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Obama: My approval’s down because some folks don’t want a black president; Updated: Ed Morrissey and Neil Cavuto weigh in

Via Bloomberg. What other reason could there possibly be to oppose his Highness? It couldn’t be because he was caught red-handed in a big lie which he repeated unequivocally dozens of times in order to sell his signature "achievement" to an unwilling citizenry.  It couldn’t be because his policies are unpopular. It couldn’t be because his scandal-ridden administration uses the IRS to harass his political enemies and the NSA to spy on, well, all of us. It couldn’t be because he taps people in his administration to investigate people in his administration. It couldn’t be because he considers himself a monarch who’s above the law and is imbued with the power to ignore, write, or rewrite laws on the fly whenever it strikes his fancy. It couldn’t be because five years into his tenure the economy remains moribund and the unemployment rate would be 11.3% if the labor participation rate had simply remained what it was when he assumed office. It couldn’t be because of his asinine "green" energy programs which benefit his cronies while the rest of his subjects — namely us — are forced to pay far higher prices for energy than we would otherwise. It couldn’t be because an increasing number of Americans are coming to realize that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to elect a woefully unaccomplished and inexperienced community organizer who’s only discernible skill was an ability to read a teleprompter to the nation’s highest office. And it couldn’t be because of any of the other myriad schemes he’s aggressively pursuing to generally make Americans less free and more dependent on the government.

No, none of that matters. Those are all just components of the ingenious smokescreen which was deviously concocted (with financial backing from the Koch Brothers, perhaps?) to mask the true reason for the antipathy a growing number of Americans have for the country’s first post-racial, post-partisan president: He’s black, and some of us "folks" simply can’t abide that. If he was white, you see, we’d be perfectly fine with the mayhem he and his lawless administration are wreaking on our country. Get it?

President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on the New Yorker magazine’s website today.

“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.

“Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president,” Obama said in his most direct comments on how race has affected his political standing since he’s been in office.

Obama’s second term has been marked by controversies including a partial government shutdown in October, revelations that the National Security Agency has gathered personal mobile phone data and the troubled rollout of health-insurance expansion.

Much of the racial tension that still exists is due to the fact that it’s in the interest of Obama and his fellow race-baiters on the left to continue fomenting it. These people wouldn’t exist absent racial tension, and they’d be forced to find real work in the Obama economy. Not an attractive prospect. When the nightmare that is his presidency mercifully ends in January 2017, Obama will have a bright future at MSNBC where race-baiting is the primary raison d’être.

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Update: Be sure to click the following link for Ed Morrissey’s take:

Obama: My low approval ratings might be kind of racist, or something

Update II: Via Real Clear Politics, Neil Cavuto discusses Obama’s use of race to rationalize his sinking approval ratings:

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  • planetes

    This is a post I stuck up on therightscoop earlier this morning:

    He decided to use race as a club from the very start. The very first
    time I saw him on TV (before he officially announced his run for the
    presidency) he said that if you disagreed with his policies, it was
    because you were racist. The irony is that the statement itself is

    What he NEVER says is that the true racists are the ones who helped
    get him elected in the first place. As an example, I had a white
    neighbor, who is a hard-care democrat. I knew she was a true racist and I
    asked her why, then, would she vote for obama. She said she was voting
    for his "white half."

    There are folks out there who have been brow-beat for so long
    about the race crap that they feel the only way to atone for it is to
    elect a black person as president. I have (white) relatives who did that
    very thing. They would have voted for a democrat anyway, but the thing
    is, they would never have voted for a black person if he/she was a

    If Hussein really wanted to get to the bottom of racism and help
    stamp it out, he can start with his own ethnic group. 95% of a people
    group who vote for a person "just because he is black" (as many blacks
    have stated as their reason) tells me that there a whole lot of racism
    left in this country. We are not going to overcome racism by simply
    beating white people upside the head. Racism is a problem on both sides
    of that fence (not to mention Asians, Hispanics, and all other ethnic
    groups. "Oh but we finally have one of our own kind as the president!"
    There is a fine line between racial pride and racism.

    If he really wanted for everybody to be treated the same, he can start by exerting his powers to do the following:

    1) Stop bowing to dictators in foreign lands
    2) Stop trashing America in foreign lands (and here at home)
    3) Defend Christianity and Christians as quickly as you defend Islam and Muslims
    4) Stop making everything all about you
    5) Pry that golf club from those cold, dead fingers and DO work for America, instead of TALKING about doing work
    6) Stop spying on us, as if you can’t trust us
    7) Stop making EVERY SINGLE ISSUE about race somehow
    8) Treat the military like you actually care (you can start by learning how to pronounce "corpsman" like it’s not a dead person)
    9) Stop making everything about race
    10) Prosecute crony democrats who break the law with the same vigor that you prosecute good republicans who don’t
    11) Speak of Bible-thumping, gun toting folks with the same affection that
    you talk about the socialist members of your administration
    12) Join up with a pro life crowd in some city and speak to their concerns like
    you do for the Planned Parenthood wiccan convocations
    13) You can talk with the black community about their REAL problems, which include high incarceration rates, high drug use, far greater than average
    abortion rates (black genocide), high rate of unwed pregnancies,
    absentee fathers, high black-on-black murder rates, the list goes on
    14) Practice being color-blind for once, instead of constantly forcing us to look at skin color
    15) Stop implying that racism is a white-against-black thing. Racism has
    never been about skin color. Not primarily. It’s always been about
    feelings and attitutes of superiority of one people group against
    another. Just look at the Hutu and the Tutsi in Rwanda as an example, if
    you want a modern example of "ethnic cleansing" by one black ethnic
    group against another black group.

    This list will get you started, but it is by no means complete. I
    know, your plate is already full with all the vacationing and golfing
    you have to get in this year, but if you find the time to address the
    above points, you might find that YOU have been the problem all along.
    Not white people, or Christians, or gun clingers, or republicans or
    conservatives, or Sarah Palin, or Rush Limbaugh, or the guy who posted
    an online preview of an "anti muslim" video, or any other scapegoat.

    And, by the way, it is evolution that supports racism, not
    Christianity. If you really want to stop racism, you can start by siding
    with Christians who believe in special creation.

    And, in case I have not mentioned it yet, stop obsessing about race!

    Repeat after me: "There is no racist boogey man under my bed. There is no racist boogey man under my bed."

    What a tool.

  • Founders1791

    We have a President who has a demonstrable text book case of….

    Narcissistic personality disorder that is so acute he simply is incapable of pivoting to the correct alternative behavior.

    "…Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people
    have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. Those with narcissistic personality disorder believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism…"

    - Mayo Clinic

  • puba1800

    I do not care what color the President is. I just do not want a Marxist to be the President of the USA.

    • suedixon

      Or one who is anti-American and not even born here.

  • DocBarry1

    obama can’t even get this straight- how did he get elected twice – because he lied and because America liked the idea of a African American elected as President – his polls are directly related to his LIES

  • carolhaka

    I admit, it’s his white half I can’t stand!

  • Lemuel Vargas

    And thus he told the ultimate racial bait, w/c means he has run our of logical arguments to explain his unpopularity.

  • Lennart Bilén

    No Barrack, it is not the skin color that make us disdain you. It is your actions since you became President. It is more than your polices, It is your enormous arrogance and thickheadedness. I recall for instance on your trip to England you talked right through "God save the Queen"

    right after you had signed the guestbook in Westminster Abbey "008″

  • MarkRNY

    Lol–this guy was raised by a lilly white grandma banker after his lilly white hippy mom abandoned him. He just learned to speak fake hip-hop.

    O’s gutting the Left. This crap is wearing very thin now. He’s so damned incompetent (and psycho) that he’s pounding every card the Left has into the dust. They won’t be able to use them soon (but they’ll keep trying!).

    Next he’ll say he’s the 1st gay POTUS (you can see how far that got A&E). Keep going Barry!

  • blackbird

    Mr. President look behind you, there’s Joe "clean and articulate" Biden or Harry "light skinned…with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one" Reid or Bill "A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags" Clinton.

    Mr. President, the Klan, White Line, Red Shirts and White League were endorsed and supported by the Democratic Party, let’s not forget your history now and may I suggest a soul searching moment to clean out your closets before we talk about your white half.

  • IndieDogg

    Unless I missed something, Barack Obama has been (1/2) black since the day he was elected. His "decline" in approval is due to what lies beneath his skin, not its color.

  • blackbird

    Mr. President look behind you, there’s Joe "clean and articulate" Biden or Harry "light skinned…with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one" Reid or Bill "A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags" Clinton.

    Mr. President the Klan, White Line, Red Shirts and White League were endorsed and supported by the Democratic Party, let’s not forget your history now. May I suggest a soul searching moment to clean out your closets before we talk about your white half.

  • friskyness

    Obama is an idiot that’s why his approval is down……and he’s bi-racial, not black………that’s racist when they call him black………………..

  • MaMcGriz

    No, Mr. Obama, you’re wrong again.

    Your approval rating is down because you’re doing a very poor job. You are inept and dangerously out of control, and you are the quintessential racist.

    Your approval rating is much higher than it deserves to be, thanks only to the racism and delusional hatred of your base and the media whores who enable it all.

    • happymullah


  • myfairlady

    The Governor is correct about him playing the race card, and I wish he would heed her advice. The only problem is that those who are so upset about her comments didn’t hear or see the article where he did so, therefore, they don’t know that he did. So now we have the drone exploding heads and spewing of hate toward her.

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Your approval is down because your a Marxist scum bag. End of story.

  • Joe Lloyd

    How about you exhibit some journalistic integrity and post the other half of his quote?

    • Keith M

      What is the other half of his quote?

      • Joe Lloyd

        Here. I’ll even give it to you straight from one of the sites that you people would approve of.

        • DougBrady

          The beauty of hyperlinks is that I don’t have to copy the
          entire article. You did follow the Bloomberg link that I provided in my first sentence, right? If you had, you’d see that it links to the exact same article you linked to in your response to Keith M. If I had copied more of the article – or even the entire article – it wouldn’t have changed anything. Nor would it have contradicted the fact that Obama’s attempting to play the race card to justify his cratering approval ratings.

          • Joe Lloyd

            It wouldn’t have changed anything? Nonsense. It changes everything. Context is King. You leaving out the 2nd part of what he says completely misrepresents the point. Left incomplete, what you have is a whiny President that blames all his problems on racism. In context, what you have is the truth, which is that some people hate him because he’s black, while other people celebrate him for the same reason.

            • DougBrady

              To assuage your hurt feelings, I’ve expanded the blockquote. Now in addition to the two links already provided, readers have a third avenue to pursue in their quest to satisfy their thirst for Obama’s words of wisdom. I do this not out of a spirit of bipartisanship, but through pure indifference. As I said previously, it makes no difference to me as it has no bearing on the point of the post … it only makes it longer. Cheers.

        • John B. Hefmier

          "You people"??

  • James A. Tyler

    Maybe I’m nitpicking, but his and his wife’s generic use of the term, "folks," reeks of elite condescension to the working class, who they clearly can’t understand. Out here in the Northeast, I don’t have regular contact with people in Middle America or the Deep South, but we have our exurban and rural populations, too, and the ones I know have mouths like sailors but don’t address people with a term as generic as "folks," and neither do the urban African Americans they seem to be trying to identify with, at least out here in the projects of Worcester or Matappan. Maybe its just a Generation X thing, although that he attaches the word, "folks" to this accusation just makes it that much more disingenuous and condescending. Not only is he demeaning close to half of the country’s population, but he’s still seeking to prove that he "identifies" with us.

  • James A. Tyler

    People probably have already started to argue that to read the quote in its entire context, where he also mentions blacks and white liberals who give him the benefit of the doubt because of his race, exonerates him, but it appears like a desperate attempt to save face. He made a similar comment, last year, when stating that some people have a problem with his "having the audacity to win the Presidency," in the first place, so the quote didn’t come as much of a surprise, although he’s clearly gotten less inventive with the race card, as of late.

    I will say this much, that the article makes the point that Obama lost the white vote by large margins in 2012, which I’m sure was brought up to him, framing him to address it, and leading to the "black President" remark. Reality is, and I’m being honest here, that (as you already know) racism does exist all over this country, and while I understood he was the only alternative to the downward spiral we were going to be on otherwise, I didn’t much care for the tone Romney’s team took in exploiting some of the country’s racial sensibilities to their advantage, much as Mark Penn tried to do with Hillary back in 2008, merely relying on the latent prejudice of white Americans rather than work to challenge the opponent on legitimate, substantive grounds.

    2012 just sucked as a year all around, what with Scott Brown, in my home state, running hard on whether or not Elizabeth Warren was Cherokee as a major part of his platform, and with Romney generally coming off as a condescending ass who had no conception that some of his team’s tactics might turn off minority voters, like me, to some extent, it was very hard to really "root against" Obama and Warren, despite the fact that I couldn’t cede my vote to them. While I wanted Obama and Warren to lose, I can’t say I wanted Romney and Brown to win, honestly, lol.

    • GSR

      that (as you already know) racism does exist all over this country, – what an ass, Jimmy, what an ass. "Racism" exists all over the world, in every country, every culture. The only places it doesn’t is where there is where the population is all the same race/ethnicity.
      Romney exploited racial sensitivities? Are you smoking crack? Barry’s entire friggin career is race and class warfare exploitation. Duh.

      • James A. Tyler

        Well, a visual aide for my argument is always helpful. I give you Exhibit A…

  • GSR

    His numbers are down because frankly, they’ve never been high – except for the media induced, artificial boost he got in 2008/2009. He governs as a divisive leftist, who has contempt for the vast majority of Americans (read: native born White Americans) and panders to disaffected, low-achieving malcontents, minorities, immigrants (legal & illegal), etc. The White Middle Class has discovered that his only real aim is to separate them from their money and redistribute that money to his supporters (read: his non-White people), as well as government employees.

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