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House Tea Party Brigade is Washington’s most independent political force

Washington Examiner:

The truth is there is only one genuinely independent political force in Washington these days, the Tea Party, a fact that is abundantly demonstrated by the future prospects for the recently passed immigration reform bill in the Senate. . . .

But don’t go looking for praise of Tea Party independence on the editorial pages of the major establishment media outlets like the New York Times or the Washington Post, or among establishment political advocates in either major party. . . .

So it is left to the Tea Party Brigade in the House Republican Caucus to force constructive action on issues linked to immigration reform that demand independent thinking.

One respondent to the article makes some nice points, too:

If you believe in electing politicians that vote their convictions without regard to reelection you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe that any discrimination is wrong, you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe that corporate subsidies and welfare are wrong and unfair (whether it is for the Koch brothers or George Soros) you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe in a well informed electorate, instead of the dumbed-down indoctrination used by the Left to manage peoples ‘thoughts’ you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe that individuals make this country great you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe that our Constitution is a great document that should be adhered to (and changed through legislation and amendment not court decisions and blatant disregard for its protections and guarantees)  you could be a Tea Partier.

If you believe in rule by elitists who exempt themselves from the very laws and rules they create for us peons, think discrimination is OK if it involves the ‘right kind of people’, believe in crony capitalism as long as the corporations that benefit are the ‘good ones’, preach tolerance while being completely intolerant then you are probably a liberal, and certainly not a Tea Partier.


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  • RebinTexas

    Thanks James – I AM a Tea Party member, a reader & listener of Mark Levin, a strong supporter of Sarah Palin…….want a much smaller, less expensive govt that stays out of more of our lives and want to get back to following that amazing document our Founding Fathers so wisely – with God’s Guidance – brought forth – the Constitution.

    • palintologist

      Speaking of, tonight (Wednesday, July 10) is the night Levin unveils his "Liberty Plan, " his battle plan for We the People to take back America. Don’t miss it. You will be called to action for your country.
      6:06 p.m. EST

  • MarkRNY

    Which TP? TPP who’s poll had Sarah coming in 2nd to last behind Rubio? TPNation? TPExpress? The others who show Sarah at the top? TP4Boehner? TP4Erickson? The TP my niece throws for her 8y/o friends? (probably better than most, and they’re TOUGH)–Which? Who’s the leadership? Who’s their leadership tethered to? Who are they in touch with? What’s their platform–Exactly?! Is the "group" a guy in his underwear with a Fax machine/email who’ll soon be trotted out by FOX, CNN, etc as a TP leader?

    Truth is the TP’s badly fractured and in many cases badly led, especially on a national level. "Someone" (guess who I have in mind) has to flush a lot of TP toilets and UNITE them.

    The TP is potentially the most easily compromised and/or castrated "group" in the country now (see 2012). It was at it’s absolute, devastating best when Sarah was the de-facto leader and focal point in 10, and before various groups and "leaders" sprang up and became entrenched. It devastated both Left and gopE and neither have forgotten that for a nano-second. Ask Rove (I’m even tempted to add "ask some TP "leaders").

    It all sounds very touchie/feelie–citizens’ groups gathering together, etc, but "you know what" rises (floats) and usurps without true, coherent and unquestioned Leadership and a clear platform. There weren’t 600 Solidarity groups with 600 leaders in Poland. There was just Solidarity and Walesa was it’s Leader.

    They won.

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