Leftist Blogger Snarks On Governor Palin in Desperate Call For Attention

Radical left-wing blogger Tommy Christopher of Mediaite has joined in the chorus of writing a Sarah Palin is so irrelevant and inconsequential that I will dedicate an entire blog post on writing about how irrelevant and inconsequential she is.  His post is in response to Governor Palin’s statement this past Friday that she does not have plans at this time to challenge Mark Begich for Senate next year.  Maybe she will end up changing her mind, maybe she won’t.  This is not really a surprise, as she has taken no steps to form a campaign and she merely said to Sean Hannity a little while back, in response to his question on the matter, that she would not completely rule it out and she had considered it because she knew a lot of people out there were asking her to run.  Anyone who has followed Governor Palin over the years knows that is her customary answer to anything regarding her future.  She never closes doors.  Hell, if someone were to ask her if she would ever consider running for her old seat on the Wasilla City Council, she would probably say she would not completely rule it out and if she felt that was the best way she could serve her community, she would certainly give it consideration.

Anyway, Christopher continues with his condescending snark in his piece that he is kind of known for.  Most of it is completely incoherent, but no doubt he was amusing himself and laughing like Beavis while he was writing it.  Christopher is a known race hustler, smear merchant, and overall loathsome human being who has a penchant for throwing out a lot of f-bombs at people on the Twitter who dare challenge him.  So, as I was reading his piece, I was thinking about different ways to respond and pick it apart.  Should I go for the jugular and hit him over the head with a sledgehammer, or have fun with it and mock him endlessly?  Because, you know, he is extremely mockable.  Then, I decided that the time, energy, and attention dedicated to my response should be in direct proportion to what Tommy Christopher is worth- as a writer, analyst, and political commentator.  So, here is my official response to Tommy Christopher’s piece:







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