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Keith Olbermann: "I’ve never fought the word genius when people have said that about me"

Yep, this deranged buffoon really said that.  Via Tim Graham at Newsbusters:

On the cover of the latest Esquire magazine is this quote from ESPN  host Keith Olbermann: "I’ve never fought the word genius when people have said that about me." In a "What I’ve Learned" interview, Olbermann added, "But what it is is instinct and a set of skills that are working so fast you don’t know they’re working."

Keith also declared "I have a leafy brain, according to the theory of the leafy brain. I associate things that many people never put together." This sounds like someone’s brain on leaves…and a lighter.

He is always the adult in the room, and there is no one dumber than television executives, who have just never figured out how the word genius applies to him: "Don’t assume that anybody above you actually knows what they’re doing. And if you find somebody who does, stick to them like glue. Because the further you go into your career, the more you will discover to your absolute horror that you are the adult."

I need a drink. Speaking of which, I bet this guy would be loads of fun at a college bar. Or pretty much any shindig in Colorado these days where his leafy brain would undoubtedly make him the life of the party.

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  • Lennart Bilén

    A genius is never understood in his lifetime. But because you are not understood does not automatically qualify you as a genius. Keith Olbermann does not even grasp that.

  • section9

    Someone make him stop….

  • virginiagentleman1

    I’ve never fought it when people referred to you as an IDIOT, Olbermann, kinda like, "if the shoe fits", sorta thing!

  • John Hopson

    Olbermann is a legend in his own mind but to the rest of America, Olbermann is an intellectual pygmy. Genius? Don’t make me laugh!

  • blackbird

    He does tend to sound like a pompous impotent ass.

  • FaithColeridge33

    Cabbage head.

  • blueniner

    "A tale of two Keefs", This moron Keef Olberdud contributes nothing to society and peoples enjoyment, while Keef Richards of the Rolling Stones has created alot of enjoyment and great music to the folks for over 50 years..IMO!

  • viewfromalaska

    A real genius would be able to figure out why people detest him.

  • MyGMa

    Olbermann, if anyone said "genius" in your face, it was obviously in sarcasm. But your leafy brain was so chock full of dead leaves that you did not grasp that.

  • JRD1

    Fight Like A Girl!

    Vancouver Canucks enforcer Tom Sestito’s 13-year-old sister got into Twitter war with ESPN’s Keith Olbermann this past week. She owned him.

    Here’s 2 of her tweets.

    $7,268 for 1 second of work. That’s probably just a little bit more than your liberal left wing ass makes.

    the Sestito household enjoys your arrogant left wing blurbs and we are looking forward to your next firing:)


  • planetes

    That’s like me saying, "I never fought the word liberal when people have said that about me," because nobody ever said that about me.

    Anybody ever call you stupid? We won’t fight that one.

    Leafy brain. That much is true. Kinda like left over, canned spinach after it’s been left in the fridge for a couple months.

  • joscefi

    "I have a leafy brain,…"

    The brain is in the cranium, and leafy matter confined in a closed container is known as compost, genius!

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