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Why We’re Sick of Politicians (Newt Gingrich on Chris Christie)

I know I took a lashing from some of you during the 2012 primaries when I decided to support Newt Gingrich but I remember those times and that week when the Romney campaign made it their mission to slaughter Gingrich’s campaign after the Former Speaker won the South Carolina Primary in December of 2011.

Now, he’s the host of a CNN talk show and is using that platform to defend Chris Christie.


Now let’s take a look at what Chris Christie had to say about Newt during the 2012 primaries: (Courtesy of Politico)

No wonder why so many of us loathe the typical politician and/or politico floating around in D.C.


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  • MaMcGriz

    No mas, Newt. No mas.

  • blackbird

    Chris Christie imho is a dishonest lying thug, and is getting his due.

    • Banda31

      I never did like him. I remember when asked by the woman the question about "his kids going to private schools and not public schools", he was very rude to the woman. He insulted her in front of all those people. He told her "what he does with his children is his business and she should mind her own business" or something like that. I lost all respect for him after that uncouth behavior.

      • blackbird

        At first I was impressed with his stance on the teacher unions but things soon changed and that display on the boardwalk was thuggish, I wished the guy on the bike would have stopped and confronted him "are you threatening me Governor"

        Sarah nailed it as usual – "No, he’s got a schtick going there where he’s got a YouTube videographer following him around, kind of these set-up situations sometimes so he can be seen as perhaps a little bit avant-garde and going rogue on things."

        • IndieDogg

          In Christie’s case, more like going hog than going rogue. Whole hog, that is — BBQ by the pound.

          • blackbird

            lol I should not be laughing, I myself am a little porky, just a little lol.

      • JRD1

        I don’t like the politics of Chris Christie. He is not a conservative.

        However, I have nothing but contempt for the Marxist teachers union in New Jersey.
        I grew up in New Jersey and know many people who are in the New Jersey teachers union. They are repulsive people who live very handsomely at the children’s expense.The teachers practice the politics of envy and are extremely jealous of the success of anyone in the business world.
        It was a delight to see the Governor act like a thug and give the thuggish unions a taste of their own medicine.
        You had to have skin in the game to appreciate what he did.

        Sorry but, do yourself a favor and rent the documentary "The Cartel" which exposes the New Jersey teachers union for the thugs that they are.

        • blackbird

          "the way he treated the thugs in the New Jersey teachers union was a moment of beauty" I remember watching the videos and being impressed with him not being afraid to go head to head with them, the folks were on his side then and Ann Coulter was head over heels with him. Thanks for you post JRD1

  • Patriot41

    Christie is one of the most repugnant politicians I have ever seen. Can one imagine him as president of this country? Actually he and Hillary would make a great team.

  • cbenoistd

    They should have asked Kay Hagan that question about Democrats when Obama came to North Carolina.

  • gwspfan

    Newt, just the other day, said that we should avoid the "nitpicking smaller issue" of Benghazi when running against Hillary. That is the same as Hillary saying "What difference does it make". Sorry Newt, four dead Americans is not a nitpicking issue. Newt makes me sick as does Crispy Crème.

  • patnatasha

    christie is a rino.

  • AJ40

    Oh, you mean "The Crisco Kid.’

  • ervinsims

    Poor Newt, he used to be a great man.

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