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Report: Keystone pipeline would have minimal environmental impact

Via NBC. I don’t know how many "reports" have essentially arrived at the same conclusion. A dozen, perhaps?  But no matter.  Look for Obama to continue his dithering.  It’s what he does.

A new State Department report on the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline finds that the project would have a minimal impact on the environment, an assessment likely to increase pressure on the White House to approve it. But the report sets no deadline for doing so.

Given this evaluation of environmental impact, President Barack Obama and his administration will face increased pressure to approve the project, which enjoys widespread support among Republicans, and some measure of support among Democrats and allies of the administration, like labor unions.

The proposed pipeline would carry crude derived from oil sands in Canada to refineries in the United States.

If Obama and his delusional Hollywood buddies really are as concerned about the environment as they claim, they’d stop whining and get on board with this long-overdue infrastructure project. It’s worth repeating that no matter what Obama does, that oil’s going to be pumped out of the ground and transported to market. The only question is how. Transporting the oil by pipeline is more efficient — and far safer — than the alternative. Your move, Mr. President.

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  • CBDenver

    Without a pipeline, oil will be transported by train. There have been two large train wrecks in the past year involving oil-carrying trains. The accident record for pipelines, of which there are hundreds of miles already criss-crossing the United States, is much better. I thought the environmentalists were fighting for the environment?

  • Lennart Bilén

    The Keystone pipeline is one of the most sensible project possible. It is far safer than to ship by railroad. there have been numerous tank car accidents recently, most spectacular one in eastern Quebec:
    A train ran away in Quebec,
    its crude-oil exploded the wreck.
    To ship oil from the source;
    Use a pipe-line of course.
    The Keystone will thwart the OPEC.
    But Obama claimed credit for the portion of the pipeline going from Oklahoma to Texas, even though it was already approved:

    Obama as president: he is not fit.

    Approves half a pipeline: he is a half-wit.

    The way he refuses

    With lots of excuses.

    His own credibility took yet a hit.

    The major benefactor in delaying the decision to approve the pipeline is Warren Buffet. His railroad is shipping the oil already at a much higher cost

    • colint

      Obama’s friend and supporter billionaire Buffett is majority shareholder of the railway used now to ship this oil to the US but he has now bought some interest in a pipe line so he may now give Obama permission to go ahead with Keystone.

  • DocBarry1

    Thanks no more phony excuses Yes on Keystone

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    The report did not include a recommendation to, you know, actually BUILD the pipeline. Only that there would be no net environmental damage if it was built.

    This is reportedly the 5th such study, by State, to reach, essentially, the same conclusion as the latest one did. It is up to Kerry to make the recommendation, either way, and up to Mr. Dithers to decide whether, or not, to take that recommendation.

    Those two make Peggy Noonan look both decisive and prompt, by comparison. At least Peggy has finally made up her mind about Barf Vader and his Death Star storm goobers.

  • angeleno

    The last honest American left in Obama’s government–the one who signed that report–disappeared yesterday and will not be found until Jimmy Hoffa’s remains
    are unearthed beside him deep under the New Jersey Turnpike 200 years from now.

  • Palinprodigy

    October 28th 2014, Obumer announces Keystone Pipeline project is a go and then on Nov 5 2014 announces there is a glitch and will have to be delay!

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