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Governor Palin: I’ll See You On FNC’s New Years Special

Governor Palin will be making an appearance on FOX News Channel’s New Years Eve special:

Via Facebook:



She also links to an article over at Bristol’s blog which celebrates the nonsensical "expose" we’ve all seen over at MSNBC:

Can you believe that?  What’s next, MSNBC?  An investigative report on whether Mom has an Easter egg hunt on Easter?  (Gasp — she does!!)

I’m happy that channel is now so concerned with the Bible though.  But isn’t it amazing that the host believes there’s a passage in Jeremiah that is talking about CHRISTMAS trees?

That is soo funny.

Is that next to the verses in Lamentations about Rudolph?

Or the one in Leviticus about Frosty the Snowman?

It’s about the best example of Palin Derangement Syndrome I’ve seen lately: using an Old Testament Bible verse about idolatry to talk about a modern Christian tradition?  Newsflash, MSNBC: no one worships Christmas trees.  Not to mention Jesus was born hundreds of years after that passage was written.

Click here to read the entire thing and to see the hilarious segments shared by Bristol.

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  • qtdb7

    Happy new year to Gov. Palin, her family, Gov. Palin’s REAL supporters, and our military.

    Since when did democrats/liberals care about God?
    If democrats/liberals really care about God, then they would
    NOT SCREW/DISTORT with the U.S. Constitution eveyday.
    Democrats/liberals and communist China just want to KILL unborn babies.

    • palmerguy

      That lady needs to have someone explain bible verse or two, probably many, that was a totally stupid waste of air time.

  • CliffNZ

    Good for Bristol and Sarah – Keep on calling them out and mocking the mockers, especially when they so richly deserve it! Thanks for another great year of updates, interesting articles, humour and truth. Happy New Year C4P!

    • MaMcGriz

      Good to see you. Happy New Year to you, too!

  • Founders1791

    Generations of Family Values …..more Good Tiding & Great Joy!

  • Lennart Bilén

    A text without a context is a pretext.
    The object was to bash the Palins.
    The Palins stand tall, the Christmas tree smells lovely,

    the spruce tree with its branches branching out in threes are a symbol of the triune God, God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
    MSNBC is of no consequence.
    Looking forward to hear from you, Governor tomorrow..

  • dmac8889

    The MSNBC Bible, you know the one that has a verse on whether Rudolph’s nose really shines bright or not?

  • 2C714

    Excellent, Gov. Palin & Bristol!! Great posts!!
    The LSM continues to ‘sit’ on their brains!!

  • alien4palin

    Well done, Bristol!!! You, go girl and stick it to them and they rightly deserved it.
    I watched the video, now I have to go and give my eyes a good wash & scrub.

    Happy New Year to all!!!

  • 1776er

    The Billy Madison response is right on the money.

    Not a coherent rational thought in that little reader’s head.

    They get paid for this stuff? Really?

  • friskyness

    Sad thing is, that people believe the crap spewed on MSNBC…….I can’t believe MSNBC gets higher ratings than CNN…not saying CNN is good, but better than MSNBC..

  • Jthom26837

    This is a perfect way of sticking it to the so-called elites. I’ll be watching along with my fellow Palinistas across the fruited plain Sarah Palin ringing in the new year live from New York.

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!

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