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MSNBC: Duck Dynasty "part of a white supremacist culture"

Via RCP, typical idiocy from MSNBC:

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  • Charles Hurst

    Sure–the guy who said he loves everyone just hates the sin is a racist. Typical rant of the anti reason Progressive. Do they ever hear themselves talk? Just like illegal immigration. You’re against it by God you’re a racist. But I’m ok with legal immigrants you say. They say: "You’re still a racist."

    They shouldn’t have let him go to begin with. A&E should have stood on his right to his opinion not because of a backlash.

    And it is important to understand this. Our society is breaking down.
    We would have thought that Columbine long ago was a one time horrific
    event. Now it seems it is every other month. Why? First off divorce. Now
    there are some that probably should be divorced–but most just throw in
    the towel. That is the Generation X heterosexual mentality. And now
    many of your offspring are monsters, raised by the like on The Jersey

    And the Progressive answer? Let’s force more deviance.
    Deviance not being a definition of condemnation but what it is.
    Homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle. The idea of two fathers or mothers
    is ludicrous. It always was. It defies common sense.
    And so what’s the answer Mr Progressive. Polygamy next? The plural marriage? Three transgender parents in a plural marriage?

    Now if someone wants to be gay that’s fine. This entire explosion over
    Phil was he didn’t have the right to voice an opinion unless it was pro
    gay. And it’s not the first time. I could fill three pages with

    The fact is the common sense that is lost by the Progressive is that if you break the family unit society will follow. The gay community has the right to live as well. They don’t have the right to shove it down our throats. And that’s exactly what GLAAD did.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • socon

    So incredibly stupid it’s pointless to comment.

  • Tom Ferriday

    This guy, Dyson, is one of the country’s premier race hustling, poverty pimps. The fact that he’s a professor underscores the evils of affirmative action and other programs that give unqualified morons like him a platform to spew their anti-white hatred.

  • qtdb7

    Didn’t PERVERTED Bill Clinton complain that Obama’s
    supporters played ‘the race card’ against Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton
    during the democrat primaries in 2008?

    • socon

      Yup, as I recall the old pervert Clinton did just that!

  • angeleno

    All there is to be said about Obama’s mouthpiece MSNBC is: "Ha-Ha and Quack-Quack."

  • John Locke

    The problem is the black community has leaders like Al, Jesse, Sheila
    and Quanell telling them how to vote, who to listen to and how to live.
    This has become the norm for the passed 50 years. If they took half a
    second to actually listen how idiotic these "leaders" are elections
    would have a different outcome and having these so called racial issues
    might not be as blown out of proportion.

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