Joan Walsh Attacks Governor Palin, Then Whines When People Respond

You can put this one in the ‘jealous mean-girl plays victim’ category.

After Governor Palin spoke on behalf of millions upon millions of frustrated Americans by calling out the now infamous John-Kerry-Cover up over the weekend, Joan Walsh replied instantly.

Joan Walsh ?@joanwalsh5 Jul

Happy Anniversary weekend of quitting your governorship @SarahPalinUSA! So patriotic!

As has been reported previously here, it is well known that Governor Palin continues to live rent free in the mind of Walsh.

So, of course after Walsh’s latest outburst, plenty of folks responded, including yours truly.

Those are just a few.  A great article over at the Examiner highlights many more thanks to Twitchy’s great coverage.  (h/t Doug)

It seems that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lives rent free in the mind of Salon’s Joan Walsh, who issued a tweet on Saturday marking the weekend Palin stepped down as governor of Alaska, Twitchy reported.

Well, the backlash was just a little too much for the attention-seeking Walsh.  She tweeted the following earlier: (h/t Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters)

Oh, Joan…feel free take as long of a break as you need to, sweetie.  Because I know you were listening when Governor Palin uttered those sweet words of wisdom to an ever-increasingly absent President Obama which can also be applied to you today.

“Buck up or stay in the truck!”





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