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Governor Palin: D.C.’s ‘Corrupt Bastards Club’

Photo Credit: Shealah Craighead

The Corrupt Bastards Club. They said it. I didn’t.


The origins of the CBC:

In Alaska we had a group of politicos who chuckled as they dubbed themselves the “CBC,” which stands for “Corrupt Bastards Club.” But it was no laughing matter. I, and many others, took them on. We won. When I served as chairman of our state’s Oil and Gas Commission, I reported on the cronyism of the chair of my own Party, who had been appointed by our governor to that same energy regulating commission. (Click here to see a reporter’s reaction to a short Newt Gingrich interview on the matter.) The whistle blowing resulted in him receiving the largest ethics fine in the state’s history. But that was just the tip of the oily iceberg. The FBI investigated Alaskan lawmakers for taking bribes from the oil industry in exchange for votes favorable to that industry, and politicos ended up in jail.* The lawmakers actually called themselves the Corrupt Bastards Club and even emblazoned the CBC initials on baseball caps they gifted each other – that’s how untouchable they believed they were. But average, concerned citizens said, “enough is enough,” and shook things up. Though some of the CBC members ended up in horizontal pinstripes, much of the compromised party apparatus stayed in power.

For a refresher on what then O&G Commission Chairwoman Sarah Palin was up against in Alaska, please see this 2004 article.

She continues:

Today, doesn’t it seem like we have a Corrupt Bastards Club in D.C.? On steroids? It might not be as oily and obvious as its Alaska counterpart, but it’s just as compromised because its members, too, are indifferent to what their actions mean for We the People.

I’m prepared to be attacked for suggesting this comparison of the D.C. political establishment with the CBC. But I call it like I see it. And lived it. The fight over defunding socialized healthcare, aka Obamacare, should have opened everyone’s eyes to call it the same.

From the very start, we knew that any health care reform could move us in one of two directions: closer to a genuine free market and patient-centered system to allow choices, affordability, and continued economic freedom, or closer to full socialized healthcare in the form of a single-payer system. President Obama and many Democrats have always openly admitted they want socialized medicine in the form of a single-payer system.

Gov. Palin explains why premiums are spiking:

For those Obama voters who are now flummoxed by the rise in their health care premiums, let me explain why they went up. Obamacare has changed the very nature of insurance, which is a hedge against a future possibility. A 27-year-old marathon runner is much less likely to suffer a major illness than a 57-year-old obese chain smoker with a pickled liver. But Obamacare has ruled that there be no adjusted costs for pre-existing conditions, which means we threw out the actuarial data and everyone is now required to pay more to cover those who are more likely to be sick. But now average Americans – especially those healthy 20somethings who probably don’t even want to buy insurance – can’t afford to pay for Obamacare.

Gov. Palin also has a message for the GOP, Inc.:

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, these same politicians are covertly pushing through amnesty despite evidence that the 33 million newly legalized voters will overwhelmingly lean Democrat! Obviously this makes the likelihood of a GOP hat trick electoral victory, and hence the repeal of socialized healthcare, even more improbable.

The media wants you to believe that the partial government shutdown “fractured” the Republican machine from grassroots commonsense conservatives who go by the acronym TEA Party (that stands for “Taxed Enough Already”). No, Tea Party patriots rose up because the Republican machine “fractured” itself years ago by marginalizing its conservative base. The recent “slimdown” didn’t cause the fracture. It happened because of the fracture – because wayward Republicans have refused for years to stand up and fight for economic freedom and limited government, despite campaigning on those principles every election cycle. That’s how we got into this debt-ridden mess in the first place. They campaigned one way, but governed another.

It’s the establishment’s choice whether this fracture remains unfixed because the conservative grassroots will never give up the fight for freedom. Never. Never. Generations of our sons and daughters sent off to war to protect our freedom have paid too high a price for us to ever give up the fight.


Read the entire piece here.


h/t: idesign2

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  • RedDaveR

    Thank you for posting this so quickly, Michelle. It’s good to see Gov. Palin talk about her record in Alaska, something that far too few people are aware of.

    • jester2939

      Amen! When I tell people about her record, they are impressed and then say that they like and support her. (The truly open-minded people, that is.)I’ve even had some say they hope she runs for President – music to my ears!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Jessica!!

        • jester2939


    • DocBarry1

      I believe that the Governor needs to do this consistently – it gives her views a strong base – let the LSM and establishment attack her record – I dare them!!!
      They usually resort to tired personal attacks – but very seldom on what this wonderful Patriot has accomplished versus the establishment.

  • MaMcGriz

    Stand firm and prepare to press on, loyal Americans.

    I have to wonder what the upshot will be of the GOP trashing and marginalizing all those well-off, long-time active Republican ladies I know who proudly call themselves TEA Partiers.

    The GOP have bitten the hands that feed them, and they’ll regret it.

    The GOPers who are hysterically denouncing Senator Cruz and bemoaning the dangers of a new/third/other party movement had better understand their only option, and that is to suck it up and stand with us, because, like Governor Palin, we’re not about to back down.

    And I suspect neither will those stalwart Republican ladies who’ve done so much of the heavy lifting for their party over the years. They just got hit in the face with a big ex-lax pie. and I seriously doubt they’ll obediently come to heel as a result.

    • socon

      Even my sister (God bless her, she’s little snooty) says she’s all in for the Tea Party now. We’re winning hearts and minds!

  • palmerguy

    Excellent, have copied the link and sent it to folks down south, this lady speaks the truth I was here and watch what happened in Alaska, should have bought stock in orange jump suits. The left are having a fit over on that site.

  • PhilTan

    Great article Governor. Thanks guy’s for linking it.

  • DocBarry1

    While the Governor has penned and spoken out on many subjects, this is one of her very best – it is brilliant and it clearly points out that the Establishment is shameful. May God continue to bless the Governor, her family, her supporters and may God persuade the Governor to become the President in 2016
    Again, just brilliant and everyone should forward on to all of your friends, the LSM, all hosts of shows on TV and Cable News’ shows – and demand that the Governor be on Fox News for long segments and in prime time!!!!

  • jester2939

    Sarah’s right – there absolutely is a CBC in D.C.

    There’s also a lot of BS.

    And, right now there is B.O. too.

    Lord, please help us! Thank you for people like Palin, Cruz, Lee and a few others that resist and fight the BS, the CBC and B.O.

  • uksarahfan

    Just superb Governor. Time to go total feral on the POS GOPe. Take them apart mercilessly limb from limb on every medium and on every occasion you can and run for POTUS yourself to really really ruin their lives. What these dirty unprincipled pr*cks know is that once in charge there will be no end to the investigations and prosecutions and jail time which many of them deserve. The miserable Obama and his criminal enablers should also expect the same future whether out of office or not. No cosy ex Presidents club cr*pola. Valerie Jarrett for one had better plan on fleeing to Moscow or enjoy the delights of Leavenworth.

    BTW Governor do keep talking about your record in Alaska often as its second to none. I recently convinced a former Obama admirer I work with over here to read up on your record and what you stand for…well guess what he’s now firmly on your side and utterly disgusted at the lies and falsehoods you’ve had to endure since 2008. His comment to me was the that US body politic would be horrendously poorer if you decide not to again seek a political title.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      "Valerie Jarrett for one had better plan on fleeing to Moscow or enjoy the delights of Leavenworth."

      Amen, uksarahfan!!

  • MarkRNY

    Well, she touched all the bases here–why the "kook fringe" fights.

    This is as good a concise statement of what the TP is and why it fights as any I’ve seen (and the TP badly needs a public definition or it will be defined by its enemies). We want a corrupt and broken system fixed according to the Constitution of the United States, we want those we elect to keep their word and we want them to FIGHT the "Transformers" (read dismantlers) That’s it! Kind of simple, but simplicity is the new obscurity to the terminally "nuanced" and corrupt.

    Sending this to BOR and asking him why we’re "ideologues" and how he defines the term…how Krauthammer defines it for him I mean.

    "It’s the establishment’s choice whether this fracture remains unfixed because the conservative grassroots will never give up the fight for freedom. Never. Never."

    Sounds like Churchill!

    Thanks for posting this OMM.

    • 1776er

      The Republican French Surrender Monkey Caucus’ betrayal of the grassroots in connivance with the Democrats and the Money makes this article possible.

      Sarah Palin is pointing out that a crucial element of the corruption is the Transformist Republican Party.

      What are these Transformer Republicans? They are politicians, who like the kids’ Transformer Toy, can change in a blink from one thing to another. They toys "transform" from a Robot to a Jet Plane with a few twists and turns.

      Transformist Republicans transform from Republicans to Democrats in a blink with a few twists and turns and votes at crucial times. All it takes is for their Money masters on Wall St and Big Business–the Campaign Bundlers–to move a few parts.

      Voila! You have a Party of French Surrender Monkeys

      • MarkRNY

        Great post 76.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      "Sounds like Churchill!"

      Amen, Bro Sir Marcus!!

  • section9

    More like this, please. Policy is the substance of an alternative.

  • socon

    Great pic of the Governor and Todd! She’s holding an American flag no less.

    • blueniner

      It sure is!

    • Perfectly Frank

      Picture of Governor Palin & Todd: They’re in friendly company – no bodyguards in sight. Lotsa love for those folks.

      • socon

        I hope there were bodyguards just out of camera range.

  •!/ThomasSSchmitz Thomas S Schmitz

    This is an important piece. This is the kind that I like to share with people when I run errands. Definitely printing out a copy for the small family run Rx I use. They are such kind nice people, but very worried about Obamacare. (Plus the business is in West Hollywood where the city just banned plastic & most people hate it)

    • socon

      West Hollywood? Belly of the beast. lol

  • John_Frank

    Michelle, thank you for bringing Governor Palin’s superb op-ed to people’s attention.

    • mich mccormick

      You’re welcome, although, it was idesign2 who flagged it for me! Can’t do all these posts without you eagle eye commentators helping out. So, thank you guys!

      • John_Frank

        Edited my comment to reflect your point by adding:

        "and a big h/t to idesign2."

  • 2C714

    Thanks, Michelle!
    CBC on ‘steroids!!
    CBC pushing amnesty!!
    Excellent post, Gov. Palin!!! I appreciate you ‘calling it like you see it!’
    You always have.

  • conservativemama

    Telling her story. Framing the debate. Planting her flag. Letting everyone know who she is, what she believes, and what she’s fighting for.

    Feels like the start of something big. This is a fierce column she’s written and no one else can claim to stand on the same hill because no other political figure has fought and won the battles she has. Palin is her own Iwo Jima.


    • hope4palins

      Magnificent. Thank you.

      • conservativemama

        You’re welcome.

  • ZH100

    Excellent piece!!!

  • James A. Tyler

    Palin’s finest hour

  • indemind

    Awesome Essay by: SarahBraveheart…."Corrupt Bastards Club in D.C."

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Governor and Michelle!!

    "But that was just the tip of the oily iceberg."

    Another great zinger from the Governor.

    With SARAH at the helm of the Ship of State, America, God willing, will avoid running, like the Titanic, into this iceberg–this oily iceberg (literal oil in the case of Alaska; the metaphorical oil of Washington corruption today)!!!

  • section9

    Palin has to have known Schweitzer’s report was coming out. The timing of this piece could not have been an accident. More like this please.

  • OldPat

    Is there any left who wonder why flyover country loves this family?

    If so, pls allow me to explain: Simply put – You don’t need a ‘prompter when you lead with your mind and speak from your heart.

    The simple truth is I’ve come to expect no less from the woman who chose to serve WE the PEOPLE instead of DC that day at Indianola.

    • indemind

      OldPat… "You don’t need a ‘prompter when you lead with your mind and speak from your heart."


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