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The Sad Ballad of Bashir

There once was a man named Martin Bashir,

ss-101123-MSNBC-talent-bashir.grid-6x2credit: MSNBC


Can’t say where he came from but he ended up here.



At a place where many race to the bottom,


Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnellcredit: AP

He tried to out do them and said something very, very rotten,





About a lady who many find pretty awesome.



No shrinking violet she, who with one hand can down a moose whilst leaving the other free,


Was gracious enough to accept his "apology."



However, despite much pointing out of their hypocrisy,



Said employers of dear Martin would not see,



Just how vile and awful a man dear Martin can be.

Bashir 420


No fair! cried Schuster. Unjust! cried Baldwin!




Still, nothing, no words from Big Boss Phil Griffin.



But questions remained and with no signs of slackin’,



Dear Martin was sent a-packin‘,


To some nice get away, you say?




Ha! No way.



And what of Ms. Sarah Palin? Where was she this day?















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  • John B. Hefmier

    Uh, oh!! Lennert Bilen has competition now!! A new rhyme-master in the C4P house!!
    Great job, Michelle. :^)

  • Jthom26837

    Dig It!!!

  • Firelight

    Love it!

  • Founders1791

    Thumbs Up!

  • James_Otis_Jr

    "The Alaskan landscape is littered with the bodies of those who have crossed Sarah Palin"

    May it ever be thus.

  • JDCampbell
  • TSM_Admin


  • kennjac

    Laughing my ass off. Well done.

  • indemind

    Thanks Mich….LMBO.But we Sicilians like to say "Ba-Da-Bing, Ba-Da-Booom"

  • CharterOakie

    Nice work, TexMex!

  • 808forpalin


  • happymullah

    From NYT: Bashir while at ABC had been suspended once for making crude and sexist remark at a dinner for Asian American journalists.
    My view of this is that he didn’t resign but that he was fired. The bosses at MSNBC didn’t want blood on their hands.

  • hope4palins

    Fantastic. I particularly loved the last two. Boom!

  • Lynda

    You go girl

  • jester2939

    Ha!! Great job, Michelle. I love the rhyming, and the pics are perfect.

  • blueniner

    Sarah Palin knows how to go .."Boom Boom"…………………

    The Animals……..

  • Pete Petretich

    Quite funny…

  • iizthatiiz

    Dr. Seuss got nuttin’ on you Michelle

  • dmac8889

    Bashir- Another one bites the dust, having succumb to the serious disease known as PDS. When allowed to fester, with each bout of fit getting more and more uncontrollable the patient eventually blurts out such vile spew that the authorities have no choice but to put the patient down. Anyone on the blogs, where decency has gone absent, will observe PDS running rampart. Palin remains in her comfortable common sense enviornment, while those suffering from PDS are overcome with warped inconsistent thoughts about her, complaining she is dangerous, polarizing, and irrelevant all at the same time.

    We must all be vigilant to keep an eye out for demonstrations of PDS disability. The first sympthoms are demonstrations of LOW-Information. They clearly are unaware of their repeating of disproven false allegations, or hteir ouright expressions of HATE. PDS appears to be irreversible. Once the negative thoughts turn on personal debasing of Palin, there seems no redirecting toward normal behavior. They have been known to spend long hours (most likely alone) in search of Palin articles on the web, having only one thought: how negative they can talk about Palin. Its as if they were earning money for every stupid negative comment they can come up with. Who would pay them to do such a thing. Can’t the payer understand the damage they are inflicting on these poor fools as they continue to embarrass themselves. Their lives have been dedicated to HATE. How debilitating that must be?. We owe it to them to set them straight before they fall into an ‘Alternative Universe’, in some kind of LaLaLand.

    Sad but true, we have witnessed this disease reach epidemic levels among Liberals and Progressives, even among those that the LEFT most admire. They will go to enormous lenghts to just ‘Make it UP’. Movies, books, news articles, any media source available to them to sound off their HATE message. We have witnessed their public discourse in attack mode if a Palin memeber is nearby. We have discovered another phenomenon. Just after Pain is observed in a public forum, those with even minor symptoms of PDS appeared to have Wee-Weed in their pants.

    Their blood pressure levels have skyrocketed, and their first thoughts are to rearrange Palin’s words to come up with some narrative that has absolutely nothing that resembles what Palin had stated. Those observing this are left powerless to prevent their outbursts. It is clear PDS leads to having to let the patient vent, otherwise they are left to their own HATEFUL thoughts that get increasingly worse. It was determined in Bashir’s case that he was force to having to keep his thoughts to himself, until he could not longer remain silent. What came out was uncontrolled, wild eyed, vile disgusting jibberish. He simply lost touch with reality.

    The challenge is: do we plead with Palin to ‘Sit Down & Shut UP’ to save these poor souls, or do we allow her to continue to speak with reason, with comforting words to those of us not filled with seething hate? The result of the latter could be catastrophic to those dealing with PDS and unaware that she may one day be their President.

    We’ll I have been trained to help suffering souls, but I say we let Sarah be Sarah, and try to correct their madness where we can, but allow them to EXPOSE themselves before we remove them from civil society.

  • TangledThorns

    Another job opening at MSNBC :) Makes me wonder what type of person could actually watched his show. I can understand liberals liking Maddow or their others in their prime time line-up but Bashir was just vile.

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