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Governor Palin: Though we don’t agree on all issues, I consider John McCain a hero and a friend

Via Facebook:

On this day in 1973 the Paris Peace Accords were signed. Although controversial, this treaty resulted in the release of our American POWs in Vietnam. Among them was John McCain. Our courageous POWs had endured unimaginable punishment at the hands of enemy captors in their sacrificial service to country. Our appreciation for them cannot be adequately articulated.

So many of these vets and POWs have continued to serve our country in private life. They’re still fighting for America and showing their love of country in all they do. Some like Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas and Senator John McCain serve us in the halls of Congress today.

I consider Senator John McCain an American hero and a friend. He fights to remind our President that the federal government’s first priority must be strong defense of our homeland, and, like Congressman Johnson, he fights against big-spending colleagues who don’t prioritize for our military’s needs. Upon the Senator’s shoulders he’s carried part of our message of opposition to today’s “fundamental transformation” of America directly to the problem: President Obama and Harry Reid’s far left agenda.

I appreciate Senator McCain’s steadfastness in demanding truth in the White House’s Benghazi cover-up. Because of his persistence we WILL get that truth, and then more eyes will be open to see how dangerous an Obama-led retreating America is in this volatile world.

It goes without saying we don’t all agree on all political issues. For instance, I shall keep pushing to open ANWR, I oppose letting illegal aliens cut in line and receive American benefits via “immigration reform,” and I oppose any Congressional action that allows President Obama to incur more U.S. debt. During this time of dangerous lawlessness in the executive branch, those who agree on stopping the intended transformation of our country had better unite to fight. So at this time, it’s perplexing to see Senator McCain’s good efforts to uncover the Obama agenda being ignored and perhaps even hindered now by those wanting to censure the Arizona Senator. Despite our differences on some other issues, there is no questioning Senator McCain’s dedication to national security in spite of the White House’s agenda.

We live in a time of diminishing virtues because of societal influence towards total self-centeredness. This is unfortunate and makes raising families, conducting business, and governing that much more challenging. I know how important the virtue of loyalty is because in politics it’s pretty much nonexistent. I stand on that most important virtue and answer those asking today: “Yes, I am proud to have been asked to run with him in 2008, and he is my friend.”

One more thing, if you’ve met his beautiful mother you know where he gets his tenacity. Roberta McCain is one tough Mama Grizzly.

– Sarah Palin

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  • Right_Wingnut

    I disagree. I’ll leave it at that.

  • ZH100

    Gov.Palin wrote:

    "We live in a time of diminishing virtues because of societal influence
    towards total self-centeredness. This is unfortunate and makes raising
    families, conducting business, and governing that much more challenging.
    I know how important the virtue of loyalty is because in politics it’s
    pretty much nonexistent. I stand on that most important virtue and
    answer those asking today: “Yes, I am proud to have been asked to run
    with him in 2008, and he is my friend.”

    Beautifully stated!

    • happymullah

      Exactly my thought—and feeling.

    • WEL2

      I believe the essential virtue Governor Palin displays is gratitude for McCain enabling her to become a powerful national influence. I do wish she would reduce the praise she gives McCain.

  • Cheetah444

    Sarah’s biggest test to her loyalty to Sen. McCain is whether or not she’ll go after his buddy (Lindsay Graham) and endorse someone else in the SC primary.

    • carolhaka

      She’s going after Graham, I’m sure.

    • Palinprodigy

      She has no skin in that game, there will be no test! After all, she is the leader of the conservative movement in the USA, even if she doesn’t know it yet!

    • Keith M

      I agree! Graham is a RINO. If McCain wants to run for the Senate in 2016, Sarah Palin can endorse him. It is 2014 and RINO Lindsay Graham is running for re-election. So does Palin want another RINO in the Senate?

  • Palinprodigy

    Yet, another first for me! I could not disagree more with the
    Gov, this LIBERAL Lion needs put to pasture and the sooner the better!

  • carolhaka

    If only McCain knew the virtue of Loyalty, ….

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      Yeah. Mac can learn a lot about loyalty from the Mama Grizzly. She has nothing to gain, politically, from speaking out so forcefully in his support. That she did so, anyway, shows how little she cares for pandering to any particular political constituency, including her own. It is not about her, and never has been.

      Let’s hear, now, Steve Schmidt’s commentary on political loyalty vs. self-serving dishonesty. Sarah puts all such shallow political hacks to complete shame. Her statement in support of John McCain should prove that, unequivocally, to anyone with a shred of common sense.

      I am proud of her and what she did. Of course, I don’t agree that McCain should be re-elected. He should retire and make way for some new blood. His time has passed.

      • lyndaaquarius

        I agree with everything you said.

      • lyndaaquarius

        President Truman got his start in politics from the corrupt Pendergast machine. Truman was never corrupt. At the end of his life Tom Pendergast was disgraced and rejected. Harry Truman as our President attended Pendergast’s funeral. Sarah Palin is made out of the same gutsy,honorable frontier stock as President Truman. She’s a true moral force and belongs in the White House.

  • carolhaka

    Sarah knows not to burn all of her bridges. I on the other hand, carry a book of matches at all times just in case my lighter runs out of fluid! ;))

    • hrh40


      Some see this statement as a sign that she’s not worried about running for office again or she wouldn’t tick off the tea party.

      I have a different take.

      Which I will first qualify with the fact that I take Palin at her word always. What she says here is that she is loyal to McCain in the areas in which she agrees, while still publicly disagreeing with him on others. Period.

      However, my political take, is that if she does run for office again, she can’t take on the entire GOP machine as well as the Dem machine and have any hope of success.

      The Bush Familia Wing of the GOP will fight her tooth and nail. But there is the McCain allies, who know how horrendous the Bush Familia was to McCain in 2000 and who may think that the Bushes went too far and need to be stopped.

      IF Palin runs again, she may be able to tap into McCain allies to help take on the Bush Familia.

      This is all my own extremely amateur political take.

      Returning again to the mere face of the facts that Palin is just saying what she believes is the right thing to say at this time, to try to mitigate the effects of the censure in AZ on McCain’s efforts to get at the truth of Benghazi in DC. And no more.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        I really don’t believe Sarah thinks that way. She says what she believes is right, and the devil take the consequences.

        Besides, McCain and his coterie of hacks have never supported her when the chips were down. She can’t count on their support, IMO, at any time or under any circumstances.

    • hope4palins

      You’re singing my song.

  • MaMcGriz

    Well done, Governor Palin.

    Thank you for your wise words and the example you set. Both are desperately needed in large measure if we are to defeat the beast presently set loose upon our freedoms and our lives.

  • kennjac

    What a dumb statement. Now we know she’s not running for office.

    • palin45potus

      You have pretty much outed yourself here as a hater.

    • cbenoistd

      I wish my friends were so dumb.

  • IndieDogg

    I do not have to agree with every word Sarah Palin speaks in order to stand with her to reclaim our nation.


      Ditto that!!

  • richhahn

    The 1st paragraph was enough.

  • Keith M

    How can a hero and a friend cut funding for our Veteran?

  • cbenoistd

    Here’s a question I’ve posted on Hot Air; I might get a better answer here. In the 72 hours between the Gaby Giffords shooting and Gov. Palin’s "blood libel" video, who came to her defense? Can you name one person in the public eye who did?

    • Keith M

      What is your point? McCain called Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee cuckoo birds. Palin endorsed all of them.

      • cbenoistd

        True (wacko birds, actually), but you didn’t answer my question. Did anyone defend her when she was accused of causing the shooting? I’m not calling McCain a hypocrite if he didn’t; I’d be happy to recognize anyone who had the guts to do it.

        • Keith M

          I could really careless if McCain defend Palin. What does that have to do with John McCain now who voted to cut the funding of the Veterans now!

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah


            But it does speak to the level of political loyalty he showed towards his own running mate when she was left to fend for herself over an outrageous and completely unjustified accusation – basically, that she was somehow complicit in the murder of innocent people by a madman.

            • Keith M

              McCain had no loyalty to Sarah Palin in 2008. If he (McCain) did he would have been President now. The fact is that McCain did not listen to Sarah Palin and that is why he lost. The GOP is nothing more than the Democrat Party just a different name. It has been that way since Reagan was POTUS.

    • DocBarry1

      I heard silence – but y Governor Palin is above all that BS – she does what she believes in and this is why I stand proudly with her even though I wish McCain would finally take down Schmidt and the Wallaces and call them out for their lies

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Amen. I read somewhere that Schmidt is now working for McCain, again. I hope that is not true.

        But by supporting her old friend in a time of need, she is showing herself to be better than either one of them.

        • DocBarry1

          Is that true re Schmidt If yes, does Gov Palin know this?

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah

            I can’t remember where I read or saw that, Doc. If it is true, then I am confident the guv knows it.

        • lyndaaquarius

          not only is she america’s smartest politician, she’s also honorable. Always trusted to do the correct thing.

          • Laddie_Blah_Blah

            Honorable and trustworthy. You can count the number of honorable and trustworthy pols using no more than your fingers and, maybe, a few of your toes.

            Sarah Palin is at the top of a very distinguished, but very short list.

    • Laddie_Blah_Blah

      "Can you name one person in the public eye who did?"

      I can name two. One was Alan Dershowitz, and the other was Bob Beckel, both liberal Democrats.

      Beckel pointed to himself as the first political operative to use a bull’s eye targeting political opponents in an election campaign, and, obviously, saw nothing wrong with it. Dershowitz, a Jew, defended her use of the term "blood libel" as being appropriate to what the MSM, PPC, and the media had done to her.

      But I do not recall any GOP political figure who spoke out in her defense, including McCain, to their, and his, everlasting shame.

      • indemind

        Andrew Breitbart one word to describe GOP on that subject was "EUNUCHS"

      • lyndaaquarius

        everlasting shame!

  • Keith M

    My question is why does Sarah Palin have to tell us she see John McCain has a hero and a friend? Palin can be friends with anybody she wants to. All I know is McCain is a RINO. I am thankful for his service country, but the fact of the matter is that he (McCain) voted against the Veterans being a Senator.

    McCain is a Veteran himself, but he is a millionaire now. McCain did not stand with the Veterans as a Senator. That what I want to know? How can a hero of the military stab the Veterans in the back by not supporting them. They are hero’s and heroin’s of this country too!

    • Palinprodigy

      Keith, I by no means want to defend Mcsame, but just maybe the Vet funding was getting a bit out of control like all other funding in the Welfare State of America! Stand on your own and quite whining, their are many more issues here to consider! Mcsame has been a Senator for 28 years and has voted "as you say" with the vets almost every time! Have a cool drink and get over it, the Gov still rules and will have to run for POTUS because we have no one else!

      • Keith M

        Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. But to set the record straight, I am not even in the military now or have ever been in the military. But we need to take care and provide for our Veterans. So calling are Veterans whining and compared to welfare you are way out of line. Palin will not run POTUS in 2016.That is my opinion!

        • Palinprodigy

          We didn’t hear our Vets whining, We heard you whining! Focus on the Gov Keith, this isn’t about us. The Gov is doing the right thing as always, she might be the best political mind since Taft, Reagan and maybe even Sowell! If not the Prez, she will make a fabulous Energy Secretary for the new conservative administration.

          • Keith M

            Well, you are entitled to opinion just like I am. I with Vets just like Sarah Palin does. Please don’t speak for me!

  • PhilTan

    McCain must have BEGGED Sarah to write that. IMHO.

  • indemind

    I reread her post last night, and the light went on,…. and then I remembered that for the pass 5 years, I’ve been saying that…

    "Sarah Palin -The Unconventional Politician, but a very b>Conventional American."

    I Stand With Sarah Palin

  • Betsey_Ross

    Sarah Palin defends a friend……………. Has that friend ever defended….oh, never mind.

  • carolhaka

    Sarah Palin is here for a higher purpose. She’s got a Country and a World to save from themselves. She has no time for revenge. She knows that will take care of itself. He who laughs last, he who lives a better life, …. :))

  • ervinsims

    Since 1973 the best thing McCain has done for this country is to get Sarah Palin on the national scene.

  • Kathleen

    As I said in the Open Thread, I’m in the "agree to disagree" with the Gov on this one. She may have excellent reasons for coming to McCain’s support at this time, but I don’t see them, and will have to say this is one area where she and I diverge. I have not seen much in McCain lately that makes me want to say, "Way to go, Sarah! Good Job!" on this one.

    I’m still firmly in the support Sarah camp; this is just one of the areas where I show I’m not a mind-numbed cultist follower like some on the left and some in the GOPe like to pretend we Palin supporters are.

  • AJ40

    I agree. No one agrees with everyone on everything. There are a couple of issues that I’ve disagreed with Sarah about, but that doesn’t negate my support for her.
    I’ve been roundly excoriated for supporting Michele Bachmann after Sarah declared her intention not to run in 2012.
    My biggest complaint about McCain is his constant cozying up to the liberal media and calling the TP wing of the party a bunch of bigots which he did at one time. But in some ways he is a fiscal conservative except for supporting the McCain-Feingold and the McCain-Kennedy Immigration amnesty bill. Generally, it’s his time to close the book and head for the pasture.

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