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Palin, McCain, and the Difference between Support and Agreement

Yesterday Governor Palin penned a post on her Facebook page expressing her support of Senator McCain in the face of censure by his own party in Arizona.  In many ways, it echoed the op-ed she wrote for the Arizona Central when she endorsed Senator McCain’s re-election nearly four years ago. Governor Palin’s support of Senator McCain shows far more of her character than of his merit. As Governor Palin wrote last night:

We live in a time of diminishing virtues because of societal influence towards total self-centeredness. This is unfortunate and makes raising families, conducting business, and governing that much more challenging. I know how important the virtue of loyalty is because in politics it’s pretty much nonexistent. I stand on that most important virtue and answer those asking today: “Yes, I am proud to have been asked to run with him in 2008, and he is my friend.”

If loyalty is essentially nonexistent in politics as Governor Palin notes, how would anyone know what it looks like? One needs to look no further than Governor Palin’s own character and action over the years. Governor Palin has stood by Senator McCain’s side since 2008, in spite of his often tepid support for her and his nonexistent defense of her when she was more or less accused of murdering his Arizona constituents in Tucson three years ago. Governor Palin’s loyalty has been noted by many. For example, Governor Nikki Haley noted in her book about Governor Palin’s continued support in the midst of allegations during Haley’s gubernatorial campaign that she had an affair:

When allegations from Folks first surfaced, Haley remembers having Palin in her corner after just one phone call – a contrast to the way another supporter, Romney, had handled the news.

“Sarah goes with her gut, and I love her for that,” she writes. “Mitt’s team [said] they were going to have a ‘Nikki Haley meeting’ the next morning to decide what to do next.”

Governor Palin again stood with Haley in May of 2012 when a South Carolina union leader beat a pinata with a picture of Governor Haley’s face on it. This came even after Haley’s silence when Governor Palin and the Tea Party was blamed for the Tucson shooting. Suffice it to say, Governor Palin’s loyalty is because of who she is (her character), not because of who the others are.

Support differs from complete agreement, however. Governor Palin has expressed disagreement with McCain either implicitly or explicitly multiple times. As she noted in her Facebook post,  Governor Palin parts ways with Senator McCain on ANWR and immigration. She has parted ways with him implicitly too. Her "Let Allah sort it out" approach to Syria is 180 degrees different than Senator McCain’s neocon approach to Syria. In her vintage speech to a Tea Party rally in Iowa in September 2011, Governor Palin mocked Senator McCain, although not in name, for his reference to Tea Partiers as hobbits.

To be sure, Governor Palin has her share of disagreements with Senator McCain, just as some supporters may disagree with her for supporting Senator McCain in this manner. That is the beauty of independence of thought–difference of opinion does negate support. As Governor Palin’s brother Chuck Heath Jr. noted on his Facebook page today:

If I turned my back on every friend and family member who didn’t agree with me 100% of the time, I’d have no friends or family members.

It can’t be said much better than that. We don’t have to always agree, but we all can learn a lesson in loyalty from the one political figure who personifies it.

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  • qtdb7

    Since RINO McCain does not have a lot time left, I don’t mind Gov. Palin supporting him for now. I do expect Gov. Palin to help getting rid of that RINO South Carolina Lindsey Graham and the other RINOs.

  • Kathleen

    I still love and support her and would go to the mat for her. This–and her staying out of the 2012 race–are some of the times I disagree with her. But they are rare, and don’t stop me from reiterating that she is one of the most sterling conservatives there are in politics today.

  • James A. Tyler

    I just get the impression that if she had no future plans for political office, then she would bash McCain to her heart’s content for his waffling on Syria and Illegal Immigration. But, McCain’s endorsement would be crucial to a future Presidential run, and so I get the impression that she knows she can’t afford to offend him, even if it would look gregariously awful and ungrateful if McCain backstabbed her after her good work in 2008 and 2010.

    • MiBones

      This is not Sarah looking toward a presidential run, this is just Sarah being gracious. If Sarah runs, it will be the grass roots that will carry her through. The gop have sold out for money and power.

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Absolutely. My guess is that, if she runs, Mac will remain "neutral" in the interests of even-handedness, or some such thing. At best, he won’t oppose her.

        • James A. Tyler

          The sad part is your right – after all she’s done for him, he probably would have the audacity to remain neutral in the race.

        • MaMcGriz

          Not to mention the fact she might want and have asked him to stay out of it, because I think you’re correct about the TEA Party base. We’ve moved on with her.

          They’re left in the dust.

      • alien4palin

        Totally agree!!!

    • alien4palin

      By nature of who she is, Sarah Palin will always do the right thing by others according to the moral and principles enshrined in the Cornerstone of humanity. She will always stand up and speak up for Senator McCain on the merits of his record as a human being even when she does not always agree with him as a politician.

      By always doing the right thing in life, the path in life will take care of itself accordingly.

      Truth is an absolute vital essential. People who lie with total disregard to moral and principles will spend their lives constantly lying to cover past lies and looking over their shoulders until nemesis catch up with them.

      One of many wonderful virtues of Sarah Palin who is a rare exceptional human being is why so many of us love her and her family.

      • MaMcGriz

        Wisdom beautifully stated.

        Thank you.

    • MaMcGriz

      "I just get the impression that if she had no future plans for political
      office, then she would bash McCain to her heart’s content…"

      Your subjective perception of Governor Palin’s character and heart is openly revealed in that statement.

      "I get the impression that she knows she can’t afford to offend him"

      This implies you see Governor Palin as a false friend. What part of ‘he’s my friend’ is unclear to you?

      You then conclude your post with an attempt to drive the wedge between Sarah and Senator McCain and by insulting the man she has just called a friend.

      And all based on your gotten "impressions," which paint Governor Palin in a bad light and as something she is not.

      It is duly noted that your post has received likes from none of the legitimate regulars here such as myself. And rightly so. To coin a phrase the way-backers here will easily understand:

      We see you, julia.

      • James A. Tyler

        Oh, for God’s sake, short of signing a blood oath, I have no idea what some of you people expect from supporters other than complete and total allegiance; this was in no way meant to be critical, it was merely stated from the perspective of a realist who understands that you don’t get to that level of power without being a shrewd operator, which she is, especially considering that she was initially gravitating towards Huckabee to begin with. She’s not superhuman and I think the minute we start treating he like the conservative Obama, then we have a problem on our hands. She has flaws just like anyone else would, but that post wasn’t even meant to point out any said "flaws." This hasn’t been the first time that some gratuitous person has picked apart my post and proposed to put words in my mouth over something trivial when I’ve just spoken my mind, although believe it or not this hasn’t been the most trivial thing I’ve been attacked over.

        • MaMcGriz

          Well you’re just right there and rarin’ to go, aren’t ya?

          Look, you can dial down your assault on Governor Palin to "being a shrewd operator" and sling all the insults and claims of victimhood you think you can get away with, but it won’t work.

          It only attempts to change the subject and divert attention from the tone and nature of your post wrt to Governor Palin.

          There’s been nothing unclear about my point, and it’s based specifically upon your own words.

          We’re done here.

          • James A. Tyler

            Again, now I know how poor Mark Rudov feels getting torn apart by a nutcase, lol.

      • Craig Phillips

        MaMcGriz, I clicked to like that post but I had only quickly scan-read it – now after reading your comments and re-reading the post more carefully, on reflection I wish I hadn’t clicked "like".
        How do I get my "like" back?? lol

        • MaMcGriz

          Yeah, he slides those insults in there like a pro.

          To take back your like you just need to click on the like button again and it will go away. (Same goes for replies if you start one and then change your mind. Just click reply and the empty box will close.)

          Thanks for noticing this guy. We need to keep him on our radar, I think.

  • indemind

    Whitney the Pip…. I Thanks You for Wonderful support Governor Palin and I thank you for being my friend….

    SarahAmerica- "There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit."

  • DocBarry1

    Well said – beautifully written and puts everything in perspective

  • myfairlady

    Very good analysis Whitney, as always. Thank you!

  • section9

    A golden piece from the Golden Pip. Well done, Whitney!

  • Reynolds88

    I think it’s about humility too. Sarah Palin has not forgotten that McCain took a chance on her and she brought the thunder with her. You don’t forget who brung you to the dance though and she is grateful to JMcM for that. I also like the Nikki Haley sentiments that are mentioned. This is the essence of Sarah Palin to me, that is she has the confidence and courage of her convictions and gives her honest opinion when asked.

    This loyaIty works both ways too. I have not lost the personal card, signed by Sarah Palin as a thank you when her legal fund was first started. Sarah-Pac has benefited from that simple thank you she made to supporters like me.

    So there is still Scott Walker who asked for Sarah Palin to help and she made one of the greatest speeches in the snow, that I have ever seen. Let’s hope we all benefit from that kind of support since this is the way we survive and the way we will thrive.

    I think we can get the band together again in 2014 and 2016?

    • section9

      People don’t understand out there that in the professional world of politics, the guys in the business know that Palin has stood by McCain come hell or high water. They also know that Palin has gone to bat for Haley, without getting much in return.
      You’ll notice that Haley’s star has dimmed since 2010, while although Scott Walker’s hasn’t.
      Steve Schmidt couldn’t get a job running a GOP Presidential Campaign today if the opponent were Hitler because of his self-centered disloyalty and his willingness to sell out to Democrats for cash. Same goes for Nicole Wallace.
      Loyalty is EVERYTHING in this business. Palin can be loyal to McCain while being principled. It’s how I know she’s still in the political game.

      • Reynolds88

        I agree, I think she is still in the game, and playing at a higher level than before.

        • MaMcGriz


        • lyndaaquarius

          much higher level and always with the long view focused on real justice for the American people. That’s how I see it.

      • alien4palin


    • alien4palin

      Totally agree!!! United We Stand, Divided We Fall!!!

    • hrh40

      I don’t remember there ever being a record of Scott Walker asking Palin to help out.

      From what I recall, Walker had nothing whatsoever to do with that rally.

      And has had nothing to say about Palin ever.

      • MaMcGriz

        I truly think there are probably a number of people with whom she actively refrains from public interaction in order to deprive her enemies of opportunities for disruption and diversion.

        Her back channel network must be formidable. I prayerfully count on it.

        • lyndaaquarius

          I feel you’re right. That "back channel network" has got to be massive. I always remember that great leaders have enormous natural energy,Mrs. Thatcher, Winston Churchill,George Washington,Ronald Reagan,Harry Truman and Sarah Palin.

      • Reynolds88

        I guess I used the term "asked for help" in a loose fashion since there may not have been a public ‘explicit’ asking from Walker about this and you’re right, Walker was not at that rally.

        I do remember though, that Andrew Breitbart introduced Sarah Palin at that Madison Tea Party rally What a great day it was.

        Anyway, Scott Walker put me to sleep at his dinner speech at CPAC in 2012. At least he has (so far as I know?) not made flippant remarks about Sarah Palin like Joe Miller and Rick Santorum have done in the past. Those two politicians have not exactly thrived in their recent elections or primaries.

        This puts Ted Cruz at the top of my list (along with Sarah Palin) whereas, Scott Walker still has some time, having (as hrh40 says) said nothing about Sarah Palin. He has however, worked a strong conservative program in WI so, we shall see?

  • ZH100

    Excellent piece! Thank you, Whitney.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    "Governor Palin’s support of Senator McCain shows far more of her character than of his merit."

    Aptly put. I know she doesn’t mean to, but her support makes him look really bad, by comparison, for his failure to stand up for her, on so many occasions when his support should have been forthcoming. In particular, the Tucson tragedy called for a vigorous defense of his running mate. I still cannot understand his silence on that, and on many other personal attacks against her.

    • MaMcGriz

      I believed then and do today that she was in direct contact with these folks and most probably others whose support she preferred to receive privately.

    • alien4palin

      I agree!!! His silence…is there a possibility that the opponents had the goods on him (skeleton/s in the cupboard). For example, military top brass like Petraeus and others. (national security agency)

      • MaMcGriz


        I think you’ve hit on a point that plays a much bigger than we know role.

  • Craig Phillips

    Simply a GREAT post!!

  • carolhaka

    As I said yesterday,
    Sarah Palin is here for a higher purpose. She’s got a Country and a World to save from themselves. She has no time for revenge. She knows that will take care of itself. He who laughs last, he who lives a better life, …. :))

    • lyndaaquarius

      Sarah Palin is a person of deep faith and she grasps so much of the human condition.

  • cbenoistd

    "This came even after Haley’s silence when Governor Palin and the Tea Party was blamed for the Tucson shooting."

    Not so golden, Nikki.

  • heypiasano

    When family members are out of control a little tough love is in order. John McCain has been out of control for a very long time and the citizens have to stomach what he dishes out. As a part time resident of Arizona I’m sure that you know that John McCain does not serve the interests of the citizens of Arizona but rather his own, yet you are willing to go along to get along.

    You didn’t do that in Alaska when you took on the Old Corrupt Bastards Club, but you are unwilling to do the same thing for your neighbors in Arizona, Why?

  • gacresred

    I think Sarah’s repeated defense of John McCain enables him to do even more damage to the Republican party and to America than if she would just not talk about about him. Her support of him no doubt props him up and emboldens him to be an even bigger jackass than he otherwise would be. Many Americans despise John McCain and have no respect for him whatsoever, and for good reason. Not sure why Sarah needs to keep poking them in the eye like this. I doubt even John McCain respects her for this, at least he sure doesn’t act like it.

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