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Governor Palin Offers Thanks to Our Canadian Neighbors

Palin 01-21-14

Governor Palin posted the following on Facebook:

Thank you to our good neighbors led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for their exemplary support of our friend Israel.

As significant and dangerous progress is made by Iran no doubt wanting nukes, and with the continued threats against Israel by radicals in the region, Canada’s steadfastness is praiseworthy.

Friends, THIS issue, along with innumerable domestic failures of government, should warrant more concern and focus than things like, oh, say, how a Seattle Seahawk verbally ramped up after intense competition and hard fought victory.

Hold the media accountable as its priorities in coverage perhaps distract from REAL issues that actually affect your life. Hold government accountable. Let’s do our own homework in order to know how the actions of leaders worldwide impact America.

And thank you, friends to (my) East! It’s wise and prudent for Canada and America to stand together against evil that would seek to destroy Israel.

She links to an article noting Netanyahu’s reference to Canada’s Prime Minister as "a great friend."

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, along with a 250-member delegation, welcomed Harper and his wife Laureen in their visit to Jerusalem on Sunday.

"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a great friend of the State of Israel," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. "He has strongly opposed attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel and has taken a praiseworthy moral stand against these attempts."

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  • PhilTan

    Oh how I do love when she comments on foreign policy. I call it " keeping the dream ( and my hopes) alive. Usually ticks off the left as well.

    • BlueGood

      It was terrific Sarah mentioned our PM in Israel.

      Stephen Harper is the First Ever PM to address their Parliament. Most of us Conservative Canadians are quite proud of his STAND!

      Here’s a link to his full speech…

      How I would dearly love to see a President Palin & PM Harper work together to turn North America around from the path of a train wreck to which it is currently headed….


  • heshtesh

    No lack of clarity of conviction with Sarah Palin.

  • Lennart Bilén

    I remember like yesterday when Sarah Palin on her way back from giving a speech in India (She came, she spoke, she conquered, Hindustan Times) celebrated Purim with the Netanyahu family. She stands tall with freedom for all, even the Jews. The personal friendship is obvious.
    Sarah Palin for President ASAP!!!

  • patnatasha

    sarah you are going to tick off the left and some on the right.

    • Koma Kehuli

      Those people can go kiss a camel arse. Go Sarah, continue on giving the Libs a heartache.

    • friskyness

      everything ticks off the left…………………….

  • DocBarry1

    Another Bravo article by Gov Palin – she makes it so easy to admire her and support her – May God continue to bless the Governor and lead her to the Presidency in 2016

    • blackbird


  • RedDaveR

    What Gov. Palin leaves unsaid is the obvious contrast between Canada’s Prime Minister and our Dear Leader. Kudos to Stephen Harper for having Israel’s back.

  • hope4palins

    God bless you Governor Palin. Thank you for being true to what is right and just.

  • Vlad99

    Something tells me Harper’s days are numbered. Hopefully Trudeau gets a hold of this.

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