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State of the Union / Open Thread, Updated with Governor Palin’s Remarks #TPSOTU

Obama’s State of the Union theater is supposed to begin at 9:00 (EST). But it’s not like he’s known for his punctuality on, well, anything at all.  But nevertheless, our fearless leader will eventually take the lectern tonight, read from his trusty teleprompter, and drone on and on (and on and on). Substance wise, the Washington Post has received some excerpts and, as you’d expect, there’s nothing other than the usual left-wing platitudes, dissembling, and blame shifting we’ve been hearing ever since this guy took office, a point Governor Palin made earlier today with her "Groundhog Day" tweet.  Anyway, for those with a strong stomach, we’ve embedded the live feed for tonight’s sermon via the White House YouTube channel below:

For the GOP response by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, click below:

And finally, Senator Mike Lee’s Tea Party response:

Updated by Steve:



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Open Thread

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