The Alaskan-Senate PPP Poll Proves Governor Palin’s Point

PPP released a poll today which focuses on the 2014 Alaskan-Senate race.  The fact that the mainstream media is using it to create “Palin” headlines proves why she was right recently when she told Sean Hannity that the GOP needed the right candidate to take down Senator Mark Begich.

It’s apparent that Republicans in Alaska believe Governor Palin is far more capable to face Begich than the other GOP choices put to them.  She leads the others by a 10 point margin.  Another poll conducted by another firm a few months back proved the same thing.

But what the poll also shows is that all of the Republican contenders – at this point – fall short of Begich in a general matchup creating the impression that he’ll coast to an easy reelection.

There are a few points to ponder here.

First, general election match-ups this early aren’t much to measure for anything long term.  Governor Palin stated that we needed a formidable and capable candidate for good reason.  As it stands right now, most Alaskans are under the false impression that Mark Begich is an independent.  The Alaskan Chameleon has received more media attention for being a Democrat who occasionally dissents from his party in D.C. than he has for being a liberal who voted for ObamaCare or amnesty for millions of illegals.

The facts are simple.

A.)  Begich won by the skin of his teeth in 2008 only after Ted Stevens was under massive investigation (the late Stevens was cleared on all of that after the election.)

B.)  Since then, Senator Begich has voted with Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid 90% of the time.

C.)  Alaska is a solid red state.

The candidate who faces him in the general election will have to be able to effectively transcend the perception of Begich being an independent as the utter hogwash it actually is by exposing him as the chameleon who votes one way occasionally, but the wrong way most of the time.  And even though the points above prove that it’s completely possible, it just hasn’t been done yet as the right candidate to officially jump in has yet to surface.

As this poll proves, Alaskan Republicans know that Governor Palin’s record as a reformer, campaigner, and a fighter proves she’d easily fit the “right candidate” mold if she chose to do it.  She could also be very instrumental in helping another candidate yet to surface.  And the media’s use of a poll which focuses on many facets of an entire race only to turn around to make the headlines all about her proves it, too.

Either way where Governor Palin is concerned, it’s game on for the Alaskan Chameleon.

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A reader made the following point:

Another point to add is that Public Policy Polling has a severe liberal bias. They always claim the most Conservative candidates have no chance of winning in the General elections: in reality Palin would destroy Begich.

Yes many believe this.  I also believe Gov. Palin could win hands down.  Yet, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain Governor Palin’s broader point about replacing Begich.  Because of the perception as his being an independent by many, the right candidate with the ability of effective messaging will need to expose the real truth regarding his big government voting record.  The announced candidates thus far seem to lack that.

Also, (h/t Doug) an interesting piece about the poll has surfaced at Hot Air.


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