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Governor Palin Posts on Roger Ailes

Governor Palin remarked on the article I posted on earlier and also added a link to an article over at Breitbart.

Via Facebook:



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  • qtdb7

    Gov. Palin and We the People (conservatives/Tea partiers) are more dangerous to the JACKASS (donkey) democrats’/liberals’/socialists’/communists’ and RINOs’ survival than other foreign enemies of the U.S.

    • ZH100

      You’ve fallen into the trap of the media. The media deliberately misrepresent her supporters base and her views.

      There are also libertarians, Democrats (blue-collar Reagan Democrats), gays,etc who support her. If you know Gov.Palin’s political career, you should know that she worked with Democrats. On the other hand, there are also Conservatives and Tea Party persons who do not support Gov.Palin.

      "We the People" is much broader than just "conservatives/Tea partiers."
      "Gov. Sarah Palin blistered the Republican establishment for abandoning blue-collar Reagan Democrats………..Palin is emphasizing that the best way for Republicans to win over minorities and expand the party’s tent is not to pander to various racial and ethnic groups, but to instead embrace and fight for working class Americans that are people of all races and ethnicities."

      • AmazedOne1

        Good point!

      • Steve_Flesher

        You are a wise person.

        Reagan had to build coalitions to win. He didn’t do it with ten fanatical followers behind him. He found a way to unite many people and many viewpoints.

        It’s that same political savvy that Governor Palin has and it’s what terrifies the left.

        • qtdb7

          Those 10 fanatical followers were always there when Reagan needed them. Reagan could convince those so-called independents, RINOs, blue-collar Reagan democrats to vote for him, but Reagan could NEVER TRUST them. Without those 10 LOYAL fanatical followers, Reagan could NEVER win anything.

          • dmac8889

            qtdb7, You are EXACTLY right. For the Independents and the RINOs(who were the Bush controlled Republican Party even back then) voted for reasons other than Reagan winning them over. These people wanted to WIN!!!! They wanted anything other than Carter. Independents understood the Democrats didn’t have the answer. In the Primaries Bush was seen as ‘Not Ready For Prime Time’ but in the Establishments eyes a Superior intellect than Reagan. If you want to know the truth of what the Republican Establishment thought about Reagan prior to his election, look up in Google what Ford said about Reagan just prior to the Reagan/Bush Primaries. HINT: You would swear you were reading about Sarah Palin.

      • qtdb7

        We the People = DEFENDERS of the U.S. Constitution = Gov. Palin and conservatives/Tea partiers
        The RINOs, so-called independents, blue-collar Regan democrats can NOT be counted on to defend the U.S. Constitution. We the People are always there to defend the U.S. Constitution 110% of the time. A good example would be the 2nd Amendment.

      • dmac8889

        ZH100, you and Breitbart are correct. Myself and many like me who go to blogs to defend Sarah usually keep to the words Conservative/TP, because sometimes you just have to keep it simple. In fact the greatest argument against her detractors is that few politicians actually passed effective legislation that Gov. Palin did in Alaska by getting the Democrats and Republicans to vote for that legislation. Almost nowhere in any article found in the Mass Media or Internet article will you find her record as governor to get Both Parties to agree with her legislation. When Palin is long gone from the political scene, only then will you read from Liberal sources that Palin had crossed Party lines to have legislative success.

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thank you for bringing Sarah Palin’s FB post with her excellent response to the Ailes’ quote in Hollywood Variety to people’s attention.

  • PhilTan

    Thing is , Aile’s is no friend of the Guv’s. He is establishment all the way. I wonder what his real angle is here. The Guv posted a complimentary , kinda, post regarding Ailes statement. "Keep your friends close, keep your enemy’s closer", is what I’m thinking her tactic is. IMHO. She is very smart.

    • suehimel

      Uh….maybe his game is ratings?

    • lyndaaquarius

      so smart,demonstrates it over and over.

      • dmac8889

        This IS why they hired her.

    • dmac8889

      Ailes’ real angle is that he represents the Bush Republican Party. Anything that threatens their hold on the infrastructure that they control (simply by not being Conservative) they will treat poorly. Sarah, because she offers the largest threat (the Conservative Base listens to her), must then be discredited. His comments if you read carefully are just about that.

  • JDCampbell

    I have always loved Palins sense of humor.

  • PAWatcher

    So few words of rebuttal …………hit that nail right on his head!
    Sarah can bring optimism and smiles out of the dismal political climate of today.

  • AJ40

    REPLY TO ZH100:
    Sarah is exactly right in stating that we shouldn’t be pandering to minority groups to get them into the Republican Party. I listen to Michael Medved since he represents a good bell weather as to what’s going on in the psyche of the Far Eastern Bloc Republican Party. He has almost lost control on a number of occasions wonder how to get Hispanics into the Party. But another name for Palin’s "working class Americans" is "the base."
    This confirmed to me that she is on the right track on this issue as well as others. She should run for President. I know she wants to but I figure she has a number of considerations before she does run. Otherwise I don’t think she will, in spite of the fact that her supporters are pushing her hard on this subject
    >>>>>1) family considerations
    >>>>>2) She definitely would want a Republican both House and Senate
    >>>>>3) She might think that a Republican President coming before her would straighten out the national mess a little before she would run in the next cycle afterward.
    >>>>>4) Or, she might be considering a run for the Senate herself.

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