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‘Shady Pines, Ma!’

Guest Submission by Ory Hebert

First let me give you the disclaimer:  While I think it goes without saying how grateful we all are for Senator McCain’s military service to our country, I’ll say it anyway.  The man is an American hero.  Anyone who’s ever heard his story can tell you that much.

But, by the Hammer of Thor!  Enough is enough.  This dude has taken every opportunity possible to pooh-pooh the grassroots conservative movement.  From the snarky wacko birds comment to his creepy new fangirling over President Obama.  And let’s get his attempted hobbit insult straight right now.  All of my nerds here know that he inadvertently gave our movement the greatest possible moniker we could hope for.  I don’t know if he missed that last scene in Return of the King or pretty much every other scene, but the hobbits are the heroes.  That’s kind of the whole point of the story.  So we thank you for your kindness!

This most recent McCain headline has got me going full on Linda Blair with the head spinning round and round.  Let me just lay the quote on you:  “…there are a number of members of Congress who have primaries and when those primaries are done, they may be more inclined to address the issue of comprehensive immigration reform.”  I love the naked disregard for the will of the people.  Naked as a newborn baby.  Naked as Miley Cyrus at a construction site.  He must be taking lessons on audacity from his new BFF because that is the most audacious statement I’ve heard in a while.  To have that little shame about openly admitting your desire to not only deliberately ignore the will of the people but to intentionally deceive them in order to win an election is so beyond redeemable to me that it’s hard to imagine that I once pulled the lever for this guy to be the Leader of the Free World.  That type of arrogance and ill will and disingenuousness from our alleged leaders is the very reason our movement exists in the first place.

Senator McCain also recently told a Phoenix radio show that he was “seriously thinking about maybe giving another opportunity for you to vote for or against me in a few years from now."  Aww thank you so much, guy!  But I think we’re gonna have to pass on that one for right now.

Now as for this one.  Get a load of what the bastion of common sense conservatism and beacon of hope for all underwhelming heiresses Meghan McCain had to say about Daddy. “We’re both frustrated with the idea that only the hyper-conservative wing of the party is going to represent the masses.”  Y’all, I can’t even…  I don’t even know what to say except “God bless.”  The conservative icon went on to say that Daddy is “so depressed. He is so downtrodden. The way he’s talking about it, how he’s never seen it this bad in his 30-plus years in office.”  I know, you guys.  I know.  Poor thing.  She’s trying so hard though.  She went on to muse that in order for Daddy to win, he would have to run “another dirty tea party election.”  I’m done.  I know all I need to know about the entire McCain bunch.

I have to wonder if the Senator has always thought this way or if he’s just reached that adorable point where older people no longer care about what people think of them and just submit wholeheartedly to unapologetic frankness.  In which case, I offer him a threatening “Shady Pines, Ma!”

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  • Lennart Bilén

    Terrorist Hobbits from flyover states!

    Palin supporters, the left us berates.

    Let us pick up the fight.

    And so do what is right.

    Love one another! The left only hates.
    From the blog of

  • FaithColeridge33

    Before we know it he’s going to be putting a curse on Shelley Long.

    • James A. Tyler

      "I was tired of that thin UPPITY white woman too!" lmao – that comment just made my day

  • carolhaka

    He’s only bipartisan when he is dealing with the Democraps! What the hell does the will of his own party have to do with anything? Enough!

  • SusanWo4p

    The more I hear/learn about McCain the more I am convinced the man was working with the GOP Establishment to throw Sarah under the bus in 2008. He’s an untrustworthy, nasty man…and I hope Sarah never has to have contact with him again.

    • Quiet_Righty

      I don’t buy the idea that McCain colluded with anyone to hurt Palin.
      If McCain runs for reelection, perhaps Palin will simply not campaign for him again. That debt is paid.

      • toughluck2

        Hum? I recall shortly after the loss, McCain counting on his fingers the up and coming Republican stars.. he left Sarah out. And when he didn’t get the reaction he wanted form the interviewer he asked: notice who I left from the list? what a low life. He has actively participated in efforts to hurt her.

        • dmac8889

          No question about it. If Sarah runs against Hillary, he will join Hillary, count on it.

  • DocBarry1

    When are the people in Arizona going to Recall this man – he is a democratic and Obama tool

  • Christopher H Fromme

    The GOP must be hard up cause they used McCain for a fundraising e-letter that I got. That was the reminder that I needed to donate $60 to SarahPAC, —-Nov 5 is the last day to get the signed Christmas book

  • Keith M

    The only way to defeat and show McCain is to defeat Graham and McConnell and other RINO’s. I thank McCain for his service to the military, but I think he uses his POW status to much.

  • 1776er

    I’s pretty clear John McCain at age 77 is suffering from hardening of the arteries to his brain. The rage. The red face. The snarl. The grimace. The froth and spittle are solid evidence.

    He is becoming more and more set in his ways. The corollary is that he becomes less and less "flexible", nuanced, cautious, prudent, considered or even polite in his public posture and remarks. He doesn’t give cr*p what anybody cares or thinks about him. You are young and poor. He is old and rich. Deal with it.

    McCain sees enemies all around him. He has a bunker mentality. His instinct is to attack. It’s a form of incipient growing dementia.

    Don’t we all know older folks who act this way with us and family? The grouchy old curmudgeon who will disrupt Thanksgiving Dinner with embarrassing, unrepentant, outlandish outbursts usually involving the poor guy who married your sister and ruined her life. You know the TEA Party guy who has made life miserable for little sis. At least in his blood and oxygen starved mind.

    That is John McCain circa 2013.

    He is only going to get worse with time. Shady Pines, Ma! indeed.

  • PhilTan

    Good post and I’m glad it’s up. I saw the quote the other day and it made my head spin too. Tat is the perfect primary add to use in 2014 against these incumbents. Let’s start with Graham in SC. Whoever primaries him I will support. If Graham looses in SC, maybe that will be McCains wake up call.

  • WEL2

    Search for: "beyond the Killing Fields"

  • CBDenver

    McCain’s thirty years in the Senate were pleasant for him because no real hard choices had to be made. There was plenty of money to spend as the government continued to borrow against the future. Compromise meant agreeing to spend on everyone’s pet programs. It was like a big party where the beer flowed freely.

    But now some real hard choices have to be made. We have run out of money and are credit card is maxed out. The beer keg is empty and now its time for the post-party cleanup. Guys like McCain don’t want to adjust to this new reality. They look nostalgically back to the good old days and think that if we just get rid of the Tea Party then things will go back to the way they were. Sorry, McCain. You can’t fight reality. Please just retire now, go sit on your porch, and tell stories about how great things were in the "good old days".

  • James A. Tyler

    Best. Headline. Ever. lmao

  • friskyness

    McCain’s time is up…..rino’s like him have made the problem we have today…………good riddance McCain…….RETIRE!

  • toughluck2

    One thing that sicken me over the 2008 campaign was the ‘war hero’ worship on McCain, it turned me off then and still does now.

    But was he a hero? what did he do that was heroic or distinguished him from other POW’s? from what I read, if anything, he received preferential treatment and got better medical treatment because he was the son of an admiral. That’s not heroic. He (like many others) signed a ‘confession’ of the ills of the United States. That is not heroic. About the only thing I found was that he refused an out-order release.. I don’t know much about that.. but it would qualify.

    But who cares, that was a generation or so ago, what matters is what ill he does to the nation now, for which he must be primaried and removed from office in (Urgh!) 2016. What a horrible date for his re-election, and what a horrible distraction if Sarah is running :(

    • dmac8889

      He was a hero as was all the POWs. McCain is entitled to his beliefs. His difficulty is that he believes everyone wants what is best for America, and that they need to just get along. He more than anyone you would think would know that not everyone in power wants what is best for America, but use their positions of power to enrich themselves, and force an ideology on this country that has been a proven failure. He challenges only those he believes he has influence over, but that has now changed. He no longer has any influence.

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