Palin-Bashing Aficionada Finds New Purpose

Is Kathleen Parker well known for anything other than her continued Palin-bashing?  Of course not.  As such, she’s found herself stuck to the same glue traps set out by the left which others on the right like John Avlon and David Frum have fallen victim to.

The refreshing news is that they’ll never be able to set themselves free.  As conservatism moves forward in an exciting new direction that seeks to regain control of our government and return the nation back to the time-tested-truths responsible for its greatness, they’ll either find themselves left behind for good or they’ll finally come out as Democrats.

In Parker’s latest piece at the Washington Post, she ignores every substantive part of Governor Palin’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition and portrays a brilliant punch line meant to demonstrate the assclownery of Jeb Bush as some kind of nonsensical act of political self-promotion.

She writes:

Distilled to a slogan, politics of late goes something like this: “I’m more fertile than you are.”


This brings us unavoidably to Sarah Palin, who reminded us recently that fertility is the ultimate trump card.

“Unavoidably” my Gluteus Maximus.  As if Parker could ever help herself.

She continues (emphasis added):

To be fair, Jeb Bush started it. He was attempting to explain the need for immigration reform as an economic argument. That is, we need an influx of immigrants — WHO TEND TO HAVE LARGER FAMILIES — to counter native-born Americans’ low birthrates.


This is a legitimate argument, most forcefully advanced by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Republican economic adviser and former director of the Congressional Budget Office under George W. Bush.

It’s a shame that Parker doesn’t mention that the “legitimate” Bushie-argument on immigration and the economy has been thoroughly debunked by Steven A. Camarota, Director of Research at the Center for Immigration Studies. In the very detailed critique of Holtz-Eakin’s findings, he says:

Holtz does not outline the reform he has in mind nor does he ever address the fiscal impact of legalizing illegal immigrants. The article is so lacking in specifics that it seems as if it was written so that advocates for legalization and increased immigration could simply say the words “dynamic analysis” or “dynamic scoring” and this would by itself somehow overcome the traits of immigrants that are likely to make immigrants generally, and less-educated immigrants in particular, a significant fiscal drain.

To reach his conclusion, Holtz-Eakin ignores the economic literature showing that immigration only slightly increases the income of natives. He also ignores the development literature that indicates that population growth does not increase per capita GDP growth. He also assumes away any congestion and resulting inefficiencies that seem likely with population growth. But perhaps the biggest weakness of his analysis is that he ignores the actual characteristics of immigrants, including illegal immigrants, such as their relatively high poverty, welfare use, lack of health insurance, and their more modest tax payments.

The entire critique spells it out brilliantly and I implore you to check it out here.  Once you read it, the Bushies, the Parkers, and others seem just as purposely hell-bent on further placing economic strongholds on America as the left is.  As Governor Palin said during that speech (perhaps something that irked Parker), this ‘in it for themselves’ mentality exists within the permanent political class on both sides of the aisle.

Back to Parker.  She continues (emphasis added):

One is permitted a certain number of verbal pratfalls in public life, a bit of latitude Palin should appreciate. But Mama Grizzly came roaring out at Bush during a speech at one of those confabs where faith-and-freedom lovers assemble to flex their moral superiority.

She not only scolded the third Bush for speaking in such terms but reminded the audience of her own bona fides in the matter.

“I say this as someone who’s kind of fertile herself.”

As though anyone could forget.


Palin is nothing if not fertile. Or, perhaps more accurately, she is nothing if she isn’t fertile.

The most flauntingly fecund female politician in U.S. history, Palin made the most of men’s imaginations as John McCain’s running mate — even winning over the fantasies of the politically opposed. Most memorable of these was Christopher Hitchens, who, though no Palin fan, once confessed to me: “Even I have wondered what it would be like to change her expression.”

From the beginning, Kathleen Parker has tried to portray her Palin-derangement as some kind of mature dissent from others who were attracted to the Governor’s populist appeal.  The big problem for Parker though is that she gives herself away.  As someone who wants so desperately for readers to believe that she represents all that can be good about Republican women, she fails that crucial test of living up to the very standard she seems to be obsessed with getting credit for setting.  She does this by engaging in such incendiary and downright degrading rhetoric about the party’s first woman to sit atop its national ticket.

Her hypocrisy and obvious annoyance at popular conservatism is symptomatic of that greater problem in D.C. that Palin warned about.  It’s the swamp that sucks those in who make a career out of creating more messes while claiming to have the answers to fix them.  They then demand our trust and resort to condescension once we make it clear that we aren’t buying what they’re selling.

Governor Palin’s comment on fertility was a joke used to spotlight how out-of-touch people like Jeb Bush really are.  Their support for this kind of thinking once again undermines the wisdom of the American people.  Palin understood this going in and handled it with one brilliant line.  In no way did she seriously suggest that her fertility was any kind of a political selling point as Parker indicates.

She concludes her piece with the final jab, suggesting that Governor Palin may be “auditioning for her own show” saying:

She may have a fertile future as an entertainer, though Honey Boo Boo will give her a run for her money.

Well, at least Governor Palin’s “show” wasn’t cancelled.  In fact, it’s far from over — which ultimately leaves self-promoting windbags like Kathleen Parker with no other choice but to stay tuned.

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