Governor Palin: “Obama Has Failed the Golden Rule of Politics”

The Governor posted the following fantastic ZING against President Talks-A-Lot on Facebook:

In honor of my saint-of- a-mother & her marathon-running bum hip… Enjoy!

Courtesy of Aunt Katie! Thanks for the reminder that Obama has failed the Golden Rule of politics. He grudgingly “apologized” for his broken website but still isn’t sorry enough to end his unacceptable drive to socialized medicine? Still exempting his chosen ones? Resulting in a free America enslaved to another big government burden? Midterm elections can’t come soon enough.

As an aside, I’m pleased as punch the Governor is not backing away from her entirely appropriate use of the term “slavery” even after the phony kerfuffle Martin Bashir raised at its use.  And if you missed it before, be sure to check out the Great One’s brilliant take down of this nitwit.


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