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Governor Palin: "Thanks to the great folks at C4P for all the wonderful work they do!"


But then, y’all already knew that!

Yeah, it’s self serving to be posting this, but y’all should read the most important line of Gov. Palin’s post:

Take a look at this great post by Michelle McCormick at C4P. I personally think it’s great not only because it’s hilarious and true, but also because I’ve had "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" memorized for 24 years now. It was Track’s first baby book, which was read repeatedly! Most of all, thanks to the great folks at C4P for all the wonderful work they do! 

From the Editors, to the Contributors, to you rambunctious Commentors, this site operates because it has great people playing on it. Thanks to all who come here to share opinions, news, family blessings and even the pains. They call us nuts, but remember the saying, "A mighty oak was yesterday’s nut who held his ground." May those of you headed to New Jersey this weekend be safe, have good weather and bring home a win for the team.

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  • DocBarry1

    Just beautiful and may I add my thanks to everyone @ C4Palin

    • john norton

      **__** … ~ !

      • DocBarry1

        John u r special thanks for all that u do

        Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

        ——– Original message ——–

  • Jthom26837

    It is with great honor, Sarah Palin. It is great when we get under those loony LIBS’ skin. Hell, just ask Kathleen Parker. I loved every bit of it.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!

  • freeperjim

    It’s a shame Sarah is not speaking at the Values Summit

    • patnatasha

      she should be but she has bigger fish to fry.

  • Harvey Tarkmule

    This post makes sense to me.

  • section9

    It’s nice to see that this website has such a great group of editors.
    Even if one is from Texas.;)
    More cat memes, please.

    • mich mccormick

      Sassy…. ;P

    • lanahi

      I second that…all of it.

  •!/ThomasSSchmitz Thomas S Schmitz


  • lanahi

    "They call us nuts, but remember the saying, "A mighty oak was yesterday’s nut who held his ground."

    Love that!

    So now we know that Sarah or SOMEONE on her team is reading this site.

  • PhilTan

    Thnk you Governor for what you do.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Is this the first time she acknowledged C4P?

    • Vicki

      When I went to a booksigning in Little Rock, I wore a C4P button, and she recognized it and gave me a thumbs up. I know also she has acknowledged the work of Adam Brickley, who was the originator of the original site, Palin for VP, that this site evolved from.

    • MarkRNY

      No way. She called into every meetup and showed up at one. She thanks C4P in Going Rogue too. Her brother Chuck drops by now and then. Sarah appreciates this site. a lot

    • M_Minnesota

      Put Sarah Palin and C4P in the search box at You Tube and you should find her many thanks Video to C4P. She also Phoned in at both C4P Conventions.

      • M_Minnesota

        I Wore a C4P shirt at the Bristol "Not afraid of Life" book tour Gov. Palin Saw the C4P Shirt and was so appreciative!

        • socon

          Cool t-shirt!

    • FaithColeridge33

      Thanks all. I was just curious. It wasn’t a complaint or anything like that.

      • socon


    • Adrienne Ross

      No. She’s been quite gracious in the past, as well.

      • MaMcGriz

        There you are! We’ve been missin’ ya.

  • Bogdan51

    Hi there Friends. Congratulations and warmest greetings from Aussie. I’m not commenting too often but I start my internet surfing with c4p.

    • MarkRNY

      Well comment B51! You’d be a welcome addition…walking upside down there can get tiring though I bet–but it makes you tough!

      • Bogdan51

        Mark, but I worry about the future of your fantastic, beautiful country nearly to death and I pray for you every day.
        Regards – Bogdan

        • socon

          You’ve got a Conservative leader now, don’t you?


          • Bogdan51

            That’s right, we’ve got. We’ve made a tiny step back from the edge of an abyss. Now it is America’s turn.
            I wish you a Good Luck.

            • socon

              Thank you so much.

        • MarkRNY

          We appreciate your concern and your prayers Bogdan. We need both–but as socon says, your country’s an inspiration and a hope! Looks like you reached your tipping point. I think (and pray) that we’re reaching ours.

          This is one of America’s foremost and most important Tipping Point sites imo because it supports the woman who symbolizes the fed up and pissed off and will hopefully unite us to take everything back.

          Thanks for caring about us B51. You’re always welcome here.

  • senator20526

    Thank you Gov. Without you to inspire us, we would be outside looking in. But with you, we have elected constitutional conservative representatives and senators to Congress, and many tea Party candidates to state and local offices…You have showed us that you don’t need a title to make a difference.(please dont take that last remark personally, we all want you to have a title again). Please stay safe and tell the family hello….

  • socon

    Michelle, I’ll take you over Will Farrell any day of the week.

    Thanks for everything you do here. You are greatly appreciated.

  • JDCampbell

    I think its time for a new speaker of the House.

  • Garym

    Congrats Michelle and everyone. You all deserve props for your excellent site.

  • MarkRNY

    Thanks for posting this Michelle. You’re sharing your well deserved honor.

    There’s a lot for Sarah to like here. The article writers and articles, the way it’s a rapid response team when the never ending lies and hit pieces are thrown at her, the mega-source of info that so many of the posters here are…and the Like trolls! (bet they’re a source of comfort for her knowing that these are the mouth breathers she’s up against).

    There’s hardly any need to go to any other source for news that matters! As a guy who basically just shoots off his mouth here, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate C4P–you guys do all the work and I get to shoot off my mouth (a NYers dream).

    Thanks for sharing the shout out OMM. It’s a gracious thing to do–and your posts rock!.

    • mich mccormick

      Appreciate that, Mark!

  • conservativemama

    Love this site! Thanks to all of you for giving us this wonderful gathering place.

  • RedDaveR

    Congratulations Michelle. You and everyone at C4P deserve it.

  • CliffNZ

    Sarah’s sentiments are also echoed by those of us outside the USA who appreciate this great site!

    • Bogdan51

      Just like myself – Bogdan

      • Bogdan51

        I think, I’m the biggest Sarah’s supporter and admirer both in Australia and Poland with the combined population of 60 million.
        Not bad at all.

      • socon

        You, too!

    • socon

      Thank you, friend!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks to the Governor, to Michelle, and to all the moderators!!

  • Sue Lynn

    Wonderful to know she is reading this and how engaged Sarah Palin is which is no surprise to folks that have followed her since 2008 when we met her!

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