via @ThomasSSchmitz: Christmas Shopping And #DuckDynasty In West Hollywood

Wham Halloween VII

I was Christmas shopping this afternoon at a groovy candle shop in West Hollywood (#WeHo) and the Duck Dynasty topic came up.

(I had no idea Duck Dynasty had a Christmas song on the radio…HOT!)

Anyway…that’s how the topic came up.

The reaction was mixed…I quickly reminded the #LGBT boys of some of the naughty shenanigans  – sometimes lewd and illegal conduct that occurs at the gay pride parade and Halloween street party each year.

I said:

"If people in West Hollywood have the freedom to chose to do almost everything and anything they want, and say everything and anything they want on these two days when the police look the other way…then…wouldn’t equality only be TRULY equal if Phil can do and say whatever he wants when asked a question in a magazine interview?"

They totally agreed.

But…it get’s better…I was holding a copy of Governor Sarah Palin’s:

"Good Tidings and Great Joy"

(Yes the rumors are true…I have props)

This is what they said:

"Hey…is that a good book?"


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