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Begich’s Comments on Governor Palin are as Shoddy as his Voting Record

As hard as he’ll try to portray himself as a conservative Democrat going forward, Senator Mark Begich’s vote for blanket amnesty recently is destined to stay with him all the way through November of next year.

As if his stab-in-the-back to Americans on immigration wasn’t enough, let’s check out FreedomWorks who have a long list of Begich’s votes tracked back to 2009.

Here are a few standouts:

–In 2009 he voted for the Affordable Care Act.  (some of the authors of this mother-of-disaster bills are now calling it a "train wreck.")

–In 2009 he voted against a measure to stop stimulus spending.

–In 2010 he voted for Dodd-Frank

–In 2011, he voted against repealing Obamacare.

He also voted to increase the debt ceiling, against Senator Rand Paul’s budget earlier this year, and yes, he supported the internet sales tax, too.

His record proves that he’s not serious about applying the same austerity measures in the federal government that we ourselves have to apply in our own homes.  Further, he expects us to pay his salary and to fund his pension, too.

Of course, as Governor Palin talked about him yesterday (along with the need to send more like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to the Senate), Sean Hannity asked her if she’d consider jumping into the 2014 Alaska Senate race herself to replace Begich.  She replied that she had considered it, simply because there was a huge movement out there asking her to do it.  Further, she hopes that new blood enters but if someone we thought fit the bill doesn’t emerge, she’d have no choice but to consider it.

And of course, the mainstream media lost their collective minds once again.  At this hour, more than 100 news sources have discussed it.  About half of them claim that it’s a desperate plea for relevancy on her part while they all simultaneously jump at the chances to report it.  Comical aren’t they?

More than 100


Even more ridiculous, Begich himself took opportunity to respond to the idea by questioning how much time Governor Palin has actually spent in Alaska.  In other words, he’s either claiming clairvoyance or he’s been talking to the NSA.

For the rest of us out here in the unprivileged class, all we have to see is Governor Palin’s Facebook page to note a massive display of photos in Alaska that showcase her and her family to display their continuing presence in their home state.  These have been posted over the last few years and certainly offer more proof to explain her heavy involvement in Alaska than anything Begich has offered up to claim otherwise.

Being a leader of the grassroots, of course she travels.  But then again, so does Begich assumingly spending a lot of time in Washington D.C.  In 2008, Democrats criticized her for not spending enough time outside of Alaska in the lower 48 and or in other countries.  It seems that in 2013, they’re ready to criticize her for the direct opposite.

He goes on to criticize Governor Palin’s resignation by telling only half the story, repeating a continuous cheap talking point often used by the left and the establishment wing of the GOP.  Obviously, these people have yet to catch up with the rest of us where the perils of career politics are concerned.  Accordingly, Governor Palin refuses to fall into the permanent political class’s mold of acceptance.  She didn’t "quit" on the people of her state.  She selflessly resigned to prohibit further waste at the expense of taxpayers; waste created by a small-but-radical group of people who filed numerous frivolous ethics charges against her which were eventually dismissed.  John Hawkins at Townhall described it perfectly:

Most people just note that Sarah Palin "quit" as governor of Alaska without pointing out the "why" behind it. Palin spent more than half a million dollars defending herself from frivolous ethics charges filed against her after she was on the 2008 ticket. Because of a since-fixed quirk in Alaska law, the Palin family had to pay all of these legal bills out of their own pocket. So in other words, it was COSTING Sarah Palin hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be governor and without the financial resources she has today, it was putting a lot of financial strain on her family. Nobody should be put in a position where she has to choose between serving as governor or bankrupting her family fending off meritless, politically motivated lawsuits.

According to Hawkins, this is one of the "most despicable ways" that Governor Palin has been attacked by the left.  And even though the facts of her resignation have been in the public domain for this long, Begich seems to miss them just as he’s missed the boat of true public service and voting in such a way that could help put this country back on the right track.

Whether it’s lame attempts to attack Governor Palin or a horrible, dead-fish Senate record ultimately allowing Obama’s fundamental transformation of America to ensue, Senator Begich has proven to be a shoddy character not fit to represent the people.  As such, it’s time to send him home and I can promise we’ll all be there behind Governor Palin to make sure we support whichever road she chooses to make that necessity a reality for the good of the country.

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Steve!

    Begich is a slave of the Establishment, repeating and parroting for his masters the slander about the Governor’s resignation (the "quitter" calumny).

    We need FREE men and women serving the American People.

    Begich and several hundred other DC slaves like him have to go.


  • ZH100

    Excellent article!. Thank you, Steve.

  • Jose R. Gonzalez

    If Governor Palin decides to run for office again, she’ll have the opportunity to definitively explain the circumstances behind her resigning from office. I picture animated videos, literally illustrating the reasons behind what was surely not an easy decision.

    I do find it interesting that the haters hurl the "quitter" label on her, but Governor Palin’s reasons were really selfless ones. They will never be able to claim she left office in disgrace or call her a disgraced politician, because she didn’t and she never was. Their resentment stems from her being even more effective as a private citizen than when she was as governor.

    Personally I hope to see Governor Palin run for office again. She is in good position to run in the GOP primary to challenge Begich. She has the financial resources, grassroots support and allies in the senate, things Treadwill and Miller fall behind in comparison. This is especially true in reference to in reference to latter two.

    • ZH100

      "Their resentment stems from her being even more effective as a private citizen than when she was as governor."

      Well stated!

    • Lemuel Vargas

      Well. it is always a case of damned if she do it, damned if she does not. A perfect catch-22 situation. That is why, (in her mind maybe) she might as well do it because if she does not, the libs will attack her anyways.

    • TeaPartyBarbie

      Jose, your analysis is correct here. However, remember Treadell does have deep pockets outside of Alaska, just like Begich. Treadwell isn’t running for Senate to be a Senator; he is running in the hopes of getting a cabinet appointment in future administrations. Remember that since 2009, Begich has received 60% of his campaign money from outside interests. When I helped the candidate that opposed Treadwell in his bid for the Lt. Gov, I was struck with the amount of money Treadwell received from the same sources as Begich. There big issue that separates Begich and Treadwell is the abortion issue and "party alliance."

      Miller doesn’t have the outside money. However, I know how to beat that. The real question is will Joe let me help him. That is an issue he has to decide. In the interim, I will continue along the lines as I have been working on issues vital to the state from my little shack on the edge of nowhere.

      • Jose R. Gonzalez

        Thanks for the FYI!

  • CapitalG

    Bag Itch sounds scared of running against a strong female candidate.

  • Keith M

    He must be scared if he is bashing her! Palin/Cruz 2016

  • DocBarry1

    I am hoping that she continues to work to get more conservatives, like Cruz, to the House and Senate in 2014

    I then want to c her as our President in 2016 – either as a Republican or as a Freedom Party member

  • uksarahfan

    Begich won’t need to sweat it Steve as I’m absolutely convinced she has no intention of getting in the race.

  • Audrey_I

    Senator Baggage is a drain on Alaska and he must go.

    Senator Baggage won in a rigged election where the Democrats in the Dept of Justice brought up a host of bogus charges against Senator Stevens right before the election.

    Sarah Palin is right Senator Baggage needs to go. He is unneeded excess baggage and a Harry Reid Stooge.

  • Audrey_I

    The Dirty Bastard Club and the Republican Establishment controls the Republican Party in Alaska. These Republicans are in a power sharing agreement with the Democrat. The official Republican Party will not mount a serious challenge to Senator Baggage.

    • TeaPartyBarbie

      Sadly, that is true. The new leaders are nice guys and well intended, but they were not even living in Alaska when Governor Palin served. They have no idea or sense of institutional history. While not outright CBC, they were imported by them. The Republican Party has a fetish with promoting military persons in position of power in the party… an odd thing when you consider who controls the military…..

      • section9

        Reuderich is a nice guy?

        • TeaPartyBarbie

          The current head of the GOP is a guy from Florida named Peter Goldberg. Nice guy… retired brass, cultured, and good at small talk. Randy Reuderich is busy working on maps through AFFER.

          • TeaPartyBarbie

            Of course, I don’t live in Anchorage. Perhaps others who see these folks more frequently would have different insights.

  • TeaPartyBarbie

    I am an Alaskan so I feel have a a rather unique right to comment here. I have never seen Mark Begich except on TV. Never met him, never saw him in Fairbanks or North Pole. I’ve tried to contact is office on issues, but his voicemail is always full. In contrast, I’ve seen Governor Palin plenty of times, particularly this winter, at the Lincoln Dinner in Fairbanks. Now, when Gov Palin was Governor, she (or her staff) returned phone calls. They answered emails. Mark Begich has most of the State of Alaska blocked from his Facebook page. He avoids Alaskans like the plague unless they have contributed over $1,000 and live in the posh suburbs of Anchorage or Juneau. He never clears his voice mail, and IF he answers a correspondence, it is with a form letter telling you that you are wrong.

    Earlier this year a friend of mine on the "other side" heard my complaint about his voice mail, and he called in front of me and related my views on the issue (amnesty). Now, it seems donors get an exclusive number… the rest of Alaska gets a busy signal or "Mailbox is full." His arrogance is beyond categorization, he lack of concern for Alaskans is monumental. Crony Capitalism under Begich reaches new heights in a way that prior Alaskan politicians could only aspire, and he play the Pinocchio for Gepetto’s Obama as any good wooden headed puppet would. He follows Charles Schumer like a puppy dog, happily doing the bidding of the most liberal of Senators.

    Oh, and as for politics…. Palin beat her opponents fair and square in debates. Begich ran on Ted Steven’s indictment. Palin left the state coffers full; Begich, as mayor left Anchorage with a huge debt….and he has done similarly as a Senator. Wasilla grew during her time as Mayor… When Begich was Mayor the city fell into the typical decline that takes over when Democrats run cities. Palin called out people in her own party when they were wrong. Begich is a straight party line guy, and votes with Senate Republicans unless instructed to do otherwise for his own electability by Sen. Dems.

    As to integrity, Palin was always forthright. Begich? He lies about his voting record and says he supports gun rights. Really Sen Begich? How was that vote on the Lee amendment? Where was your voice on the Drone Filibuster? Begich has no integrity, he lies and puts party before principle and Alaska even lower than that. He is the worst sort.

    As for performance? When Gov. Palin sat in on a meeting or hearing, she was on message and made relevant contributions to the discussion. She is regarded as intelligent even by her adversaries. Begich is the butt of jokes by Senate Dem Staffers. A case in point: during General Ham’s confirmation hearings, Begich asked for Africom to be moved to Clear Air Force Base in Alaska. Really? Think about Benghazi with Africom in Alaska rather than Stuttgart. Did Sen. Begich think to ask why Africom wasn’t located somewhere… Oh, I don’t know…Like AFRICA???

    As to the "She doesn’t live in Alaska…" she does. That is a fact. Besides, weren’t Senate Dems thinking that they could run a starlet from TN to run for Senate in KY? Really? And now attack the former Gov of Alaska for not being an Alaskan? That is rather over the top.

    • section9

      If Palin does run, which I doubt, it will be a completely outside the box, populist, anti-D.C., anti-bankster, anti-Juneau campaign. She’ll do this to reconnect to the Alaskans who once gave her 80% support.

      She’s still the same Sarah Palin. Her enemies can’t change that, nor can they stop that.

      As for Begich? He’s a stooge of the DSCC. Rahm got him his seat, as did a bunch of nefarious Democrats who infiltrated the Bush Justice Department and made up evidence against Ted Stevens. I would not be surprised to find out that Pete Rouse had something to do with that, either.

      • excopconservative

        In view of a future Presidential run, running another campaign in Alaska may be a good thing. It would allow her to put the "quitter" meme to bed once and for all. All of the coercion against the State of Alaska would be exposed and explained. Of course she would have to win and she would need to leave the Senate to run for POTUS if that is her goal. Every senator who has run for President has done that.

        The attack on Gov. Palin was an attack on Alaska and a campaign there would remind voters of it and that she did the only viable thing to end the assault on her state and to take an active role in improving the country.

    • Audrey_I

      Thanks for an excellent and informative post concerning Senator Baggage. A potential opponent could really go after him on making himself unavailable to a majority of the Alaskan People. Keeping in touch with your constituency is important for all elected officials.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks very much, TeaPartyBarbie, for this testimony from Alaska!!

      God bless.

      • blueniner

        This is the "GOOD" Barbie……..LOL

    • cbenoistd

      Great stuff!

    • friskyness

      I hope more Alaskans are aware as you are……after the Murkowski debacle, I have no faith that Alaskans will ever vote the correct way…

    • Steve_Flesher

      Great insight! Thank you.

    • blueniner

      Awesome post, dont be a stranger here.

  • BostonBruin

    Part of me thinks that Sarah made her statements about possibly running for the AK Senate as a way to make Sen. Begich nervous and force him to say something ridiculous that could be used against him in the primary campaign.

    Only she knows her intentions, but she definitely succeeded.

    • TeaPartyBarbie

      I had actually hoped she would announce at CPAC and did mention to mutual friends that I hoped she would run. She said something from stage about if running yourself? ha.. I’m not electable, and have many of the same flaws as Dr. Gingrich. Part of wallowing in the mud of the academe is that … you get muddy.

      I do hope she runs.

      • sno_warrior

        I hope she runs too…for President!!!

  • BostonBruin

    Sarah just posted this on Facebook. She is firing away at Mark Begich! As I just said, I’m not sure if she’s going after him on her behalf or on behalf of Joe Miller / Mead Treadwell. In any event, the 2014 campaign is under way!
    Really, Mark? Really?

    Margaret Thatcher used to say, “I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left.” So, thank you, Mark Begich, for making me and others exceptionally cheery today! Mark, after looking at your voting record I can see why you are looking for a distraction. You have voted FOR Obamacare, FOR massive tax increases, FOR carbon taxes which could cost Alaskans 21,000 jobs, AGAINST pro-life legislation, and there’s so much more. You even flip-flopped to oppose the nation’s balanced budget amendment. You agree with, and vote with, ultra-liberal Senators Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid approximately 90% of the time. Mark, you recently said, “Alaskans pick who they want based on what’s good for Alaska.” Couldn’t agree more, Mark, which is why many hope to see great changes for our great state following the upcoming 2014 election. In the meantime, we suppose we’ll see much more playing of the ol’ Washington political game using those inside D.C. reporters each time you have to distract from yet another bad vote for Alaska in the U.S. Senate. It cheers us up and gives us good opportunity to remind Alaskans just how loyal to the Obama agenda you have been.

    – Sarah Palin

    • section9

      Jebus, that was quick. She hit Begich right in the jaw.
      Some buttocks muscles in the Alaska GOP just started squirming.

      She wouldn’t give Joe Miller ten seconds of her time after he threw her under the bus in 2010 and then blew a completely winnable race. Treadwell, from what I’ve heard, is so RINO you have to polish the horn on his nose.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, BB!!

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Mark a Grizzly has her sights set on you

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Every time Sarah writes or speaks blogs or ‘news’ sites go into overdrive to report the latest Palin news to improve their traffic to their site. Too bad she cannot get a cut of the advertising dollars that are collected by sites that use her name to drive traffic.

  • hrh40

    While the personal expenses Palin was burdened with from the complaints is certainly a valid reason, I think people are remiss to not also mention the $2 million the complaint investigations had also cost Alaskans.

    I think both reasons probably carried equal weight with Palin.

    1. Unnecessary and burdensome costs to her family.
    2. Unnecessary and burdensome costs to the state.

    • friskyness

      that makes sense, but to liberals spending tax payer money is not unnecessary…………..

  • jerseymark

    They are just mad that she didn’t stay as Governor so that they could complete their mission of destroying her personally, financially and politically. By leaving, she did an end run around their plan and as a result, they are left with "She quit". If it weren’t for that. they would have nothing and after all, by pushing their plan, they effectively unleashed her on the national scene – a double bummer for them.

  • angeleno

    PALIN 2014…AND…PALIN 2016.

    • TeaPartyBarbie

      Palin any year

  • JubaDoobai!

    The Guv said she’s "considered" running for the Senate. Why is everybody acting like she intends to run? The Guv knows her grammar. "Considered" is simple past; the action begins and ends in the past. That means she’s no longer thinking about a Senate run. She thought about it cuz folks asked her to, and the implication is that she made a decision one way or the other.

    • jester2939

      Except she left the door open by saying that if no one else is able to challenge Begich, then she would consider running for the seat. It doesn’t sound like her first choice to run, so I hope someone who is a conservative and who will work with Cruz and Lee will step up.

      • TeaPartyBarbie

        Sadly, those who back Joe won’t back Mead. Those who back Mead won’t back Joe. I know both men. I like both men. Both are dear to my heart. However, I will only vote for one, and sadly it won’t be for anyone who touted the Law of the Sea and who promoted Alaska to adopt the Race to the Top.

        Sarah… you need to run.

        • sno_warrior

          Yes, Sarah needs to run for President. Someone else has to ‘step up’ to run for the Senate seat…someone like Rick Halford (even though Rick has been out of politics for quite a few years now, I always envisioned him being governor someday). Joe blew it in the last election, one he should have had in the bag. Mead Treadwell…I’ve never trusted him.

          • TeaPartyBarbie

            Uh… Well.. name recognition is a problem there just for starters. Nobody knows who he is.

    • AmazedOne1

      IF Sarah had stopped there, your argument regarding the past tense would be accurate. HOWEVER, she spoke further:

      She added, “I, along with anybody, would have to say that I would do whatever I could to help. And, you know, if that was part of that help, then it would have to be considered.”

    • TeaPartyBarbie

      Because it is fun watching Begich pee his pants. No Adult Diaper is thick enough to contain the ooze that flowed when she said what she did. It was worth it just for that alone.

      • Melbo58

        What were you wearing when Pres. Romney conceded? Did you just enjoy the "warmth"? I’m just saying that JubaD made a reasonable observation which deserves a better response than some twisted urine fantasy.

        • Steve_Flesher

          I think you’re protesting too much.

          Calm down.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    As usual, Begich is telling a Big Lie, which the Nazi tried to master as a propaganda technique. See below:

    Tell an outrageous lie so that a majority of people will be shocked and wonder how the left could tell such outrageous lies and then repeat them over and over again until those same people will not be shocked anymore and thus perceive the lie to be the truth.

  • Quiet_Righty

    I hope someone, anyone, can oust Begich from office.

    • friskyness

      he deserves to be out…………..

  • nkthgreek

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. So is ignorance of the truth, especially when it’s intentional.

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