tea Party slate and it is awesome. They are already out there knocking on doors. Personal contact. It’s the wave of the future. So bring on the scandals. People are PO’d and yesterday proved it.

  • Quiet_Righty

    If you flew to Belgium and asked a random person on the street about this, would they even care about accusations of pedophilia? I doubt it.

    • Escaped_Teleprompter

      Whether Belgians care or not, we should, and we should be outraged. Pedophilia is illegal according to US law. The Ambassador is paid by us to represent us in a foreign country. He must abide by US laws, customs, ethical and moral standards. As a representative of our country, he must conduct himself with honour; not become a disgrace to himself and the country.

    • socon

      I care! You should, too.

    • xthred

      And, your point?

      • Quiet_Righty

        My point is that the ambassador will get away with it.

  • section9

    Here’s the point: there’s one set of laws for the Ruling Class, but another set of laws for the rest of us.

    • misterlogic0013

      thinking the same thing a few minute ago, people who run around DC do not respect majority of Americans (tea party) = something gotta give. DC morons live a coddled world, they are it. Americans held hostage, not good picture, been happening will continue to until they run out of money and people who listen. Where is everyone else ? something has to give.. extreme slow down needed .. will arrive on its own .. cooler heads filled with info will prevail .. silent majority ..

  • xthred

    As Mr L would say, the Karma Fairy strikes again! Bad things happen to those who attack Sarah.

    • lyndaaquarius

      I’ve really noticed that. Keep a sharp eye on Julianne Moore’s career,too.Mr L is a fearless voice for freedom.

      • conservativemama

        So true, so true. Remember that Katie Couric’s been a disaster every since. Bombed at CBS and is bombing at ABC.

        • socon

          Katie’s a stink bomb.

      • socon

        Recently, Julianne Moore was roundly castigated by Joan Rivers on the show "Fashion Police" for showing up on the Red Carpet with her toes sticking out to the sides of her $1000 designer sandals. Schadenfreude.

        I thoroughly enjoyed it. She looked like a fool. lol

  • Lemuel Vargas

    A great example of the Big Lie, on what Obama has been saying in the above piece. The Nazi tried to master it as a propaganda technique.

    See below:

    Tell an outrageous lie so that a majority of people will be shocked and wonder how the left could tell such outrageous lies and then repeat them over and over again until those same people will not be shocked anymore and thus perceive the lie to be the truth.

  • blueniner

    The name Howard Gutless is more appropo!

  • cbenoistd

    "I’m going to go on the international stage and broadcast this to the world.”

    For the record, Steve Schmidt’s team announced Bristol Palin’s pregnancy; Sarah Palin was kept out of the loop.

    • socon

      What an awful man, and what a disgusting thing to say. Pervert.

  • conservativemama

    Of course it’s happening in Hillary land. That woman’s career is built on the backs of sexually victimized women. There’s no man too perverted for Hillary to cover for.

    "What difference does it make now?" That must be her mantra for getting through the life she’s chosen to have.

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