via @AGUGrizzlies: @SenTedCruz Father Says Tyrannical Obama Admin Trampling Constitution

NOTE: This post was written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin. The interview was conducted by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla.

Pastor Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on the weekly Palin Update with Kevin Scholla that he is extremely proud of his son. Cruz said he could not contain the tears of joy from his eyes the day his son was sworn in and hearkened back to when he immigrated here from Cuba with no money and with no understanding of the English language. "To see my son sworn in…all I could think was ‘only in America.'" Cruz said his son should be the norm, not the exception and most in D.C. go along to get along. "They become a member of a club and they don’t want to upset the status quo." He said Obama and Harry Reid are operating in a tyrannical manner, trampling upon the Constitution and separation of powers.

The elder Cruz said he had seen what socialism can do to a country. He got his start in the 1970s with the Religious Roundtable, which worked with Moral Majority to help get President Reagan elected. Sen. Cruz was steeped in politics since the ripe old age of eight at dinner table conversations. In high school, the Senator was involved with the Free Enterprise Institute. He was one of five Constitutional Corroborators. Before he left high school, Sen. Cruz was passionate about our founding documents, free enterprise and limited government. "It was like a fire in his bones," Pastor Cruz said. That fire has burned for 30 years and burns today, he said. Sen. Cruz once famously said he would throw himself in front of a train before voting "yes" on one word of ObamaCare.

Sen. Cruz – much like former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin – does not use notes or a teleprompter. He speaks from the heart. Like Gov. Palin who got her values from her parents, Sen. Cruz got his values from his mom and dad.

"I love Sarah Palin," Pastor Cruz said. "She is such a wonderful woman of God, a person of such deep faith and conviction….Her endorsement of my son in the late stages of his campaign was such a pivotal point in the campaign. We only had 24 hours notice, yet there were thousands of people at that rally. She is such an inspiration. She also speaks from the heart. She truly believes what she says." He said Gov. Palin "has been such a powerful force in this country….in the last election, almost every candidate that she backed won."

Pastor Cruz said it was such a privilege to speak on behalf of his son at Gov. Palin’s Dallas fund-raiser last month.

He said progressives have re-written American history. Few people know that four centuries ago, the Pilgrims tried a communist experiment and more than half of them starved to death. They switched to the free enterprise system and the following year had plentiful bounty. That was the genesis of the holiday we call Thanksgiving. He said if we lose our freedoms here we have no place to go. We have to draw our lines in the sand and fight for it.

Pastor Cruz is speaking at pastor conferences nationwide to warn pastors and their congregations about the Obama administration’s existential threats to our freedoms.

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Susan Stimpson the cancer of political correctness is overrunning the country. She said if you don’t like what someone has to say or don’t like the tone of how it’s said, don’t listen.

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Sarah Steelman said we started the week with Obama rolling out "Pajama Boy," to promote ObamaCare and Phil Robertson being suspended from A&E over his homosexuality remarks. She said "Pajama Boy," was born out of political correctness. He is a "weak, passionless, coddled little man tied to his parent’s apron strings, drinking a cup of hot chocolate." Duck Dynasty’s Phil Roberston brought himself up by the bootstraps. Pajama Boy represents the nanny state, and Robertson represents rugged individualism.

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Pastor Rafael Cruz is on The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! The father of Senator Ted Cruz talks to Kevin about raising his son, his immigration from Cuba, Sarah Palin, and the state of our country. Plus, Governor Palin stands up for Phil Robertson after the Duck Dynasty star is attacked by the word police for referencing the Bible. Also, a special Christmas edition of Commonwealth Commonsense with Susan Stimpson and the latest segment of Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman. It’s Duck Dynasty vs. Pajama Boy. SarahNET Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime!

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