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Alaska #1 in Fiscal Condition, New Jersey Not So Much

Governor Palin shared the following on Twitter:



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  • Lennart Bilén

    Here is the list of all 50 states with their ranking:

    I have listed them in descending order by type of government, from Republican house and senate, Republican Governor (best) to Democrat house and Senate, Democrat Governor. ( no surprise there).

    This helps to explain why Democrats want the Federal Government to handle everything for them since their states are hopelessly irresponsible with their states affairs, while Republicans as a rule tend to want to have every state handle their own affairs as they see best fit.

    One further startling observation is that New Jersey under Governor Chris Christie came in dead last. This helps to explain the reluctance of the more conservative (or fiscally responsible states) to endorse him for President.

    On the other hand, Alaska came in first, not in small part due to the heroic efforts of Sarah Palin during her short reign as Governor, where she managed to get the Credit Rating for her state to go from AA to AA+ and then raised again to AAA shortly after her resignation.

    This also helps in part to explain the irrational hatred for Sarah Palin. She did clean up the graft and corruption in Alaska, and they are afraid she would do the same should she become President.

    • BermudaBob

      small nitpick to an otherwise good web page: It is George Mason University, not George Washington University. They are approximately 4 miles from each other. :-)

      • Lennart Bilén

        Thanks. It is corrected now.

  • Founders_1791
  • angeleno

    How about that DemCom mantra that Palin is a fool? We know Palin was a terrific governor because we deal in truth while Obama’s Democrat- Communists deal the opposite. And how about Illinois, NJ and Conn. being the bottom three, all ultra liberal states. Illinois is Obama’s home state, where he partnered with communist terror bomber William Ayers to game the educational system to produce good little communists. YES, Obama helped Ayers beccome a senior U of Illinois education professor with big influence on curriculum in all the state, and Ayers helped his pal Obama cheat his way upward in politics. Or should I say downward?

  • cbenoistd

    I recall Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post sneering when Gov. Palin referred to Christie as "sort of a big government guy" that this confirmed Rubin’s good judgment regarding Christie’s prospects.

  • Bill__Hughes

    LOL. I am so glad that the national conservative folks are finally starting to see the truth about my governor. While many in the media like to mock Sarah Palin, a woman who actually accomplished something as governor, they opt to swoon over Chris Christie. The man is useless. Everyone here in NJ knew from day one that he was in on the lane closing abuse of power nonsense. That’s who he is.

    He hasn’t cut spending. Oh, he briefly did for 2 years long enough to get attention. His budget last year restored spending levels to that of menacing liberal overlord Jon Corzine. He also hasn’t cut a single tax, appointed proponents of Shariah law to our courts, appointing notorious crony capitalists and criminals to high-paying government jobs, and pretty much accomplished nothing other than being a YouTube sensation.

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