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SarahPalinAK: "Good Tidings and Great Joy" at Fort Benning, GA

1451507_10152020469443588_917901760_nPhoto by Shealah Craighead ©2013 All Rights Reserved Copyright Shealah Craighead Photography/SarahPAC


Via Governor Palin’s YouTube Channel:

Fort Benning folks kept the store open late and sold out of their books within two hours, but Governor Sarah Palin stayed another hour late and met all the service members and families who came.




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  • travelingon

    Bummed that I was not able to get there. We love ya, Sarah.

  • excopconservative

    From Sarah’s Facebook–Ft. Benning

    Jd Brode mam you would make one hell of a good commander in chief

    Keith Mezger I bet she would not throw out the constitution

    Jim Paquet America missed the boat when she did not get elected , she is class and classy !!

    Wayne Mazza This woman would have used hellfire to save our men in Benghazi. That order would have went out in the blink of an eye!!!

    Linda Shepard I believe Sarah would have been ahead of the game and given the order for more security when the Ambassador requested it.

    Move America Forward Thank you for supporting our military! We appreciate all you do – keep up the great work!

  • Victoria Richardson

    Wow, great pictures and yeah the Military loves Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin loves the military. Heck, her son is a military Veteran so Gov Palin a military mom.

  • MarkRNY

    Hey OMM–You know that pic you took of Sarah in Iowa Faith and Freedom? WHEN they make a statue of her, that should be the model. Not kidding!

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