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Washington Post: "Why Sarah Palin is Here to Stay"

2013_Palin_Booksigning_IMG_0537-1-1024x901Photo Credit: (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

Excerpt from She The People Blogger, Mary C. Curtis:

CHARLOTTE – Merry Christmas spoken here.

That could have been the slogan at Sarah Palin’s book-signing on Friday at the Billy Graham Library. As she greeted admirers, surrounded by the lights, trees and decorations, her message came across loud and clear.

“She’s gorgeous,” someone said, after she appeared to loud applause from the crowd. And she was, dressed in black pants and a black patterned lace top – glasses on, hair up and pen ready.

Many of those waiting in line wore a pin that read “It’s OK to Wish Me a Merry Christmas,” carrying through the theme of Palin’s book “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” which sees the freedom to express the Christian values of the season under siege.


While those in both lines freely celebrate Christmas their way, many of them also find familiar solace in the message of Sarah Palin’s book, that this particular holiday – despite the fact it  has survived a lot more than a chorus of “Season’s Greetings” —  needs protecting.

You could say that Palin is preaching to the choir. But it’s one that is raising its voice, especially at this time of year. Frederick Jones was certainly happy to be there. After meeting Palin, the 73-year-old from Belmont, N.C., said, “She was great.” Jones, who said he admired that “she stands for Jesus Christ,” couldn’t stop smiling when he added, “I’d like to take her home in my suitcase if I had a chance.”

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  • Lennart Bilén

    What a heading: "She the People".
    Yes Sarah Palin is preaching to the choir, but what a choir!!
    On to victory in 2014 and then on to 2016!!
    Maestro Sarah Palin for President!!

    • section9

      In fairness, that’s the name of the column.

  • DocBarry1


  • BostonBruin

    Love this line:

    "Her opponents will go away before she does."

    • 08hayabusa

      Just ask Martin Bashir.

    • john norton


  • DocBarry1

    Why can’t a writer just pen an article about the Governor without throwing in some jabs?

    • Aitch748

      Another way to look at it, I guess, is to imagine the miserable venom-spitting wretches at the Washington Post wanting Sarah Palin to just please go away for the past five years and finally coming to accept that it isn’t going to happen. Even smearing her as an accomplice to mass murder was not enough to pressure her into leaving the public eye. Somehow the idea that the nasty little scorpions in the press might be rolling around in the fetal position under their desks and moaning about having to put up with Governor Palin like herpes for the rest of their careers brings a smile to my face.

      • DocBarry1

        It shows the strength in the Governor and her supporters – but it really is so sad!!!!!

      • section9

        I’ll concede that much. A left wing drumbeat bullhorn column like She The People couldn’t be expected to admit that Palin isn’t disappearing without a sideswipe or two, I suppose.

  • john norton

    Why the Governor is here to stay,… Because, We Are… ~ !!!

  • john norton
  • section9

    I’m sorry, no sale. The columnist couldn’t get through one column without her backhanded backbiting.

    • palintologist

      I think we’re just glad that we got to see a public acknowledgement from the enemy, no matter how backhanded, that she’s a force to be reckoned with and that all the slings and arrows they’ve aimed at her so far have been for naught.

  • OldPat

    The PPC & MSM still don’t understand middle America can do just fine without them, but if we’re gonna take a trip to mankind’s future, we gotta have a strong moral compass & a good GPS to get us there.

    Pray tell, who could better fulfill that role than the couple who refused to sell us out, the couple whose faith & love gave us little Trig?

  • Tim Taylor

    Well if the Washington Post says it, its totally true right….? LOL How many libs got angry at the paper do you think? haha

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