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Governor Palin: ‘NAACP Leader Shows True Colors’

Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook:


NAACP Leader Shows True Colors

The NAACP’s attacks on Senator Tim Scott illustrate the anger and increased intolerance of the political left. Having falsely staked the claim of “embracing diversity” we see another example of the left’s “tolerant hug” excluding those who do not subscribe to their liberal agenda. It’s not personal. It’s not racist. It’s not mean spirited. It’s COMMON SENSE to NOT subscribe to their failed liberal policies that lead to dependence on an unstable and bankrupt government.

But here’s another example of how the supposedly tolerant left treats an African American conservative who doesn’t subscribe to their failed liberal agenda:

Tim Scott was raised by a single mother, started working at age 13, faced challenges through school, and then met a mentor – a local Chick-fil-A operator – who taught him how to “think your way out of poverty.” With that, and strong work ethic, Tim’s commonsense conservative roots took hold. Tim became a successful small businessman, Congressman and U.S. Senator. He is an honorable man who judges people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, and seeks the same for himself.

With too many purposefully dividing America on the basis of race and gender, it’s imperative that we who strive for a truly United States, under God, take a stand! Don’t be afraid to call out hypocritical double standards applied to independent Americans who are continually falsely accused of discrimination and intolerance. Playing small and timid in this era of potentially great progress towards American solidarity helps no one.

Take a stand! Help leaders like Tim Scott get re-elected in 2014. We need more strong leaders who, like Tim, are conservative because they’ve learned from life experiences, not poll driven messaging, what works for our great country.

Support Tim Scott today:

– Sarah Palin

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  • DocBarry1

    As you continue to go down a path of honor and high ethics – Thanks to the Governor for calling out this travesty – but what do you expect from a group that supports a man that lies and lies – as well as doing absolutely nothing to help people in poverty.

  • Engineer 100

    The nation needs Sarah at the helm. No-one else even comes close.

    • blackbird

      that’s the god’s honest truth.

    • lyndaaquarius

      no one even comes close. I sincerely pray every day that more and more Americans come to see how much better off we’ll all be with Sarah Palin at the helm. No politician alive today has her level of hard-core capability.

  • section9

    That was an ass-kicking. Right after the MLK Day statement, she comes out and posts an endorsement for Tim Scott and takes the local NAACP chapter to school for being yes-men for the Democrats. This is why we love her.

    • blackbird

      you betcha!!!

  • Cheetah444

    "It’s COMMON SENSE to NOT subscribe to their failed liberal policies that lead to dependence on an unstable and bankrupt government."

    Exactly! We may hear more on this point if she speaks at CPAC this year.

    Combined with Sarah’s comment the other day about President Obama using the race card as an excuse for his low poll numbers on MLK day, I have to admire her courage for weighing in a second time on this sensitive political issue.
    "Playing small and timid in this era of potentially great progress towards American solidarity helps no one."

    This statement may be a swipe at the GOPe who doesn’t seem to be standing up for Tim Scott.

  • TSM_Admin

    So, that’s her first endorsement of 2014? Off to a great start!

    • lyndaaquarius

      yeah buddy !!!

  • patnatasha

    if you are a black conservative you are a sell out.

    • hrh40

      Is your comment missing a sarc tag?

    • cbenoistd

      "‘As talks with the government continue in earnest, Mandela tells his ANC comrades
      such as Govan Mbeki
      and Ahmed
      Kathrada about the negotiations. Their reactions range from outrage to strong support. Rumors start
      within the ANC that Mandela has ‘sold out.'"

    • OldPat

      AC or DC?

  • jester2939

    Right on, Governor…….it’s COMMON SENSE to reject liberal policies. Liberal policies have a proven record of failure. Thank you for your support of Tim Scott!

  • LuvGuvSP

    Go Guv, go!…..and Senator Scott, too!

  • AJ40

    Sarah would be the one to give the rebuttal to the Presidents STATE -OF -THE-UNION SPEECH TONIGHT. But ticking off speculation as to who would be the right one to do that Michael Medved eliminated most of the possibles on various counts, today on his program, including governors, but Sarah wasn’t even mentioned; yet as I’ve stated ad as we all know she has it all–charisma, the issues, can rally the base makes great speeches, is a world lecturer, and is beautiful. That’s a neat little package to cab to the WH.

    • lyndaaquarius

      why has Medved been so consistently indifferent to The great record and abilities of Governor Sarah Palin.I think his residual leftist elitism gets in the way.If she was blue state and Ivy educated,I bet he’d be more disposed towards her. Very informed man, but doesn’t really get it. He was so big on McCain and Romney. Out of touch. Pro Christie,too.

  • lyndaaquarius

    thank you Governor Palin for your outspoken support of Senator Tim Scott. His common sense is always so crystal clear.and his tone is so measured and sincere. He’s an honorable and really decent man. I’ve come to trust his judgement.

  • Banda31

    The people that truly have baffled me all these 5 – 6 years are the black pastors who run churches. They all say they believe in God and they preach about the coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah: and yet they all ran and (is still running) after Barack Obama as if he is the Messiah. They even have large pictures of him above their altars in church. They have completely disregarded the Word of God and have started following after Man, the creation of God. They put their Hope in a sinner, forgetting that their Hope should be in Jesus Christ and Righteousness.
    Just like the NAACP, they cannot comprehend how a black person could possibly be a Conservative/Republican. In their minds, that black person has to be either "stupid/dummy" or an "Uncle Tom". What they don’t realize is "that black person is not a follower like so many others but a Leader and thinks for his or her self". Senator Tim Scott is such a person, he is a Leader, Not a follower.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      It may be instructive to note that MLK refused to become part of the NAACP, founding his own organization, instead – the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Tim Scott is in some very good company.

  • AJ40

    Exactly…Medved was a Yalee and former democrat. When this whiffenpoof turned Republican he didn’t leave his elitism and liberalism behind. Yale is where it’s at not the U. OF Idaho. But I taught and lived there. Those are great people and in a beautiful country. I only mention Medved because he makes a good bell weather as to what’s going on in the mind of the Eastern Bloc Republican Party. I often thin of Medved as an ambassador from the East appointed to the Trans-Mississippi West to convert the unforgiven.

  • Vlad99

    Wonder who’s the dummy and who’s the ventriloquist?

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