via @AGUGrizzlies: Join @SarahPalinUSA Nick @Popaditch @JedediahBila @MarkLevinShow And Others Today By Supporting #Troopathon


Today is #Troopathon, the 6th annual drive to send care packages to our troops:

CALL 866-866-6372

America’s troops on the front line need our help today!

Troopathon III

Because of dangerous Obama Military cuts, and the President’s wormlike withdrawal timetable, there are times when our troops don’t even have enough food to eat. This is reprehensible.

Nick Popaditch II

Thankfully, concerned Americans are doing what concerned Americans do in times of crisis:

Voluntarily taking matters into their own hands and helping others!

Today, concerned Americans like Governor Sarah Palin, Nick Popaditch (The Cigar Marine), Jedediah Bila, Mark Levin, Colonel Allen West, and others will take part in #Troopathon to help those who selflessly serve and protect us.

Troopathon II

Watch TROOPATHON 2013 PST 1pm to 8pm today HERE:


Governor Sarah Palin is even flying from a remote area of Alaska (in Todd’s float plane!) so she can rally Americans to support #Troopathon later today on FOX NEWS: HERE.

One person can make a difference:

Care Packages For The Troops

Wounded Warrior Packs

Military Dog Care Packs

CALL 866-866-6372

#Troopathon is an effective way to show our support for our courageous women and men in combat zones. These women and men in uniform are selflessly ready to give all for us so that we may have freedom. #Troopathon is a way our beholden and thankful nation can show how much we appreciate them.

CALL 866-866-6372

You can also watch #Troopathon on HERE

Our work continues.

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