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Scarborough’s Palin Derangement Lives On

(h/t NewsBusters)

After the conservative-hating derangement which exists at MSNBC finally pushed its own hosts to go way beyond the pale in their personal attacks on people they disagree with, Joe Scarborough took a random cheap shot at Governor Palin in his best effort to prove that he’s the classy grown up in the Republican Party.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, CO-HOST: Isn’t it sickening, Willie, seriously, these people on Twitter. It’s like, you know, people are total animals on both sides. Like Martin Bashir. Right? He said something terrible. And you know who said that? Martin Bashir. I talked to Martin on the phone while it was going on and he was like, “Oh, you know.” He was so hurt, and he felt so stupid, and he felt so bad. And people close to him were saying, “God, Martin,” you know? And, you know, he screwed up. We all screw up!

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, CO-HOST: And there’s a difference to the level of screw-ups because that was written, but I’ll tell you what happened with Melissa’s segment was just it kind of unraveled, and it was live, and other people jumped in, and she apologized for everybody on the set.

SCARBOROUGH: For everybody, exactly.

BRZEZINSKI: She took it all on her shoulders.


BRZEZINSKI: And people want to believe that she had some sort of evil ultimate motive. It makes no sense when you look at her own background. It makes no sense.

SCARBOROUGH: And, by the way, let me just jump in. Let me just jump in and say this. Let’s compare Sarah Palin’s response…BRZEZINSKI: Right.SCARBOROUGH: …to when she was wronged to Mitt Romney’s response. That’s all I’m going to say.BRZEZINSKI: Just don’t say anything else.SCARBOROUGH: That’s all I’m going to say. Mitt Romney showed total class.

Basically, Scarborough is claiming that Governor Palin has no class in her response to a remark made by someone on the same network that he works at that suggested actual physical harm against the Governor in a very vulgar way.

First of all, Governor Palin didn’t use the attack to paint herself as a victim.  Her PAC merely stated that they found it odd that MSNBC would remain completely silent for weeks after Martin Bashir’s vulgar comments.  It was especially odd considering they had recently tossed Alec Balwin out on his tail-end for making a comment deemed to be "anti-gay" even though he was off the set when he said it!  In comparison, Bashir’s comments were written, approved by the producers at MSNBC, and fed into a teleprompter.

Further, after all was said and done, Governor Palin said it was her job to forgive Bashir and move on.  The lack of response to Bashir’s comments confirmed what we all knew: that the big shots at NBC hate reformers who threaten their agendas to the point where it clouds their judgment completely.

Most importantly it did not matter who Bashir’s comments were directed at.  That kind of vulgarity has no place at all on any network parading itself as a "news" organization.

Further, after Melissa Harris-Perry’s rude remarks about Mitt Romney’s grandchild, Governor Palin immediately came to Romney’s defense.

Not to be particular, but did Mitt Romney come to Governor Palin’s defense after Bashir’s comments?  Did he come to her defense when his campaign operatives continued trashing her throughout the 2012 campaign that he ultimately lost?  Not at all.

Let’s be clear folks, as politicians and members of the establishment media continue to disappoint us with their lies, their half truths, and their good old boys clubs, one of the only people to maintain class and self-respect has been Governor Palin.

In contrast, it’s unbelievable that an alleged conservative would remain on the same network that Bashir and Harris-Perry made those comments on.  That’s why it’s laughable that Scarborough has the audacity to comment on who has "class.’  Considering that no other network would offer him a job, he’s the one who is forced to sell out for the purposes of clutching onto his low-rated bully pulpit.

Classy, huh?

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  • JRD1

    In his recent book "This Town" Mark Leibovich made it perfectly obvious that Morning Schmo’s Show was just the "District of Corruption’s" mouthpiece for the corrupt permanent political class to perpetuate the corruption.

    • TheresaAK

      Yep. exactly right JRD1

    • blueniner

      Right On JRD!

  • cbenoistd

    "Joe Scarborough took a random cheap shot at Governor Palin in his best
    effort to prove that he’s the classy grown up in the Republican Party."

    Mitt has money, Sarah has guns. The lawyers aren’t scared of money.

    • socon

      Mitt is devoid oi integrity.

  • bassman

    Just a small inventory of things MSNBC viewers have heard about the Palin’s:
    1.) Bristol was asking People mag. for 300k for baby pictures.
    2.) Sarah was asking for 11 million for her book, Todd and Sarah are divorcing.
    3.) They embezzled to build their home.
    4.) If they could only read Gov. Palin’s emails they would find the smoking gun.
    All lies.
    Maybe I watch MSNBC too much. Lol!

  • section9

    The reason why Joe was upset with the way Palin responded was simply this: she balled up her fists and hit back. Romney didn’t. He remained silent and took his beating like a man.
    Palin doesn’t do that. The Propaganda Ministry is used to Republicans who don’t fight back.

  • angeleno

    Joe Scarborough is a pile of excrement and a traitor too, who is no more a Republican– American–than his ventriloquists Obama, Reid and Pelosi.
    Romney didn’t take his beating "like a man" he took it like the wimp who gave away the last election to the pathological liar in the White House. That’s the only reason Morning Joke is will ing to throw a bone to Romney now that the election is in the rear mirror. Like the punk he is, Morning Joke also tried to slime Palin because she doesn’t surrender to evil as Romney did, nor does she take it like man. She takes it like a strong, honest woman who stood up to puke Bashir, and in a classy manner, and also accepted his later apology, although I would have done something else with commie.s apology.

  • blueniner

    Morning Schmo is a fraud and an egomaniac. He has failed at all his endeavors.
    It is funny to see Meet The Press use Joe for their got to Conservative. What a bunch of frauds!

  • WEL2

    If Scarboro is a Republican, the Republican Party’s big tent extends way too far to the left.

  • Jthom26837

    Mr. Scarborough, sir,
    You are saying That Sarah Palin has no class, yet MS Melissa Harris-Perry has?
    Talk about being shallow, sir, I’ve stepped in deeper puddles.

  • conservativemama

    Scarborough is just a big, stupid idiot, but Mika…………………………that woman absolutely turns my stomach.

    Their envy is so out there. They’ve both written books. What would they give to have Palin-size crowds at their book signings?

  • angeleno

    Someone commented elsewhere that the Romneys are just a nice family with money. So true. Aside from gentleman Mitt’s unwillingness to slug back against lying thugs like Obama and Reid, Romney and his family are just decent folk who are better off out of politics. The Obama Dictatorship especially hates any
    Americans who have earned a lot of money outside of rap music or political fraud.
    But of course they’ll slime any working-class person who challenges them too, like Palin. What it comes down to is maintaining control of all Americans to enhance the wealth and power of Obama, his party and their communist ideology.

    • socon

      Romney never showed anything but contempt for Sarah Palin.

      Good riddance to the Perfumed Prince and his disgusting democrat-lite

  • ZH100

    Joe Scarborough has strong PDS.

    I think that PDS has a lot to do with envy and contempt for people like Gov.Palin. (working class people)

    • cudaforever

      Yep ZH, classic Jealousy.

  • cudaforever

    As Foghorn Leghorn once said "I’ve known Bowling Bowls sharper than this guy."

  • James A. Tyler

    The decency of Mitt, indeed…

  • CliffNZ

    Excellent post highlighting the complete hypocrisy of Joe Scarborough. If they fail to smear by insult, they smear by innuendo – What a jerk.

  • James A. Tyler

    From all I can see, Romney only has slightly more of a sense of chivalry than Barack Obama does. Sure, he’s probably more of a gentleman in terms of basic etiquette, but my mind goes back to the Sandra Fluke incident with Rush – don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with Fluke and I think the criticism of Rush was way overboard, but what does Romney have to say about this? "It’s not the language I would have used." So clearly he doesn’t approve of Limbaugh’s comment, but he can’t bring himself to actively stick up for the woman? I mean its small wonder that a GOP Presidential Candidate wouldn’t want to pick a fight with the top grassroots Republican radio personality in the country over the hot button issue of contraception and "choice," but it was just indicative of a nonchalance toward high profile women who are attacked that his response wasn’t more thoughtful than a statement indicating that he "didn’t want to get his hands dirty," and that’s most evident in his refusal to stick up for Sarah Palin during the Tucson "Blood Libel" in 2011, similar to Obama’s silence in 2008 when the Clintons and Geraldine Ferraro were being torn apart by the media. But Palin’s defense of Romney was nothing other than "classy." She could have just eviscerated MSNBC – but she stood up for Mitt’s character, on a personal level, and even made the distinction between being a sucky politician and a good man. And with all I know about Romney and his team, I certainly wouldn’t have gone so far as to do that, but Palin did. That she’s even remotely polite to the likes of the Republican Establishment says more about her than it does them.

  • DocBarry1

    He needs to grow up and stop lying

  • Quiet_Righty

    I am so sick of that [bleep].
    Insert your favorite expletive.

  • friskyness

    Romney has no class…..if he did he would have come to Sarah’s defense…..he never did………….that’s not classy………………

  • Sinforosa87

    Not just joe, have you seen the nonsense written in the comment section of Brietbart lately? Here is another gem from the only Conservative site in NJ.

  • misterlogic0013

    Amazes me, they all are in lock stock barrel in gear to push Rove’s agenda .. How many times, have they had chances to come out for all that’s good, decent, they fail. Play it again Sam .. men are woman, woman are men.

    Big backfire future, impossible to stop Sarah’s train to DC, were prepared, more than ready, able. News flash anybody who cares, were lock stock barrel also, difference being, were the majority totally engaged, info highway there for the taking, many, more, hands, many more VOTES.
    Silent majority have what it takes leveled the playing field, will turn you off, not so with us, come to one of our rallies, hop on the bus Gus, witness thousands of Happy, Happy, Happy Americans awaiting for a word with Sarah Palin, shake her hand, witness honesty, integrity? (on their dime) I thought so ..

    Were here to stay, beat up on Rovy / do again and again, child’s play, real target = OB never took our eyes off him. Tea Party = Authentic grass roots middle America, everyday gal, guy. Match point, latest evidence 2014 midterms. 2010 warm up. Have great day C4Paliners, stay warm.

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