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And the Emmy Goes To….

Guest Submission by Ory Hebert

Just when we thought Senator Rubio was officially done with his adorable little Tea Party darling routine, he’s putting the mask back on, folks!

He’s dusting off his long-forgotten copy of the Constitution and he’s sitting in the back of your church with his arms outstretched towards the heavens!  I expect to see him riding horseback tomorrow in full colonial garb with Old Glory in tow to celebrate Independence Day!

According to an article by Justin Sink over at The Hill (thanks to Jedediah Bila for bringing it to my attention), Senator Rubio is planning on introducing a 20 week abortion ban in the Senate after the July 4 recess.

How brave.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with his plummeting support among the people who propelled him to such (undeserved) prestige in the first place.  No, of course not.  After all Senator Rubio is the staunchest of Conservatives according to the omniscient GOPe and their ilk in the media.  He would never do anything like legalize 12 million “undocumented” aliens and further endanger the job market for blue collar Americans.

As pointed out in the article (and is obvious to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention), this bill is “unlikely to proceed in the Democrat-controlled Senate.”  But you already knew that didn’t you, Mr. Rubio?  In fact you’re relying on it.  You don’t actually want any liberal or progressive boats to be rocked (conservative ones be damned).  You just want us to think you’re serious about implementing positive change.  How brave.

In other words, if you support the recent resurgence of Pro-Life energy following the equally brave and not at all self-serving antics of Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, then you must just be so proud of Senator Rubio and his noble quest to restore just a little bit of much needed sanity to the Congress in regards to supporting the right to life for ALL Americans, right?


Of course we support the message.  We, unlike Sen. Davis, believe that all Americans are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these, are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  So we will support your efforts, Senator Rubio, because we have our eye on the ball—and unlike you our “ball” is not our own reelection.  We will not however continue to support you.  Your bridge is burned, and we will do everything within our power to ensure your prompt replacement.

Thankfully it didn’t take too long, but the Senator from Florida has confirmed the suspicion many of us Conservatives had from jump about his bona fides.  After all the hype he has proven capable of not much more than delivering a good speech, wearing the hell out of a suit, and having the haircut of a Disney Prince.

So nice try, GOPe.  Who else ya got?

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  • heshtesh

    Calling all Drones,calling all Drones!!

  • DocBarry1


  • Guest

    Jeb’s Waterboy’s pandering is just more proof of the total disrespect he has for his fellow Floridians that he thinks we peasants will be fooled by his acting. We know "Politics is Hollywood for UGLY People" and Jeb’s Waterboy is UGLY inside and out. He has no moral compass.
    He also has no respect for his father’s memory. Instead of fighting the corruption his father fled he jumped in the cesspool. The little lost boy looked at his father with contempt for all the menial low paying jobs he had in order to support his family. That’s not good enough for Jeb’s Waterboy. He’s joining the oppressors and screwing people before they screw him.
    Shame Rubio. How do you look your children in the eyes? Lying is second nature to you.
    You reap what you sow! Karma, baby, karma. LOL

  • John Hopson

    Excuse me….but didn’t Sarah Palin also support John McCain and Orin Hatch in their reelection campaigns? And….didn’t both of those Progressive RINOS also vote for the Amnesty Bill???
    Just asking…which is not to say I support Rubio in any way. For me, Rubio has ceased to exist politically….and I live and vote in Florida.

    • AZStandingBy

      McCain and Hatch lied to us. "Build the darn fence" McCain lied. What can you do? You just do the best you can and then it is up to McCain and Hatch and all the others elected by Tea Party and endorsed by Palin to come thru. If they dont, their terms are over. Add Ayotte, Rubio, Flake, and unfortunately too many others who think they can fool us twice. Endorsements are always risky, that is why many dont bother to stick their necks out. You win some. ie Cruz, Lee, Paul, Fisher and many in the house, and you lose some.

      We all know about Palins endorsements and the ones that lied and showed their true colors and the ones that are standing strong. This aint a perfect science. We are talking flawed humans, given power and money. So you push forward in the direction you think is best for the country making corrections and developing trust along the way.

      • mymati

        I would like to add that people like McCain, Ayotte, Flake, ect. are, to use a palinism, dead fish just going with the flow. If we had a real Constitutional Conservative in the White House that was leading on issues they would be more likely to stick with their campaign promises.

        • AZStandingBy

          Absolutely. I have often said that some of these weak republicans, and there are too many to list, ones like Brewer for example, would be good allies for a strong leader. But in the void of a good conservative leader, they collapse.

          • eaglechick

            Not to sure about Brewer..Medicaid expansion for Obamacare. 1.3 billion to begin with, decreases each year for about 3 years…Then wait for the tax increases..

            • Steve_Flesher

              Good point. I think Martinez did, too.

            • AZStandingBy

              As I said, Brewer collapsed. So you mean even with a strong conservative at the helm, she would still have collapsed?

        • John Hopson

          They may be "dead fish going with the flow" but they’re screwing up America with their efforts to help Obama radically transform America and they’re going to be around long enough to help Obama do it.

          • mymati

            Absolutely, John, I agree!

            • John Hopson

              mymati, I think we’re not looking deep enough into candidate’s voting records…or public statements to get a true picture of who they are…really. Until we…and I mean conservatives, dig deeper, we’re going to continue electing faux conservatives who campaign like Ronald Reagan then stab conservatives in the back and vote like Ted Kennedy. Rubio, is the perfect example…but by no means the only example.

              • mymati

                It is so hard, as an average voter to, so thoroughly, vet each candidate. I did my own research on Rubio and was excited to see a decent conservative running against Crist. I already had known he was our speaker in the Florida house. And he had a great reputation here. I know former Speaker Bense and he told me that Rubio was the real deal. Our local talk radio host also told me he was a good choice, he is pissed about Rubio now and is much more wary, as am I.

      • John Hopson

        Good point….McCain and Hatch lied to get reelected. But, these RINO Progressives have a track record going back decades in which they gleefully stabbed conservatives in the back on important legislation.

        In the stock market, the axiom…"Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results" is valid. In politics, past voting records are a very good indicator of future voting records.
        So why are we listening to what those with atrocious voting records say when they’re trying to get reelected? Why aren’t we looking at their past voting records and rejecting them at the ballot boxes?

        Surely, no conservative could believe McCain, Hatch and Rubio…as well as other RINO Progressives don’t know the border enforcement provisions in the Amnesty Bill can be…and will be…waived by Obama through the Sec of Homeland Security.
        The true purpose of this amnesty bill is to create a permanent democrat voting majority.
        The real question to ask RINO Progressives is….Why are you supporting legislation which will turn the Socialist Progressive Party….Democrats…into the permanent majority party.

        • AZStandingBy

          I dont have enough history on Hatch, but Levin endorsed him too over the supposed faux tea party that Malkin endorsed. Levin isnt too happy. So I just trust that Palin and Levin had their reasons. And I think we all know that Palin probably feels she owes McCain and are waiting for the day when she feels she is done paying him back. I think that day has arrived. As I said, politics isnt perfect. People make endorsements they feel are best at the time. And an endorsement is not of the same import as ones legislative or governing record. Palin cant be held responsible for this. She didnt appoint them, she endorsed them and then the people voted for them.

          • John Hopson

            I know both Sarah Palin and Mark Levin endorsed Hatch. Sometimes it’s necessary to do your own homework into candidate qualifications…and voting records…and vote accordingly.
            I agree whatever debt of loyalty Sarah owed McCain has been repaid in full…and then some. Time to move on to real conservatives and dump the RINO Progressives.
            Btw, when I voted for McCain/Palin, I wasn’t voting for the RINO McCain. It was a vote for Sarah Palin…and nothing else. Too bad McCain didn’t follow Sarah Palin’s logical campaign strategy and throw his horrendous advisors out when they badmouthed Sarah during the campaign. McCain would be President today and the worst President in American history would never have infested the White House.

            • AZStandingBy

              agreed on all you say. but i dont live in AZ or Utah, so i didnt get to vote for their senators

              • John Hopson

                Well AZStandingBy, neither do I get to vote in Arizona or Utah. But, I do vote in Florida. As far as I’m concerned, Marco Rubio is just another of those dead fish going with the flow mymati mentioned. You can add Jeb Bush to that same school of dead fish.

        • Layla

          If you think people are enamored of today’s Democrat party IN ANY WAY, you are mistaken.

          TIME FOR A MAJOR THIRD PARTY to put both the others out of business once and for all.

          • John Hopson

            Nice sentiment but…it’s been a long, long time since a 3rd party has made any headway in electoral politics. Why not take over the Republican Party, throw the establishment RINO Progressive hacks out and unite conservatives, independents and libertarians into a governing majority?

            • SuperRoadrunner


              • John Hopson

                Amen indeed SuperRoadrunner. It takes enormous amouts of money and effort to kick off a viable 3rd party. The party structure we need already exists in the Republican Party. We just need to give the boot to the party establishment hacks who won’t live up to…or vote for the Republican Party Platform and take it over.

          • SuperRoadrunner

            We have a Constitutional Republic under which the "third party" would have to beat the #2 by one electoral vote, that would probably be affected by the electoral fraud that has evolved into an art form!
            Some of the "dumb" Republicans would never vote for a third party, because: "My grandpappy was a Republican, my pappy was a Republican, and I am a Republican!" It is the same with some of the Democrats.
            So what do you think are the odds of winning!? Wake up!

      • eaglechick

        I did not fall for McCain’s ‘build the dang fence’ remember 2007, he was pushing amnesty then, also had the ‘out of the shadows’ speech going on. You may not have liked Hayworth in other ways, he was STRONG on no amnesty. It was money, once more 23 million for McCain to 2.3 million for Hayworth So…Sad…….

        • AZStandingBy

          i like hayworth. cant stand mccain and i think if palin had ended up his vp it would have been a disaster for her. Im just trying to cut her some slack for endorsing mccain . some want to keep dumping that over her head

          • eaglechick

            Yes, me too. I think she made the best choice she could at that moment. I’m with her and Levin..Levin has some info on the 10th I think, should be interesting.

      • bejocy

        Folks who are honest (those who posess that moral compass, the one that has very distinct ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ points), I think, could have a hard time understanding those who are ‘out in the woods’ without that compass, or worse yet, one that is so broken that it points oppositionally to the true path.
        Seems many of us give the ‘benefit of the doubt’, assuming virtue rather than anything less.
        The Consitution was written for a people of virtue. That’s why it was written so beautifully simple, without mandates and regulations.

        • AZStandingBy

          loyalty is also a virtue. one that sarah obviously takes seriously. i simpathize with the dilemma she must be in

    • mder4thegov

      McCain and Hatch are both old, and I’m sure, filthy rich.
      Whatever backlash they get, they could care less…they’ll retire.
      These frauds are modern day Pontius Pilates…they’ll do as much damage as possible, and wash their hands of the situation.

      • John Hopson

        Exactly right! Which is the reason RINOS should be involuntarily retired in the next election after they exibit Progressive tendencies…like Marco Rubio has.

    • Jean_A

      Are McCain and Hatch running for POTUS?

      • John Hopson

        I think McCain has run his last election…for Senator or anything else. As for Orin Hatch, I doubt he’s crazy enough to believe he could get elected after voting for the Illegal Alien Amnesty Bill.

  • mder4thegov

    Again, the RINO, establishment elites–think we’re stupid. They’re so out of touch, it’s scary.
    Go away, Rubio.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    The bad thing is I will not have the sweet honor of voting Rubio out of office come his reeelection because my place of residence is NJ..But my spirit is with those Tea Partiers who will vote this Flake out the window..wink, wink..

  • Jean_A

    I thought Rand Paul had a pro-life bill. AmnestyRubio is a bit late to the party.

    • AZStandingBy

      Rands had to do with defining life at conception. Banning abortion after 20 weeks is different.

  • Mr.L

    This is a brutal, sarcastic take down…and I love it. It doesn’t get any better than this. Did you know that Mark Rubio’s ma ma was an aspiring actress? Well, its clear the acting bug was passed on to her son. Except, instead of the role of leading man, he was acting as a "tea party" Senator from Florida. Its curtains for you Rubio. Curtains.

  • DocBarry1

    When is Congress going to stand up to a president that violates his oath- he can’t just delay a law – he must go back to Congress to modify or change obamacare – so when r they going to do their constitutional job?????
    Rubio is a tool just like ryan, Christie, jeb etc

  • kateorjane

    Rubio should have thought of some other way to pander to the conservative base for folding on amnesty. Unfortunately the likelihood of passing a bill reducing abortions to under 20 weeks is slim and none but he may think it’s a good crumb to throw to the base.

    • AZStandingBy

      The hardcore pro life base that he might be trying to pander to will accept nothing less than life at conception legislation. Granted, neither will pass, but for Rubio to say that abortion up to 20 weeks is still ok, will back fire on him. To say that abortion is ok up to 20 weeks, to many, is not good enough. Appealing to women’s strength and instinct or adoption as the best way to reduce abortion is the way to go. Al la Sarah Palin. Knock it off with legislation at the federal level, it isnt going to fly

      • James A. Tyler

        How did the lie that Palin opposed abortion even in cases of rape or incest even get off the ground. I know there’s the clip from her Gubernatorial debate, but she was referring to counseling, right? Never did she state she wanted to charge the Fed with enforcing her beliefs

        • AZStandingBy

          She was asked if her daughter were raped, what would she do and she said she would choose life. Feminists for Life also has stories of women who chose life after pregnancy from rape. But this is all personal choice, Palin has never attempted to legislate her personal beliefs. She talks of support for women and adoption. It is the same issue with people accusing her of being a Bible thumping Theocrat who wants to impose religion on the country, simply because she is a devout Christian personally. THey have no proof, it is just emotion and the attempt to paint her as radical right.

          • James A. Tyler

            Far from the Bible-thumping theocrat as seen in Game Change who refuses to share a stage with anyone whose pro-choice – even her opposition to Roe v. Wade, as articulated most famously in her Couric Interview, comes more out of the fact that she believes its a state’s issue, correct? Rather than that she opposes a woman’s right to choose

            • AZStandingBy

              all i have heard her say, and this was years ago, is that abortion should be a states issue and r v wade was bad law. this puts her at odds with american right to life and the personhood movement. i would like her to articulate her position more definitively but no one ever asks her. it just leaves people to make their own assumptions about her

  • blueniner

    When attention wh#re Wendy Davis became the new darling of the left, Rooobio took note, and with his Political suicide in the making, Roobio thinks he found a way to make amends with the the Conservatives. What Rooobio doesnt know is that we all know it is Political theatre, it is what he does and has done. He may have bamboozeled Sean Hannuty, Rush, and Levin, but the rest of us have been watching and we dont like what we see. Mr. Rooobio, you are persona, non gratia!

  • palinois

    So to get this thing passed did he form a gang of eight? Will there be any call for compromise from the left. Geez throw it back in their face. Play the game. Expose the hypocracy.

  • Sentinel34

    Rubio postured his way through the FL Republican Primaries when image was all that was needed. It wasn’t hard to contrast him against the liberal Crist. Now, when the rubber meets the road, he is unable to sustain that image since conservatism doesn’t appear to be inherent within his character. From here on out we’re going to start seeing this chameleon-ish behavior fully on display.

  • friskyness

    See the liberals don’t give in to pressure, the republicans give in all the time…..the GOPE NEED TO FIGHT, OR WHAT GOOD ARE THEY TO HAVE AROUND?

  • John_Frank

    Excellent post. Thank you.

    Despite the decision in Roe v. Wade, do not the issues surrounding abortion properly fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the States?

    Why is a purportedly "conservative" Senator who claims to believe in the Constitution asking Congress to pass a law establishing a national standard for abortion?

    Would it not be better for Congress to pass a law declaring the Roe v. Wade decision invalid for the reason that abortion properly falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the States, sending the whole matter back to the States?

    Then let those who support abortion challenge that law before the Courts, so that those who are pro-life can argue that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided on federalism grounds?

    Just some thoughts.

    • James A. Tyler

      Methinks this will do more harm than good for the image of the Tea Party, which I believe has gained its strength precisely by removing itself from social issues

      • AZStandingBy

        I think most reasonable people will agree that abortion after 20 weeks for no other reason than convenience is gross. But still, fighting abortion at the federal level is a loser. So Rubio is deaf and dumb on this issue too.

        • James A. Tyler

          I’m pro-life as anyone, but it really should be relegated to the state, I don’t see how the Fed could enforce this.

  • angeleno

    His name should be spelled Rube–io.

  • Keith M

    Rubio’s motion will not even make it to the Senate floor!

  • mymati

    I swear every time I see the title it looks like "enemy" and not "emmy"

  • SuperRoadrunner

    That dude has blown it by pulling that ‘switcheroo’ on immigration. It revealed his true colors and his hidden agenda. Somebody should tell him that "We’ll remember in November…"

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