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Governor Palin: ‘Happy New Year!’ From Mt. McKinley

Via Facebook:



Also, here are some photos she shared:





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  • TheresaAK

    America’s sweethearts….

  • happymullah

    Call of the wild? Tough Alaskans!

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thank you for this post.

    Excellent call to action by the Governor.

  • blueniner

    More great wisdom from Sarah Palin!

  • qtdb7

    Gov. Palin, we are ready to kick some RINOs and JACKASSES.

  • travelingon

    Tripp looks just like his mama; what a cutie.

    • Freedom2beme3

      I see his mama, Sarah, and Track in him. Big Heath eyes. Actually, I see young Track A LOT. And in that cabin pic, I see Todd.

      THOSE are strong Palin genes

  • MaMcGriz

    Look at your G-ma and say "groceries!" Tripp!

  • Exgunman

    Very interesting Picture, gets a moose outside, inside of Tripp by the window, herself and room interior in reflection. Gets a selfie and doesn’t even have the camera pointed at herself, I love it………………………………….:>)

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