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Governor Palin Attends Million Vets March with Senators Lee and Cruz – Update: Governor Palin Posts Her Speech, Pics

Twitchy has posted some great pictures of the gathering at the WWII Memorial in D.C. this morning:

As Twitchy reported, Gov. Sarah Palin announced that she would attend the Million Vet March in Washington, D.C. The march kicked off at 9:00 a.m. ET Sunday morning and the Spite House Barrycades fell almost immediately! Sarah Palin kept her word and was there ready and able to fight like a girl for America.





You can see the entire collection here.

And by the way, in case you were wondering:

Update: Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook about the march:

We were proud to stand with thousands of America’s vets and other patriotic Americans today in Washington, D.C. This morning, Todd and I met with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and they joined us and other Americans at the World War II Memorial and then at the Lincoln Memorial, where we were met by a SWAT team in full riot gear! Watching those who have fought to protect freedom prevented by barricades from visiting these memorials to freedom was truly heart wrenching. Seeing the unity of the American people as they joined together and rose up against this out of touch government was an inspiration. God bless our veterans, those who continue to serve, and their families.

I’ll be posting an album of some photos from today. Below are the brief remarks I gave today:

We’re here to show that the size of America’s heart for our veterans is immeasurable! But look around – barricades to shut down our memorials? Is this how a Commander in Chief expresses his gratitude? This "shutdown" priority proves a shameful lack of respect. It reflects a person’s lack of valor.

But, Vets, We the People have learned from you! We know America will only remain the "Home of the Free" so long as we are the "Home of the Brave!"

So, as we honor you, U.S. Military, know that our gratitude will not sleep! We will be brave! You were not timid, so we shall not be timid in calling out ANY who heart-wrenchingly would use you as pawns in a political game.

America’s finest paid the price for our freedom today. Vets, you protected us from tyranny then. Rest now, it is OUR turn to protect against tyranny again.

Ronald Reagan said, "Some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they ever made a difference in the world." YOU, vets, need never ask that of yourselves. You made ALL the difference!

Our war memorials remind us of the cost to keep us free. YOU paid the price! Rest now! We will pick up the mantle. We won’t let you down. We now take up the fight for freedom!

She also posted some great photos here. Here’s a few:

Memorial2LeeCruz Lee

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  • conservativemama

    Okay, in this morning’s Washington Post Kathleen Parker thinks she’s being clever with her analysis of the fights in the Republican Party.

    She used the Godfather and she used it badly. We crazy conservatives are Sonny, and we need to drive to a toll booth with Ted Bin Laden. The cooler-headed RINOs are Michael. They know what they’re doing.

    The obvious question is, if the RINOs knew so damn much, if they were so great at what they do, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS LOSE!!! It takes some nerve to lose again and again, and still lecture the ones who brought you to power in 2010.

    It’s so obvious. They want the votes, but then they want us to fade away. Dare I say, they want us to stay on the Republican plantation, much like the Democrats treat the African-Americans. But we won’t just sit and take it. We are and will fight back.

    And another thing, the Post endorsed Terry McAuliffe this morning. Yes I know, big surprise. They called him a dealmaker. They’re say Virginia needs the continuity that McAuliffe will bring, you know, lots of compromise. But what really tee’d me off was the use of the term jihad when talking about Cuccinelli. I resent the terminology of the war on terrorism being used against conservatives. And they are mainstreaming this language. The left and the RINOs are destroying this country. But we knew that.

    • MaMcGriz

      Yep. Gangtas and terrorists. That’s us……according to those who apparently don’t know what the Word says about false accusations and can’t read the writing on the wall….or count the piled up barrycades.

      • conservativemama

        "count the piled up barrycades" Love that!

    • John_Frank

      The use of the term jihad is totally unacceptable. People need to lambast the Washington Post.

      The continued effort of the Statists to paint those who actually believe in the Constitution and we the people as extremists is simply wrong.

      • conservativemama

        That’s my point. This is corruption. It’s so Soviet.

        • socon

          "So Soviet." Excellent.

      • PAWatcher

        Restoration Revolutionists fits the bill IMHO.
        RINOs need not show up………..this is the beginning of the New Grand Old Party. With some great leaders in Palin, Cruz, Paul, and Lee to name the ones beating the drum………….more will come it’s a great tempo!

    • blueniner

      Terry McCauliffe is a punk and a crook!

      • hope4palins

        If Mcauliffe is a "punk", then Bill Ayers is a Terrorist, Rev. Wright is a racist wacko, and Barack Obama is a Marxist ideiolouge who has no soul. Oh yeah, that political math works for me. It feels so good when I get to use these adjectives to tell the truth about these slime balls. If McAuliffe wins we ought to rename the Dems either the Slimeball Party or POP, the Party Of Punks. If only I could think of another word that begins with "O" that I could insert as the third letter……

        Thank you, I feel so much better now he he he.

        • Budvarakbar

          Why are you waiting to see if McAuliffe wins?

          • hope4palins

            Excellent point. We have the Stupid Party, the POP Party, and the Good Guys.

    • Patriot41

      Don’t ever forget, they are part of the establishment.

    • Quiet_Righty

      So who’s the decapitated horse?

      • conservativemama


        • CharterOakie

          Maybe it was a decapitated donkey instead?

          • conservativemama

            Good one!

    • hope4palins

      Ironic. If Terry McAuliffe is a "deal-maker" then William Ayers is a do-gooder, Rev. Wright is a saint, Bill Clinton is honest, Barrack Obama is a conservative. Now I get it.

      • conservativemama

        Any drug dealer in any inner city is also a dealmaker.

        • hope4palins

          So that’s what he always reminded me of. Same kind of quality individual. As DNC chair, wasn’t it his job to get as many people addicted to the poison of Statism as he could? He was paid pretty well for that job too as I recall. Just thinking about that piece of work as the Governor of the home State of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Richard Henry and Robert E. Lee is really depressing.

          • conservativemama

            And George Mason.

            You’re right. It’s just awful what’s happened to Virginia.

    • MarkRNY

      Just saw a hysterical former Dem advisor now Bushie shill on FOX saying that the 3rd Party if there is one will be made up of the "Centrist/Moderates" (lol). They’re going to break away from the party they own and start another. This is an "expert".

      KP’s got her Godfather analogies mixed up (she would). The analogy that applies to Sonny as the TP is the beating he gives to his brother in law, hitting him with the garbage can lid, his shoe and anything else he could get his hands on (I think he bit his finger too (lol)-like–"Come here!–COME HERE!"–and the next thing you know the rat brother in law was rolling around in the gutter. I’ll take that analogy KP. Your problem is that we’ve already driven through the toll booth and we’re not gonna do it again.

      Kathleen, the FOX shills and Bushies are ashes. They haven’t realized yet that there’s a Heap with their name on it.

      • conservativemama

        That’s the worse part, using the Godfather so badly. A great movie like that deserves more respect.

        Let’s say we conservatives are Clemenza, the RINOs are Paulie, and we’ll deal with them and take the cannoli.

        • MarkRNY

          Hey! You know your GF CM!

          • conservativemama

            Oh………….you have no idea. Love that movie! And Godfather 2.

  • CharterOakie

    Sarah loves America, and America loves Sarah.

    And she will always stand with our Vets, and they with her.

    • MaMcGriz


      It’s Palin’s America, Bro.

      We stand, we stay and we overcome.

  • MaMcGriz

    Oh there’s that all-the-time diva…. and check out T-Mex’s homeboy rockin’ that Carhardt jacket.

    Hugs and salutes and many many thanks to them both, and to Senator Lee and to every veteran and patriot who showed up there this morning.

    My Fellow Americans, you do us proud.

    God bless you one and all, and God bless America.

    • Exgunman

      Where is that "Illustrious, Mighty Warrior, POW, Legend in his own mind "john mccain??????………….. sarc/ Ans: Sunday Morning propaganda talk shows……………………………….

      • hope4palins

        He should be ashaed of himself. Unfortunately, whatever mental ailment is apparently affecting him has apparently removed the capacity to feel that emotion.

  • cwgf

    I am in awe of Sarah. Nobody has had to suffer the abuse and vitriol from the marxists and RINOs that she has, and yet she stays the course like a rock. What a patriot.

    • socon

      My admiration for Sarah Palin increases every day!

  • John_Frank

    Stacy, thank you for this post.

    Great pictures.

  • blueniner

    Great Photos …….All the Good Guys, and Gal!

  • jester2939

    That Mackenzie’s a lucky gal. That’s a great picture she got with Sarah.

  • Patriot41

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  • john norton

    Continuing to watch the live feed… !

    • DocBarry1

      Where are you getting live feed

      Just had surgery some what out of the loop

      • john norton

        It was on U-Stream someone on the ground there it was a shaky link though…

      • TheresaAK

        Speedy Recovery Doc…….

      • daisy_mae

        Prayers for you Doc!

      • MarkRNY

        Hey! Get right back into the thick of things Doc. Way to go. Get well quick!

  • daisy_mae

    OHG Palin, Cruz and Lee together in one pic! Stunner! Living, breathing, historical moments!!

    • 01_Explorer_01

      That one picture of them together could be a historic photo someday that fuure generations will look back on.

  • FaithColeridge33


  • DocBarry1

    What kind of Coverage are the Cable, TV and CSpan etc. Giving to this fabulous and uplifting event/protest

  • vikings444

    USA USA USA!!!!

  • PhilipJames

    Here is a link to a number of Ustream videos of events… looks like there are a lot of them of different things… I started watching this one which is before Sarah showed up and then she appears…

  • Vicki

    Spite House Barrycades. I love it.

    • socon


  • PAWatcher

    The vets taking the barrycades back to barry…………….iconic photos of the restoring US revolutionists. They will be historic.
    Palin, Lee and Cruz in the mist of the beginning of the revolution setting the momentum, beating the drum to restoration revolution!

    • bejocy

      Sad, isn’t it, that these honorable men and women, who’ve already given so much for our Nation, are still doing so, by standing up for us. There is a comment that the writer was "disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain".
      I would hope that he was not speaking of Sarah Palin. She loves the military…always acknowledges them first, wherever she goes (always has). Her brief comments (solicited, I assume) were those of honor to our military veterans…with a promise to continue doing so, by following their example.
      My sister is a Blue-star Mom, as well. Their children are the ones now being used as pawns in a ‘social experiment" military. Only civilians ranked higher, in my estimation, are the Gold-star Moms and Dads.
      What I have to say is thank-you, Gov. Palin, for representing our WWII vets. I wish my father and father-in-law could have been there (neither got to see the Memorial). In a way they were…as both their names are inscribed on the Pacific Theater marker.

  • Jean_A

    Thank you for all the pics. Our vets and military deserve so much better than that man in the WH.
    Sen. McCain has turned into an ugly man. He’s trying to hold onto what little power he has left. He doesn’t speak for the American people.

  • PhilTan

    Just saw a link on Drudge to the Guv. at the march and raced here. Great post and thank you Guv. for going there. Does anybody know if this was planned earlier ( Sarah’s visit ) or was it impromptu ? Knew she was at the Lonergan rally but this is terrific and a surprise to me.

    • DocBarry1

      The Gov announced it it yesterday

  • iizthatiiz

    raw video with audio of Governor Palin’s address to the crowd at the WWII Memorial protest

    cross-posted from open thread

    • daisy_mae

      Thank you!

    • indemind

      Very Nice…. Thank You

    • colint

      That was great……SARAH…..SARAH….. SARAH……SARAH

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Hold, hold, hold, Hold!!!!!

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