Study: Governor Palin Generates $189 Million Annually in Alaska Tourism

Thanks to our friend, Ron Devito, a study he put a lot of time, effort, and resource into concluded some interesting findings.

Some 44% of Alaska tourists surveyed in an US for Palin market research project said the state’s former governor Sarah Palin was a motivating factor in their travels. TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska specifically motivated 13% of the tourists’ travels.

Gov. Palin’s favorability was 21 points higher among those who visited Alaska than those who have not. Among Alaska tourists, Gov. Palin was 46% Favorable; 29% No Opinion; and 26% Unfavorable. Among non-tourists, they were: 25% Favorable, 29% No Opinion, and 43% Unfavorable. Further, Gov. Palin’s favorability is along a scale of emotions: fan, supporter, and hard-core. Since her favorability is along a scale and there is a strong No Opinion component, Gov. Palin is not polarizing along emotional lines. The Alaska Tourism Survey, however, was not a political survey and does not purport to answer the question of polarization by political ideology and party affiliation.

Sixty percent of the Alaska tourists visited one time since August 2008 and 22% were frequent travelers visiting three or more times. Overall, 42% of the tourists spent between $1,001 and $4,000 on their trips and 23% spent between $4,001 and $7,500. The largest plurality of tourists – 39% – spent $1,000 or less in Alaska, while 34% spent between $1,001 and $4,000.

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