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Carville: Obama needs to "take a toke on the mayor of Toronto’s crack pipe"

At this point, would anyone even notice? I’m sure he could call down to HHS and score some from the gang who designed It’s clear they didn’t blow that $600 million on website development alone. via RCP:

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  • socon

    Go away, Carville. Awful serpenthead.

  • qtdb7

    About attracting voters (men, women, Asians, Hispanics, etc.):
    If you tell the TRUTH, they will come.

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH will defeat Obama/Clinton/democrats/liberals and RINOs.
    Their LIES will DESTROY them at the end.

    A lot of presidential candidates (Romney, Ryan, …)
    and other Republican politicians MISUSED the word CONSERVATIVE.
    Their records CONTRADICT their CONSERVATIVE messages.

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It’s our time now.

    Does CHARACTER matter anymore?
    A man’s RECORD is his CHARACTER.
    We the People MUST judge a person based on content of his/her CHARACTER.

    Ability will enable a person to get to the top, but GOOD CHARACTER will keep a person from falling.

    Citizen Sarah Palin could not clean up Alaska’s corruptions.
    Only Gov. Sarah Palin could clean up Alaska’s corruptions.

    Citizen Obama could not transform America.
    Only Pres. Obama could transform America.

    Only Pres. Sarah Palin could restore America.

  • AJ40

    Yes, James Carville, democratic operative and Cajun kabuki dancer from the bayous of Louisiana, who was affectionately known as "Lizard Man," has in recent times, chameleon-like taken on the persona of a side winder. I wonder if he rues the day he published his book The Coming Republican Minority?

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