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Governor Palin: Numbers Don’t Lie

President%20Obama%20delivers%20a%20statement%20on%20the%20Affordable%20Care%20Act%20at%20the%20White%20House.%20%28Olivier%20Douliery%20/%20Abaca%20Press%29 Photo Credit: Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press

Via Facebook:

They’re still pulling the wool over some eyes, friends. So let’s call them out yet again. I was recently interviewed on Fox News Sunday. One question I answered was prefaced with the supposed “fact” that “30 million MORE people will be covered by Obamacare.” That statistic is about as credible a promise as “if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.”

Obamacare is presently hitting people who buy insurance on the individual market because they may not receive health coverage through their employers. It’s hurting millions! But you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Just wait until the Obamacare employer mandate kicks in next year. As I told Fox News Sunday, despite what the White House and media report, tens of millions more Americans are set to lose their employer provided insurance plans. The ramifications of this WILL fundamentally transform America.

The article linked today at the top of Drudge confirms my point, which is significant because my point was mocked until this article confirmed it. Headline: “Almost 80 million with employer health care plans could have coverage canceled, experts predict.”

Companies that provide health insurance plans that aren’t compliant with new burdensome Obamacare mandates will obviously decide it’s cheaper to dump employees into the government-run Obamacare exchanges and pay the penalty than try to provide an expensive Obamacare-approved plan.

No one in America will be left unscathed by Obamacare. Please trust me on this. The media can repeat all the bogus White House stats they want about false claims like the individual mandate “only affects 5% of the public,” but they can’t change reality – NUMBERS DON’T LIE – and America is about to get “mugged by reality” very soon, to paraphrase Irving Kristol.

Far from providing more Americans with insurance, Obamacare is ironically hurting the very people it was sold to as some kind of health care savior. More people will choose to pay the IRS penalty and go without insurance because they can’t afford the increased rates slamming them, plus they now have fewer options in this one-size-fits-all expensive bureaucratic exchange which forces people to buy coverage for things they don’t want nor need. We’re talking about one-sixth more of our economy controlled now by big government, remember.

Do not forget that Obamacare contains health care rationing. When I warned America about “death panels,” I was denounced as a liar. But now the reality of “death panels” is openly admitted, even touted by some liberals as their solution. Just yesterday yet another prominent liberal media lapdog joined the chorus in finally admitting that death panel-style rationing is “built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled." This guy and his ilk need to apologize to all of you, NOW, who knew what I was talking about, repeated my warnings, and were mocked and criticized for it. (Don’t hold your breath.)

The truth is the “enlightened ones” knew all along that rationing was in the plan. They were angry with me for saying it out loud. The twin pillars of Obamacare have always been redistribution and rationing. Take away one of those pillars and the whole thing crumbles. That’s why Obamacare is doomed. You were smart enough to know that, while they were arrogant enough to keep up a deceitful ruse until their White House control was guaranteed. They’re busted now, though. And that’s why they’re scrambling to distract you and hope you won’t realize how enormously important upcoming elections are to save our economy.

The redistribution aspect will be Obamacare’s undoing. Not enough young or healthy people will apply for Obamacare because it’s simply unaffordable. It makes NO economic sense for them to voluntarily sign up. They’ll choose to pay the IRS fine instead. This will bankrupt the whole Ponzi scheme, which is premised on young and healthy people paying for those who are sick or have pre-existing conditions. And when Obamacare fails, the left will push to have us move to full socialized medicine under a so-called “single payer plan.” This is exactly what Barack Obama touted as a candidate, as did many of his bureaucratic appointees, but the media glossed over that all these years.

Friends, the only way to fix Obamacare is to scrap this stuffed turkey and start over with genuine free market, patient-centered reforms that allow people to purchase insurance across state lines, enact tort reform, and give individual insurance buyers the same breaks we give employer provided insurance. And we need to elect leaders who will fight for us to get it done.

Keep all of this in mind this week as we break for Thanksgiving. Be warned the White House is arming leftist supporters with “talking points” to try to convince family and friends around the Thanksgiving table that Obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced pumpkin bread. You should politely let them know you’re not swallowing that turkey.

Thank you for doing your own homework, for trusting the truth I’ve expressed, and for refusing to let the “enlightened ones” keep America in the dark.

– Sarah Palin

Here’s the article linked at the top of Drudge today:

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  • lanahi

    Right on, Governor!

  • RedDaveR

    I thought the Governor was going to take this week off. Boy was I wrong! (Up to today anyway.) An outstanding piece that needs to be seen by as many eyes as possible.

  • uksarahfan

    The Gov beanballs the lyin King again.

  • rambler

    It’s that common core math. The gov gets to make numbers be whatever those numbers need to be.

    • Craig Phillips

      You mean they have kind of "quantatively eased" the standards?

      • rambler

        What standards? They have standards?

  • Craig Phillips

    Man; she is just so awesome!

  • indemind

    I Say We "Fire Obama and hire Trig’s Momma"… Or… Dump the Dipstick, Vote for Lipstick …Sarah, Sarah, Sarah

  • AZStandingBy

    Best summary of Obamacare I have read ever.

  • friskyness

    yes, Palin was/is correct! Even when I tell people at my work, they still don’t believe in death panels………………………

    • qtdb7

      God only helps those who help themselves. You
      can try to show people the differences between RIGHT vs. wrong,
      GOOD vs. evil, …, etc. You CAN NOT fix STUPID
      (I can explain it to you but I can not understand it for you).

  • qtdb7

    The answers to the healthcare problems are

    There is no free lunch. Somebody has to pay for it.

    Margaret Thatcher:
    The problem with socialism is soon or later it will run out of other
    people’s money.

    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the
    gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
    – Winston Churchill

    • colint

      There are these old people who paid taxes for years and into funds that were supposed to provide health care in their old age when their medical costs would be very high. The free market or private insurers won’t pay their high health care costs and most can’t IDIVIDUALLY personally afford.

      Your free market and individual responsibility is NOT the answer to their health care problem. The Canadian health care system is SOCIALISED not Socialist. That is, basic health INSURANCE is provided through a government entity but the hospitals are not owned by the government and doctors are in private practice.

      The Canadian health care system is SUCCESSFUL and liked by over 80% of Canadians. The US system costs 50 t0 75% more than per capita and while I would not call it a failure it is certainly in a mess compared to the SOCIALISED systems in other Industrial nations.

      • mich mccormick

        Canadians seem to have a far more trusting attitude toward gov’t entities than Americans do. Bolly for you guys and your system.

        "It’s socialized not socialism" works as well as "It’s communal not communism!" All it takes is on trip and you’re down the slope, friend.

        • colint

          CNR, one of the original trans continental railways was built with Canadian government initiative and resources was sold and privatised when there was effective competition. Trans Canada Airlines, later Air Canada, was also started as a government entity but was privatised when there was effective competition. Major hydro electric projects involving massive dams and creation of lakes were initiated and financed by government. These are still government owned resulting in much lower electricity rates in Canada than they would be these been sold off to entities like ENRON.

          In some provinces the government has a monopoly on the sale of liquor (some competition on wine and beer). As long as stores are individually owned and not a monopoly, I think they could be sold and privatised. The government do not advertise to increase sales and use of alcohol so maybe it is best the way it is.

          • qtdb7

            Apple did NOT need my tax money to produce IPads, IPhones, etc.
            American railway systems, car industry, telecommunication industry,
            food industry, healthcare system, entertainment industry, … etc.
            in America are created by free market capitalism, not by government
            control/funding. America is #1 because of free market capitalism,
            not because of socialism.

            Let the FREE MARKET work itself out. Let hospitals,
            insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies
            (foreign and domestic) compete against each other.
            For examples:
            automobile industry (Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda,
            Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, etc.),
            cell phone industry (Apple, Samsung, Nokia,
            Motorola, etc.), … etc.

            The U.S.P.S lost $16B last year alone. If the government could NOT
            even run the post office and the $634M website,
            then what makes you think the government can run the healthcare

            Here is a question for people who don’t pay taxes
            and want free healthcare, education, housing,
            welfare/foodstamp, … etc.:

            Whatever happened to "Ask not what your country
            can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."?

            • colint

              So the Canadian government of the time did not finance A.G.Bell to start the telephone system as there was already long distance communication over wires using morsecode.

              When EMTLA legislation passed ALL became ENTTLED to some basic health care whether or not they could pay. Free enterprise no longer totally controlled the health care industry.

              You say the US is #1. In what? Certainly not health care in which it is rated about #34 in the world. Its #1 rating is only as as the most expensive in industrial nations….over 50% more and likely 75% soon. This is a significant factor leading to national bankruptcy (default)

              More competition in the FOR PROFIT health care system will not solve its problems. ADMINISTRATIVE cost of the Canadian health care system is at least 50% (perhaps 90%) LESS than in the US System. The Canadian system has no Sales employees or actuaries and few if any doing work involved in billing.

      • qtdb7

        Was there a Canadian prime minister coming to the
        U.S. for some medical treatments because of the long waiting list
        in Canada? Also, I heard he is the one who supported this type of
        universal healthcare in Canada.

        • colint

          I doubt if there is a hospital in Canada with an executive suite suitable for a PM who must have meetings with people. The current Conservative party PM and government would be thrown out of office if they tried to make major changes to the Canadian health care system

    • richhahn

      Those may be the answers, but what are the questions?

      I have been arguing that free market, individual responsibility, etc are processes, and most people aren’t interested in processes. The Democrats are brilliant at talking about people’s wants and desires, while the Republicans counter with process.

      Don’t we all want lower insurance costs, lower healthcare costs, and healthcare for everyone? We can’t concede those talking points to the Democrats. Every Republican and Conservative needs to start the conversation with "Our plan leads to healthcare for everyone, lower monthly insurance premiums, and lower healthcare costs." Then they can go into the process which will lead to those results.

      Hopefully, the processes will be 100% free market for the majority of people and only have government involvement in a small % of cases. We already have government medicaid plus other government health programs which can be converted to government/free market partnerships. But leading the conversation with "free market" solutions loses a large percentage of the population. If we can provide solutions that meet their needs, most won’t care what the processes are.

      • qtdb7

        Here is a question for people who don’t pay taxes
        and want free healthcare, education, housing,
        welfare/foodstamp, … etc.:

        Whatever happened to "Ask not what your country
        can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."?

  • Lennart Bilén

    Just remember Obamacare is forced income transfer. How many ways?
    Let me count them:
    1. From the rich to the poor. (Social Justice).
    2. From the healthy to the sick. (That is what insurance is all about. The best outcome is a total loss).
    3. From men to women. (Men pay for lactation services, maternity, Mammograms etc.)
    4. From sexually responsible to promiscuous (STDs )
    5. From safety conscious to living dangerously. (Evil Knievel broke over 200 bones, Rodeo anyone?)
    6. Forced government intrusion into your bedroom (Birth Control, abortifacients).
    7. Ever given blood? Risky behavior is clearly identified.
    8. From young to old.
    9. From families to people under other living arrangements.
    10. From doctors and health care workers to bureaucrats.

  • IndieDogg

    SP continues to rock the political world.

    Here’s something that continues to hit me but I dismiss because it’s too ridiculous to contemplate, until I see OBammy in action and then the nagging suspicion returns. So, maybe it’s not as outlandish as it sounds:

    If the "problem" with "OBammy’s My Daddy" health care is that it makes more sense for healthy young people to pay the fine than buy the insurance because of the cost differential, the crack-smoking liberal response might be, "Oh, then we just need to raise the fine/tax/penalty/whatever-you-call-it." Easy breezy.

    They make the fine higher than the premium, and there you go. All fixed!

    This is nuts, right? I need to start getting my mushrooms from the grocery store again instead of from the man with the push cart on the corner.

    • richhahn

      The fine increases every year.

  • richhahn

    The purpose of Obamacare was to collapse our current insurance system so that there will be no option left but single payer. Having millions lose their coverage had to be part of the plan. Obamacare needs to be stopped now while there are still insurance companies left or a free market plan may not be viable.

    Is Republican leadership so dumb they don’t see this or are they complicit?

    • nenicu

      never ever will this politician do something without "interestets" so…. the poor citizens will always be left beside and suffer because of dirty learders.
      anunturi braila

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