Begich’s Comments on Governor Palin are as Shoddy as his Voting Record

As hard as he’ll try to portray himself as a conservative Democrat going forward, Senator Mark Begich’s vote for blanket amnesty recently is destined to stay with him all the way through November of next year.

As if his stab-in-the-back to Americans on immigration wasn’t enough, let’s check out FreedomWorks who have a long list of Begich’s votes tracked back to 2009.

Here are a few standouts:

–In 2009 he voted for the Affordable Care Act.  (some of the authors of this mother-of-disaster bills are now calling it a “train wreck.”)

–In 2009 he voted against a measure to stop stimulus spending.

–In 2010 he voted for Dodd-Frank

–In 2011, he voted against repealing Obamacare.

He also voted to increase the debt ceiling, against Senator Rand Paul’s budget earlier this year, and yes, he supported the internet sales tax, too.

His record proves that he’s not serious about applying the same austerity measures in the federal government that we ourselves have to apply in our own homes.  Further, he expects us to pay his salary and to fund his pension, too.

Of course, as Governor Palin talked about him yesterday (along with the need to send more like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to the Senate), Sean Hannity asked her if she’d consider jumping into the 2014 Alaska Senate race herself to replace Begich.  She replied that she had considered it, simply because there was a huge movement out there asking her to do it.  Further, she hopes that new blood enters but if someone we thought fit the bill doesn’t emerge, she’d have no choice but to consider it.

And of course, the mainstream media lost their collective minds once again.  At this hour, more than 100 news sources have discussed it.  About half of them claim that it’s a desperate plea for relevancy on her part while they all simultaneously jump at the chances to report it.  Comical aren’t they?

More than 100


Even more ridiculous, Begich himself took opportunity to respond to the idea by questioning how much time Governor Palin has actually spent in Alaska.  In other words, he’s either claiming clairvoyance or he’s been talking to the NSA.

For the rest of us out here in the unprivileged class, all we have to see is Governor Palin’s Facebook page to note a massive display of photos in Alaska that showcase her and her family to display their continuing presence in their home state.  These have been posted over the last few years and certainly offer more proof to explain her heavy involvement in Alaska than anything Begich has offered up to claim otherwise.

Being a leader of the grassroots, of course she travels.  But then again, so does Begich assumingly spending a lot of time in Washington D.C.  In 2008, Democrats criticized her for not spending enough time outside of Alaska in the lower 48 and or in other countries.  It seems that in 2013, they’re ready to criticize her for the direct opposite.

He goes on to criticize Governor Palin’s resignation by telling only half the story, repeating a continuous cheap talking point often used by the left and the establishment wing of the GOP.  Obviously, these people have yet to catch up with the rest of us where the perils of career politics are concerned.  Accordingly, Governor Palin refuses to fall into the permanent political class’s mold of acceptance.  She didn’t “quit” on the people of her state.  She selflessly resigned to prohibit further waste at the expense of taxpayers; waste created by a small-but-radical group of people who filed numerous frivolous ethics charges against her which were eventually dismissed.  John Hawkins at Townhall described it perfectly:

Most people just note that Sarah Palin “quit” as governor of Alaska without pointing out the “why” behind it. Palin spent more than half a million dollars defending herself from frivolous ethics charges filed against her after she was on the 2008 ticket. Because of a since-fixed quirk in Alaska law, the Palin family had to pay all of these legal bills out of their own pocket. So in other words, it was COSTING Sarah Palin hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to be governor and without the financial resources she has today, it was putting a lot of financial strain on her family. Nobody should be put in a position where she has to choose between serving as governor or bankrupting her family fending off meritless, politically motivated lawsuits.

According to Hawkins, this is one of the “most despicable ways” that Governor Palin has been attacked by the left.  And even though the facts of her resignation have been in the public domain for this long, Begich seems to miss them just as he’s missed the boat of true public service and voting in such a way that could help put this country back on the right track.

Whether it’s lame attempts to attack Governor Palin or a horrible, dead-fish Senate record ultimately allowing Obama’s fundamental transformation of America to ensue, Senator Begich has proven to be a shoddy character not fit to represent the people.  As such, it’s time to send him home and I can promise we’ll all be there behind Governor Palin to make sure we support whichever road she chooses to make that necessity a reality for the good of the country.

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