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A Reader’s Day With Governor Palin in Bethlehem, PA

Thanks to Emily for sharing!

My mom woke me up at 5:30 this morning. Real early, believe me! I hopped into the shower and had breakfast.

I picked up my College Republican freshman friend (I’ll call her M for Internet purposes) and we were off to the Barnes and Noble around 6:45 AM. Boy, it was so cold! Dang!

Mom, M, and I got to the bookstore around 7:10 AM and we stood in line with about 60 people in front of us. I chatted with some supporters and had a good laugh, as all Palin supporters are pretty jolly (for the most part!). Poor Mom, she looked so out of place because all of this talk about Palin went over her head.

We stood there, in the cold, for an hour! Did I mention it was super cold? It was super cold!

The doors opened, and the bookseller explained to us that we would get numbered wristbands, and the first 100 people had priority. Mom, M, and I rushed in and got numbers 63 (Mom), 58 (M), and 62 (me). Mom bought four books (Christmas gifts, she said). Then we all got hot drinks (um, the cold right?) and Mom dropped us back at the college for the day.

I went to my dorm room and took a two and a half hour nap, in heat. I also went to work for two hours before Mom came back and picked us up at 4 PM.

We got back to the bookstore around 4:30. We stood outside until 6 PM. It had gotten even colder now! Poor Mom, she was freezing.

The bookseller called our numbers out, and we got in line. We were then ushered inside into the heat (thank goodness).

We waited about 15 minutes in a line. Boy, security was tight! I don’t know if this was a Barnes and Noble entourage or Palin’s, but lots of security everywhere! No jackets, no cell phones, no photography…nothing! I knew that this would happen, but I guess it’s a lot bigger deal than I thought.

I finally got up to see Palin. The experience literally took about ten seconds before security ushered me out. It went something like this:

“Nice to see you again!” I said.

“Hi! What’s your name?”

“My name is Emily Baxter,” I said. “I’m with Conservatives 4 Palin!”

“They have such big hearts!” said Palin as she signed my book.

Todd shook my hand and I said, “Nice to see you again!”

He said, “Thank you for coming.”

That was literally it.

I was ushered out. Dang, I could see Palin wanted more time with each of us, but it was not to be. Security was frazzled as it was!

Oh yeah, Mom went: “I’m Emily’s mom! Thank you for being such an inspiration to her!” At least Mom put in a good word for me. Palin said thank you and that was that.

I got my things and then local news stepped in front of me, asking for an interview. Why not? I put in a special word for Palin and how much she meant to me. One of my better interviews for sure. M got interviewed as well, only because I pushed her to be interviewed. Ha, she may not forgive me!

I regret not getting more time. I understood why the rush, but I think in our deepest hearts, we all want a day with her. I got ten seconds, but you know what? That’s still okay.

It was well worth the cold though, although Mom did tell me she better have scored “extra mom points and a special gift at Christmas”!


Book Signed

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  • John B. Hefmier

    Thanks for sharing, Emily!! :^)

  • 808forpalin

    Thank you for this excellent report!

  • Christopher H Fromme

    So did your interview make the local news and if so is it online?

  • Lipstick

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing and for the pic of the autograph. I still have never meet the Governor, but hope to someday.

    • txlatinchic

      Me either.

  • john norton

    Great report,and yes i can well imagine the security was very tight…

  • iizthatiiz

    local news coverage of the Bethlehem book signing with Ms. Baxter

  • DocBarry1

    thanks for the post and thanks to Emily, mom and M – they gave us a glimpse of what it is like to have been there – Thanks so very much!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus


    Thanks for sharing this with us, Emily!!

  • Dontab

    Yes it was very cold out and a hour and a half wait, but it was worth the wait.I was #624 in line. May never get another chance to meet a future President!

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