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Stockholm Syndrome

I do hope Peter Wehner doesn’t wonder why conservatives refuse to take him seriously.

In a new op-ed for Commentary Magazine, Wehner attacked Governor Palin’s "reckless rhetoric" (and that of former presidential candidate Herman Cain), saying, "irresponsible and careless language used by former governors and vice presidential candidates like Sarah Palin and former presidential candidates like Herman Cain helps discredit conservatism and the GOP."

Sorry, Peter.  The only thing discrediting the GOP right now is the lack of true conservatism emanating from Capitol Hill.

The most hilarious comment is where he accuses Governor Palin and her followers (that would be you and I) of "Obama Derangement Syndrome."  The reason is, so he says, Governor Palin’s remarks about America turning into a totalitarian surveillance state.  In his words:

"Now, we actually know what genuine totalitarian surveillance states and communist nations look like, and America is nothing close to becoming anything like them. Whatever one thinks of the NSA’s data mining and surveillance techniques, they are legal, overseen by a FISA court and Congress, and they are not anything like the Soviet Union under Stalin or North Korea under Kim Jong-un. Nor is America speeding down the tracks toward becoming Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge or Cuba under Castro."

Oh, Peter.  Let’s have a talk.

First of all, the fact that it’s legal doesn’t make it right.  Abortion is legal, too, but we’re still against it.  As a descendent of Patrick Henry, I have no trust in the federal government and believe that they already have too much power – the surveillance programs were the final straw for me.  The idea that "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about" is deception; that is the excuse used by the very governments you named who rule their subjects with an iron fist.  I shouldn’t have to hand over every part of my personal life to the government, and the Fourth Amendment protects me from that (at least it used to).  Our own laws require that the government have reasonable suspicion before they begin intruding on our private lives.  I have regular contact with doctors and political allies – why does the government need that information?  The USA PATRIOT Act was never meant to collect mass amounts of data from law-abiding citizens.  It was only meant for wiretapping foreign terror suspects to avert impending attacks, and it has been taken grossly out of context.

The whole point of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was to place limits on what the government could do and give us the ability to hold them accountable when they do something wrong. Keeping certain evidence or even a wiretap secret when investigating an actual suspect is one thing.  Refusing to allow the entire citizenry to know what methods are being used, what information is being collected and how it is being stored and used (whether for or against us) is important.  It is extremely dangerous to start claiming that an entire surveillance program needs to remain secret.  Once we the people give up our rights in one case and allow the government to violate the Constitution, it gets easier for them to pull it off next time.

Here’s something else to think about: Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Korea all have something in common.  Their communist dictatorships all came to power with sudden, sweeping revolutions that killed millions.  Even the finest minds in communist thinking have admitted over the years that Americans will never allow something like that to happen here.  We have been a free country based on principles of limited government and individual responsibility for so long that we would fight back and win if any movement ever tried to take us by force.  We have to be worn down, and they all knew it.  Like the frog in a pot of water, they would have to introduce communism and totalitarianism to us very slowly.  In the name of safety, we’ve been told that we need to be willing to give up our privacy in pieces.  It started with intrusive security checks at airports.  Then came warrantless wiretapping on foreign nationals believed to be involved in terrorism, a program expanded to include American citizens.  Then the government gave themselves the right to indefinitely imprison anybody, even American citizens, without warrant or a trial.  Now we find that our government has been secretly collecting data on nearly all of us.

So, tell me…what happens when the government decides they no longer want the people to have a voice?  What happens when the wrong person – or group – gets their hands on our information?  They can start systematically taking us out and they’d never have to answer for it.  Then who would be left to speak up?  If the government has no detractors, they can get away with anything.  Do you really still think we look nothing like Cuba?  We may not be there yet, but we’re an awful lot closer than we were just a few years ago.

There were a litany of very good reasons why our founding fathers gave us the power we have.  The Governor was right – we are careening almost uncontrollably toward becoming another totalitarian state.  If we don’t put a stop to it you will wake up one day and realize that you no longer recognize the America you were born and raised in.  You will never get the liberals to change their minds by bashing the brave voices trying to remind us where we’ll end up if we don’t act.  Feel sorry for them all you want, but you’re not winning any converts – and if, God forbid, you are ever proven wrong, none of the government officials you tried to defend against accusations of creeping communism are going to care that you defended them.  They’ll come after you just as quickly as they came after the rest of us.

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  • ZH100

    Excellent! Thank you, Mel.

  • section9

    What a tinhorn fascist Wehner is. That man simply wants his side to have control of the surveillance goodies.
    The entire beltway is a confederacy of gangsters taking time polishing their jackboots. If you want to know why the Third Reich lasted as long as it did, now you know: everyone had some skin in Adolf’s game.

  • blueniner

    Wehner considers himself a Conservative?……..huuuummmm maybe we have two different versions of what the word means. Wehner you act like a fascist to me!

  • conservativemama

    Obama has no interest in fighting terrorism. It’s not that they couldn’t find Major Hassan or the Chechens in Boston, it’s that they don’t want to.

    RINOs have no interest in conservatives gaining power because it upsets the gravy train they’re all riding in DC.

    Obama uses terrorism as the crisis not to be wasted. His intention is never fighting terrorism, it’s keeping check on all of us. All you have to do is connect the many dots that are out in the open. He begins his Presidency with an apology tour. He refuses to call terrorism by its name. He refuses to identify terrorists when they identify themselves as terrorists……………Major Hassan anyone? Any government that comes up with the term "Man-made Disaster" is not serious about protecting its people. How about TSA shaking down the elderly in wheelchairs and toddlers. Oh yes, that’s a serious approach to catching terrorists.

    When he was warned in advance of terrorists……………..Putin and the Chechens…………..the underwear bomber’s father……………he ignored it because Obama doesn’t care. His enemies, as he has said out loud, are conservatives, the Tea Party, the ones he tells his supporters to go after, to get in their face. Obama’s people know who to target and they’ve done so. The surveillance state has its targets……………’s us, the American people, conservatives in particular. You know where your secrets are still safe…………in a mosque or on the border. No checking there.

    Obama has been doing all this in plain sight. Everytime you point out the truth, like Palin does, you’re instantly attacked from the left and the RINOs. They’re all protecting the same corruption that keeps all their bank accounts very full. They’re not public servants anymore. They are rulers, wanna be despots taking all they can from us.

    The fact that Palin and all of us are not retreating, that we are calling out all this corruption has them panicked. They are desperately trying to keep up the lie, but with every passing day, every passing scandal, with every passing stupid remark from a RINO, with every stupid insult thrown our way, they lose more and more credibility.

    Like cockroaches when the light is turned on, they are scattering, but still trying to do their damage.

    We’re at a turning point…………… Midway, or Gettysburg, or the Battle of Saratoga………………we are no longer conceding anything to the powers that be. They’ve been lying and playing their game for far too long.

    Cruz Control indeed. And Palin power. And a resurgent Tea Party. And we happy warriors here at C4P!

    • indemind

      cmama…..Excellent Post…. Thanks

      SarahAmerica- "Here’s to liberty!"

  •!/ThomasSSchmitz Thomas S Schmitz

    #GRRR-REAT analysis Mel!

  • Pete Petretich

    Ask Wehner about how Karl Rove paid him off with a flunky, high-paying job in the Bush 43 White House. Yes, Peter Wehner is a paid stooge for that notorious enemy of conservatism Karl Rove!

    These kind of people still think that Mitt Romney was a good candidate, rather than a placeholder for the Jeb Bush parade. Such wasteful money men as these do not respect the American people…

    (That’s my direct reply to the new Peter Wehner attack, we’ll see if it gets past the traffic cops at Commentary.)

  • Pete Petretich

    Also, I personally believe that Tom Donilon used the NSA to help get Obama re-elected. That’s the ONLY reason he was put in that position!

    The abuse of the post-constitutional dragnet already happened last November and we all must live with the consequences.

  • PAWatcher

    I read an article that said every politician should have to wear the patch of their donors in plain sight ( I’d include everyone involved in politics)- like NASCAR drivers. We’d know who they are by their sponsors.

    I could see Sarah’s patch- We the People.

    Excellent article, peter wehner needs to talk with some people who emigrated from communist countries to hear the similarities of what’s transpiring in the USA and their country of origin. obama meant it when he said the USA would be "transformed." The communist manifesto and rules for radicals are the blueprints being used.

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