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Congress: As Told By Cats

Between this weekend’s news and today’s news, I think it’s time for a little levity to go along with our afternoon tea. Yes? I don’t like cats, but I respect them, much like the ancient Egyptians did because they were good at sensing evil. Or were vessels for evil. One of the two. Whichever Wikipedia entry was more accurate.


How we think Congress spent its August recess:


ugh. Remote so far away…


How Congress thinks it spent its August recess:


"Syria for Teh Dummies"


How we view Town Halls:


"We paid for this petting, and we’re going to get all our pets in, by Gawd, by Gawd!"


How Congress views Town Halls:


"From whence did these barbarians come?!"


How Congress would really like to treat Angry Birds:


"In muh belly, bird"


How Congress really acts around Angry Birds:


"I’m just gonna go sit over here. Wut?"


How we think Congress responds to its constituents:


"Yeah, I’m going to need you to not do that."


How Congress thinks it responds to its constituents:


"I tolerate this. I tolerate you people."


How we think Congress responds to constituent requests for pictures:


"We call this the ‘Chuck Schumer’-I love all cameras"


How Congress would like to respond to constituent requests for pictures:


"We call this the ‘Harry Reid’-"Away! Stinky Tourist!"


How we view media coverage of Congress:


"POLITICO CAT-likes to troll Congressional Cats"


How Congress views media coverage of itself:

Cat Trap

"You bring this on yourselves, kids."

How Congress views its bickering:


"With the media and their respective bases, egging them on to fight to the death!!"


How we view Congressional bickering:



"Oh, you!"
"No, you!
"Nap time?
"Nap time."


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