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David Brooks: C’mon, let’s be fair, Benghazi’s not Hillary’s fault

Via RCP:

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  • John Hopson

    David Brooks should stop calling himself a republican. He isn’t. He’s a socialist progressive big government twit.

  • Lennart Bilén

    C’mon, let’s be fair, it is Obama’s fault.

  • dmac8889

    Let me count the ways it was Hillary’s fault:

    1) Who told the State Dept.’s Special Ops protecting the Ambassador & Consult to go home.

    2) Who hired the Libyan 17th Brigade Militia protect the Ambassador, but instead spied on his comings and goings and reported them to Ansar al-Sharia, the AQ affilated group that attacked the Consulate?

    3) Who permitted Stevens (whose boss was Hillary) to be involved in a CIA Operation to run Militia & Guns to Syria?

    4) When requests from Ambassador Steven’s and other State Dept. officials requested additional American Security, the final two months prior to the attack, because they made clear they did not trust the Libyan 17th brigade, they were met with orders from the very TOP of the State Dept.: DO NOT SEND REQUESTS FOR ANY ADDITIONAL SECURITY.

    5) When #2 in charge of State in Benghazi, Deputy Chief Hicks requested for the Emergency Support Team to rescue them during attack, he was told that a ‘STAND DOWN ORDER WAS GIVEN’.. Who gave that order. Hicks also spoke directly with Hillary Clinton on the phone and informed her of the military-style attack. He testified there was no demonstrating mob.

    6) It was Hillary’s POLITICAL people that contacted DNI to discuss changes to the ‘Talking Points’. State Department the very next day declared to Reuters, AP, & the leader of Libya that AQ was involved in military-style attack. The Talking Points were changed 12 times, and Susan Rice took Hillary Clinton’s place on five national Sunday News shows to tell us that a Spontaneous Mob, inspired by the demonstrations in Cario hours earlier, to a Movie-Trailer, is what led this mob in Benghazi to attack TWICE, nearly six hours apart, at two different locations.

    7) There was another Video & a Facebook release with MUCH MORE Significance released just a day or two prior to 9/11 attack. The leader of AQ – al Zawahiri released a video calling for the death of ‘only’ Americans in Libya, to retaliate the death of an AQ leader from a Drone strike. Ansar al-Sharia leader repeated this on Facebook, just one day prior to the Benghazi attack. How did the State Dept. not know this? How cold Hillary Clinton and the President not be aware of this. How did NSA not pick this up?

    8) The Movie-Trailer video was released by the State Dept. to Cario Officials who were involved with their own demonstrations for days. The MOB had already been demonstrating outside the US Embassy outside Cairo BEFORE the Cairo Officials became aware of a Movie-Trailer. Why did the State Dept. release this information? Why did they arrest the maker of the video, when the video was on the internet for weeks, and nobody paid any attention to it, until our State Dept. brought it to their attention.

    9) Finally: it was Hillary that blamed this Movie-Trailer maker to a family member of a dead Special Ops at the return of his body to the US. Hillary clearly guided the direction of the ‘Talking Points’, and she refused to come on the Sunday Shows to answer questions. She finally showed up to testify to the Senate, and admitted she didn’t read Memo’s for months leading up to the attacks in Benghazi. Hicks testified that it was Hillary that wanted a Consulate in Benghazi, yet she failed to supply the proper security to maintain that Consulate. AND once the Consulate was attacked and HER Ambassador was murdered, she went into COVER-UP mode. WHY?

    Because she was told to keep a Small-Footprint in Benghazi by the Obama Team, because questions about AQ would eventually be asked. Once the attack took place she realized her political future was doomed.


  • AJ40

    Is that the same David Brooks who said Sarah Palin didn’t have a very good night in 2012 when she racked up a 71% success rate in her endorsements pulling thm across the primary finish line?

  • James A. Tyler

    Isn’t this the guy who started the whole rumor about there being a Michelle Obama "Whitey" Tape? Or was that David Brock? lol

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