SarahPalinAK: "Celebrating the Season"

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For you yoga fans out there:

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Minnesota journalist attends book signing and discovers that Gov. Palin is actually a pretty hip lady:

“I’m Jim,” I said, and shook her hand. Christmas music played brightly, surreally, over the mall’s massive sound system.

“Well, nice to meetcha, Jim.”

I took a step back from the desk, clasped my hands in prayer, bowed to her, and said, "I just wanted to say, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Namaste.’ " 

“’Namaste?!’ ” she hooted. “Well, ‘Namaste’ to you, too! I gotta get back to it. The downward dog, the locking the knee, camel pose … it’s been two weeks.”

“Yoga?” I stammered, a little flustered at hearing “downward dog” in her famously folksy accent. “What yoga do you practice?”

“Bikram,” she said, obviously surprised to find herself talking about yoga in the middle of a war on Christmas.

“Of course that’s what you do. That’s intense,” I said.

“But I gotta get back to it. It’s been two weeks!” she said, flashed two fingers, and I was outta there.


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